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46, 080 acres ....... In common...
61,000 acres .............do.
230, 400 acres.... ....do...
3,200 square miles

Treaty, page 664, vol. 11, Statutes at Large.

New treaty pending.
Treaty, page 567, vol. 7, Statuten at Large.
Treaty, page 1065, vol. 10, Statutes at Large,
Treaty, page 693, vol. 13, Statutes at Large.

New treaty pending.
Treaty, page 1166, vol. 10, Statutes at Large.
Treaty, page 667, vol. 13, Statutes at Large.


400 square miles ... ......
5,000 square miles.

| Treaty of 1854, vol. 10, page 1109, Statutes at


Oneidas .........

... do..... Menomonees......

....do........... .....
Chippewas of Mississippi.. Mississippi bands ....

N. Minnesota .....
Pillager and Lake Winnebago.

shish bands.
Red Lake bands ........

Chippewa of LakeSuperior Chippewas of Lake Superior ... N. Wisconsin, viz:

Lake Flambeau.....
Lake Court Oreilles.
Bad River....,

Fond du Lac ......
Mackinac ...
Bois Fort Chippewas.....

N. Minnesota .....
(The lands set apart for Chippewas of Lake Superior ...
the bands of this agency Ottawas and Chippewas ..... ...do......
are scattered about the Chippewas of Saginaw, &c.... ...do......
State of Michigan in some
14 reserves.)

Chippewas, Ottawas, and Pot. l. .....do....

New York.....

Cattaraugus,(Senecar)Cayugas. W. New York...

Allegany, (Senecas)...

Tonawanda, (Senecas)..

Tuscaroras ...


Central New York .. Onondagar, Oneidas with Onon

......do...... dngas.

144 square miles.
120 square miles.
210 square miles
156 square miles .
123, 000 acres ...
90 square miles.....
900 square miles ...
100, 000 acres ......


...... do....



Michigan .......

Treaty, page 81, laws of 1866, pamphlet edition.
Treaty, page 1109, vol. 10, Statutes at Large.
Treaty, page 621, vol. 11, Statutes at Large.
Treaty, page 3, pamphlet edition laws of 1866 ;

Treaty, page 621, vol. 11, Statutes at Large,

Included in Ottawas ......do.

and Chippewas.
21, 680 acrex ...

Page 71, vol. 7, Statutes at Large.

30. 469 acres ......
7,000 acres ......
6, 000 acres.
288 acres ..
6, 100 acres .



By arrangement with State of New York,
Page 971, vol. 12, Statutes at Large.
By arrangement with State of New York.




Table C.- Ranges of country occupied or claimed by the tribes described in treaties in force, or by agreement with the tribes.



Statement showing the liabilities of the United States to Indian tribes under stipulations of treaties, for and after the fiscal year ending July 1, 1868.

Chippewas, Menom. | Education during the pleasure of Congress Vol. 7, page 304.. 5th article treaty Aug. 11, 1829. 1, 500 00

onees, Winneba. goes, and New

York Indians.
Chippewas of Lake Twenty instalments in coin, goods, implements, Vol. 10, page 1110.. 4th article treaty Sept. 30, 1854;

133, 000 00
&c., and for education,

seven instalments yet unappro.

priated, estimated at $19,000. Do. Twenty instalments for six smiths and assistants, Vol. 10, pages 1100 20 and 5th articles treaty Sept.

44, 520 00 and for iron and steel.

and ilii.

30, 1854; seven instalments yet
unappropriated, estimated at

$6,360 each.
Twenty instalments for a seventh smith and Vol. 10, page 1111.. Same articles and treaty nine

9,540 00
assistant, &c.

instalmente unappropriated, es

timated at $1,060.

For support of a smith, assistant, and shop, and Vol. 10, page 1112.. 12th article same treaty; esti 2, 260 00
pay of two farmers, during the pleasure of the

mated at $2,260 per annum.
For insurance transportation, &c. of annuities.. Vol. 10, page 1111.. Same treaty; estimat'd at $5,762 63

40, 338 41

per annum for seven years. Chippewas-Bois Ft. Twenty instalments of annuity in money, goods Pamphlet copy of 3d article treaty April 7, 1866; an.

198, 000 00 band.

and other articles, in provisions, ammunition laws of 1866; page nuity,$3,500; goods, &c., $6,500; and tobacco.

