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to all the idols. Abraham at this, was exceedingly wrath, and took a large stick, and broke all the idols, except the largest; which he left whole, and put the stick into his hand.

When Terah returned, and perceived all the idols broken, he asked Abraham how that came to pass? Abraham informed him, “ That there came an old woman, and brought an offering of fine flour to the idols : upon which, they immediately fell together by the ears for the prize, when the large one killed them all, with the stick which he held in his hand.

Terah feeling the full force of the satire, was greatly exasperated; and immediately had Abraham before Nim

rod, in order to have him punished for the contempt shewn to his gods.

. Nimrod commanded him to worship his deities, which Abraham refusing, Nimrod had him immediately thrown into a fiery furnace, from which he came out unhurt. The

young ladies having thanked the exhibitor for his information, returned to the Camera; and Amelia having observed the scene for a little while, said, this is a delightful view, but must confess, that I know not what it is intended to represent.

Harriot.-Nor do I, if some of the inhabitants would come out of the city, I might perhaps guess, but I cannot at present.

Amelia. If there be no inhabitants from the city, I perceive a very respectable looking man, and some camels just making their appearance.

Harriot.--I see them, the man makes his heavy laden attendants kneel down, what can this mean!

Amelia.—It begins to explain itself, and if I am not mistaken, the man is making supplication to his master's God.

Harriot.Do you think then, that he is Abraham's servant? I should not have known it, for I can see neither Rebekah, nor the well.

Amelia.---Look at the damsel, just coming out of the city gates, surely that is Rebekah, what a beautiful person, how elegant her carriage! with what ease she carries the pitcher on her shoulder !

Harriot.—You are right, sister, the man has filled it, she rests it on her hand, and lets him drink ; and having done so, said Amelia, see how nimbly she trips to the well, and fills the trough for his camels to drink also. He appears astonished, directs his eyes towards heaven, as if in grateful adoration, concluding that his prayer was answered.

How courteously he presents to Rebekah the ear-rings and bracelets, which he brought for the intended partner of his master's son. ceives them with great affability, points

She re

to her father's house, and runs thither before him, to prepare a welcome reception for the liberal stranger.

Harriot.--0, Sir, you have changed the scene!

D.-Yes, Miss, I have, with an intention to introduce you within the city.

Amelia.-You have indeed, Sir, and not only into the city, but the domestic circle also; maywe not be favoured with the assistance of

your ventriloquist. D.-Not at present, Miss, I only require his aid, on special occasions, you have been so well instructed by your mamma, and are so conversant with the port-folio, from which my scenes are taken, that you scarcely need his assistance, or any explanation

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