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Proud Science there, with purest Nature twined,
In firmest thraldom holds the freest mind;
While Courage rears his limbs of giant form,
Rocked by the blast, and strengthened by the storm!
Rome fell;— and Freedom to her craggy glen
Transferred that title proud — The Nurse of Men!
By deeds of hazard high, and bold emprize,
Trained like their native eagle for the skies,
Untamed by toil, unconquered till their slain;
Walls in their trenches-whirlwinds on the plain,
This meed accept from Albion's grateful breath,
Brothers in arms! in victory! in death!--
Such are thy foes, Napoleon, when Time
Wakes Vengeance, sure concomitant of crime.
Fixed, like Prometheus, to thy rock, o'erpowered
By force, by vulture-conscience slow devoured;
With godlike power, but fiendlike rage, no more
To drench the world—thy reeking stage—in gore;
Fit but o'er Shame to triumph, and to rule;
And proved in all things—but in danger--cool;
That found'st a nation melted to thy will,
And Freedom's place didst with thine image fill;
Skilled not to govern, but obey the storm,
To catch the tame occasion, not to form ;
Victorious only when success pursued,
But when thou followed'st her, as quick subdued :
The first to challenge, as the first to run ;
Whom Death and Glory both consent to shun-
Live! that thy body and thy soul may

Foes that can't part, and friends that can't agree.-
Live! to be numbered with that common herd,
Who life's base boon unto themselves preferred, -
Live! till each dazzled fool hath understood
That nothing can be great that is not good.
And when remorse, for blood in torrents spilt,
Shall sting — to madness-conscious, sleepless guilt,
May deep contrition this black hope repel,-
Snatch me, thou future, from this present, hell!

Give me the mind that, bent on highest aim, Deems virtue's rugged path sole path to fame; Great things with small compares, in scale sublime, And death with life! eternity with time! Man's whole existence weighs, sifts nature's laws, And views results in the embryo of their cause; Prepared to meet, with corresponding deeds, Events, as yet imprisoned in their seeds; Kens in his acorn hid, the king of trees, And freedom's germ in foul oppression sees ; Precedes the march of time— to ponder fate, And execute, while others meditate; That, deaf to present praise, the servile knee Rebukes, and says to glory- Follow me!



Come, beloved! the evening star
O'er the mountain top is glowing ;
List! the black-cap's note afar,
Music on the ear bestowing.
With a hushed and stilly sound,
O'er its bed the stream is pouring,
And the stirless woods profound,
Seem the rising moon adoring.

Come, beloved! the pleasant hour
Only wants thy smile to bless it;
These woods, these walks, this leafy bower,
And my lone bosom, all confess it.
Sweeter smells the flower by far,
When thy foot is flitting o'er it;
Brighter glows the evening star,
When thine eye, love! glows before it.


The echoes of thy vaults are eloquent !
The stones have voices, and the walls do live;
It is the house of Memory! -



LONG years have passed since last I strayed,

In boyhood, through thy roofless aisle,
And watched the mists of eve o'ershade

Day's latest, loveliest smile ;-
And saw the bright, broad, moving moon

up the sapphire skies of June !

The air around was breathing balm,

The aspen scarcely seemed to sway,
And, as a sleeping infant calm,

The river streamed away, –
Devious as Error, deep as Love,
And blue and bright as heaven above!

Steeped in a flood of golden light,

Type of that hour of deep repose, In wan, wild beauty on my sight,

Thy time-worn tower arose, Brightening above the wreck of years, Like Faith amid a world of fears!

I climbed its dark and dizzy stair,

And gained its ivy-mantled brow;
But broken— ruined — who may

Ascend that pathway now?
Life was an upward journey then ;-
When shall my spirit mount again?

The steps in youth I loved to tread,

Have sunk beneath the foot of Time; Like them, the daring hopes that led

Me, once, to heights sublime, Ambition's dazzling dreams, are o'er, And I may scale those heights no more!

And years have fled, and now I stand

Once more by thy deserted fane, Nerveless alike in heart and hand !

How changed by grief and pain, Since last I loitered here, and deemed Life was the fairy thing it seemed !

And gazing on thy crumbling walls,

What visions meet my mental eye! For every stone of thine recalls

Some trace of years gone by,— Some cherished bliss, too frail to last, Some hope decayed,- or passion past!

Ay, thoughts come thronging on my soul,

Of sunny youth's delightful morn;
When free from sorrow's dark control,

By pining cares unworn,
Dreaming of Fame and Fortune's smile,
I lingered in thy ruined aisle !

How many a wild and withering woe

Hath seared my trusting heart since then ! What clouds of blight, consuming slow

The springs that life sustain,-
Have o'er my world-vexed spirit past,
Sweet Kirkstall, since I saw thee last!

How bright is every scene beheld

In youth and hope's unclouded hours ! How darkly-youth and hope dispelled — The loveliest prospect lours :

Thou wert a splendid vision then ;-
When wilt thou seem so bright again?

Yet still thy turrets drink the light

Of summer evening's softest ray,
And ivy garlands, green and bright,

Still mantle thy decay;
And calm and beauteous, as of old,
Thy wandering river glides in gold!

But life's gay morn of ecstasy,

That made thee seem so more than fair,-
The aspirations wild and high,

The soul to nobly dare,-
Oh where are they, stern ruin, say?-
Thou dost but echo-WHERE ARE THEY?

Farewell!-- Be still to other hearts

What thou wert long ago to mine;
And when the blissful dream departs,

Do thou a beacon shine,
To guide the mourner through his tears,
To the blest scenes of happier years.

Farewell!—I ask no richer boon,

Than that my parting hour may be
Bright as the evening skies of June !

Thus thus to fade like thee,
With heavenly Faith's soul-cheering ray

To gild with glory my decay!
Literary Souvenir.

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