The Terrorist List, Svazek 2

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Praeger Security International, 2011 - Počet stran: 1333

This five-volume set provides an encyclopedic compilation of terrorist biographies that focus on specific criminal events and their outcomes, and includes detailed information regarding each individual's terrorist activities.

* Organized geographically and alphabetically, allowing quick access to one specific name or reading that enables a deeper understanding of one of specific region

* Minimal cross-referencing allows faster access to full biographical information

* Offers chronological discussions of the careers of major--and minor--terrorists, continuing to build upon information presented in the authors' original terrorism titles

* A select bibliography with approximately 40 entries is included in each volume

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O autorovi (2011)

Edward F. Mickolus is president of Vinyard Software, Inc., Dunn Loring, VA, and author of more than a dozen books on international terrorism.

Susan L. Simmons, MA, is an independent writer and editor in Madison, WI, who specializes in coaching writers and editing books and journal articles in the fields of international relations, psychology, art history, education, and philosophy.

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