82: treaties. provisions, ammunition, and to

bacco, $1,000; eighteen instal.

ments unappropriated.
Twenty instalments for a blacksmith and assist

Same article and treaty; eighteen

27,000 00
ant, and for tools, iron, &c.

instalmente unappropriated, es.

timated at $1,500 each. Do.. Twenty instalments for support of schools, in

Same article and treaty; eighteen

28, 800 00 struction of the Indians in farming, purchase

instalments unappropriated, esof seeds, tools, &c.

timated at $1,600. For insurance, transportation, &c., of annuities...do..

3d and 6th articles said treaty;

27, 000 00 and provisions.

eighteen years, estimated at

81,500 per annum. Chippewas of the Money, goods, support of schools, provisions Vol. 7, page 592: 4th article treaty October 4, 1842;

81, 000 09 Mississippi. and tobacco,

vol. 10, pages 86 8th article treaty September 30, and 1111.

1854 ; and 3d article

treaty May
7, 1864; in money, $4,166 67;
goods, $3,500; for schools, 8666 67;
provisions and tobacco, $666 67;
nine instalments of the second
series at $9,000 01 each, to be

* By the 2d article of the treaty of October 14, 1865, the Indians, parties thereto, agree to remove, whenever directed by the President, to a certain defined tract of country as their
reservation ; and it is stipulated in 7th article that, from and after such removal, said Indians shall receive $10 per capita.

It is stipulated that, from and after the removal of these Indians to their reservations, as provided by the 20 article of the treaty of October 18, 1865, they shall be paid a per capita
of $15.

It is provided by the 5th article of said treaty that the Missionary Society of the Methodist Episcopal Church shall, upon conditions, be intrusted with the management of the school,
and be paid annually $2,000 until the $20,000 shall have been expended; but should it fail to accept the trust within one year after the ratification (August 16, 1866) of the treaty, the
said $20,000 is to be placed to the credit of the educu ional fund of suid Indians, to be expended as the Secretary of the Interior may deem advisable.




D).-Statement showing the present liabilities of the United States to Indian tribes, fc.--Continued.

Chippewas of the Two farmers, two carpenters, two smiths and Vol. 7, page 592; Same treaties and articles; farmers,
Mississippi-Con assistants, iron and steel.

vol. 10, pages 86 $333 33; smiths, &c., $666 67;

and 1111.

carpenters, $400; nine instal.
ments of the second series, at

$1,400 each, to be appropriated.

Twenty instalments of annuity inmoney,$20,000 Vol. 10, page 1167.. 3d article treaty Feb.22, 1855; seven

instalments to be appropriated.

Forty-six instalments of annuity in money, Vol. 9, page 904.... 3d article treaty Aug. 2, 1847;
$1,000 each.*

twenty-five instalments to be


For insurance, transportation, &c., of annuities, Vol. 10, page 1169.. 5th article treaty Feb, 22, 1855;
goods, and provisions.

for nine years, estimated at

$3,866 75 per annum.
Chippewas-- Pilager Thirty instalments in money, goods, and for Vol. 10, page 1168..3d article treaty Feb. 2, 1855;
and Lake Winne purposes of utility."

money, $10,666 67; goods, $8,000;
bagoshish bands.

and purposes of utility,"
$4,000, Seventeen instalments

of $22, 666 67 to be appropriated.
Twenty instalments of $3,000 each, for purposes ....do..

Same article and treaty; seven in.
of education,

stalments to be appropriated.
Support of two smiths and shops, fifteen instal. ....do...

Same article and treaty; two in.
ments of $2,120 ench,

stalments to be appropriated. Engineer at Leech lake for ten years at $600 per


Same article and treaty; two in.

stalments to be appropriated.
Chippewa of the Ten instalments of $1,500 each, for furnishing Vol. 13, page 694... 5th article trenty May 7, 1864; six
Misisippisod Pil. wall Indians with oxen, farming implements,&c.

Instalments yet to be appro.
Inger and Lake

Winnebagos hih
bands of Chippe.
was in Minnesota
Support of two carpenter, two blacksmith

5th article treaty May 7, 1864; ex.
Tonr farm laborers, and one physielan, for ten

tinted at $7,700 per annum year,

nix instalmente yet to be appro prlated,

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