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D.-But, Madam, neither language, scenery, nor any means that man can devise, will ever be able to convey any adequate idea thereof; this history has in all ages been read with interest and admiration, though the conceived sufferings of the parent, have too frequently engrossed more attention than the unparalleled support given to the saint. To describe the former, the skilful artist, the moving writer, and the eloquent orator, have exerted their respective powers in order to affect the sympathetic feelings of the heart. But this event has been recorded for the far more noble and gracious purpose, the gloryfying Christ, and benefiting man; by exhibiting the astonishing effects of precious faith. In the exercise of which, observe the father of the faithful leaving his tent, early in the morning after be had received the divine command ; accompanied with his son and his servants, immediately proceeding to the hill of which the Lord had told him.

Scripture makes no mention either of hesitation on his setting out, or agitation on his journey; doubtless the tranquil resignation with which he was then indulged, arose from his firm belief in the promises which the Lord had given to him concerning Isaac. In the hope of their fulfilment he laid the wood of the burnt offering upon his son, and taking the fire and knife in his hand, they went both together to the place appointed. He prepares the altar, unhesitatingly replies to Isaac's affecting enquiry

" Where is the lamb for a burnt offering ?” “My son, God will provide himself a lamb for a burnt offering.” Behold him in this trying moment, viewing with the eye of faith, through the long vista of succeeding generations, the future

progeny of Isaac, more numerous than the stars of heaven, brought to the feet of his great and gracious Lord, the promised Messiah; and through him received into the divine favour in this world, and into eternal glory in that which is to come. Realizing these scenes, not staggering at the

promise, but seeing the day of Christ, and believing that God was able to raise Isaac up even from the dead, he lifted

up his arm to slay his son. God accepted the intended obedience of Abraham, was glorified in the triumph of his faith, declared his approval of the Patriarch's conduct, who then offered up the substitution which the Lord had prepared, and returned his grateful thanks to God, under the title of Jehovah-Jireh. *

By this delightful epithet the Lord has also manifested himself to his dependant and tried people, from Araham's time to the present hour. And whosoever is enabled to take

* The LORD will provide.

encouragement from his history to emulate his example, will find that the God of Abraham will never leave them, nor forsake them.

The Lord not only revealed himself thus to the man who was called his friend, but also gave him the highest character; for speaking concerning him, he said, I know that he will command his children, and his household after him, and they shall keep the way of the Lord. Agreeably to this declaration Abraham bound his servant by an oath, that he would not take a wife for his son Isaac of the daughters of the Canaanites, and at the same time assured him, that the Lord God of heaven, who took him from his

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