The Oriental Herald, Svazek 8

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Strana 544 - Think, my lord ! By heaven, he echoes me, As if there were some monster in his thought Too hideous to be shown.
Strana 495 - But why then publish? Granville the polite, And knowing Walsh, would tell me I could write; Well-natured Garth inflamed with early praise, And Congreve loved, and Swift endured my lays; The courtly Talbot, Somers, Sheffield read, Even mitred Rochester would nod the head, And St. John's self (great Dryden's friend before) With open arms received one poet more.
Strana 283 - A crushed reed thrown aside ; Yet, by that rigid lip and brow, Not without strife he died. And near him on the sea-weed lay — . Till then we had not wept — But well our gushing hearts might say, That there a mother slept ! For her pale arms a babe had prest, With such a wreathing grasp, Billows had dashed o'er that fond breast, Yet not undone the clasp.
Strana 579 - Hands, to cause such Offender or Offenders to be committed to the Common Gaol or House of Correction of the...
Strana 169 - SIR, — I have laid before the Court of Directors of the East India Company your...
Strana 72 - To mark the sufferings of the babe That cannot speak its woe, To see the infant tears gush forth, Yet know not why they flow ; To meet the meek uplifted eye, That fain would ask relief, Yet can but tell of agony — This is a mother's grief.
Strana 459 - These local authorities have been cherished or neglected, according to the disposition of the sovereign. But, as far as we can trace the history of Central India, their rights and privileges have never been contested, even by the tyrants and oppressors who slighted them; while, on the other hand, all just princes have founded their chief reputation and claim to popularity on attention to them.
Strana 283 - Flash'd out o'er fretted stone. And gold was strewn the wet sands o'er, Like ashes by a breeze — And gorgeous robes — but oh...
Strana 576 - ... trial relates, was purchased at any house, shop, or office belonging to or occupied by the defendant or defendants, or any of them, or by his or their servants...
Strana 264 - LET others seek for empty joys, At ball, or concert, rout, or play ; Whilst, far from fashion's idle noise, Her gilded domes, and trappings gay, I while the wintry eve away, — 'Twixt book and lute the hours divide ; And marvel how I e'er could stray From thee — my own Fireside! My own Fireside ! Those simple words Can bid the sweetest dreams arise ; Awaken feeling's tenderest chords, And fill with tears of joy...

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