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Now by my hand, Lords, 'twas a glorious day,
St. Alban's battle won by famous York,
Shall be eterniz'd in all age to come.
Sound drum and trumpets, and to London all,
And more such days as these to us befall! [Exeunt.

Of this play, and the next; a very imperfect copy was published

1. By W. W. for Thomas Millington. Quarto. 1600.

II. For T. P. without date. I have the II.
III. Folio 1623, which is undoubtedly the genuine copy of

all the three parts,

[blocks in formation]





With the DEATH of the

DUKE of rOR K.

KING Henry VI.
Edward, Son to the King, and Prince of Wales.
Duke of Somerset,
Earl of Northumberland,
Earl of Oxford,

Lords of ķ. Henry's fide.
Earl of Exeter,
Earl of Westmorland,
Lord Clifford,
Earl of Richmond, a Youth, afterwards K. Henry VII,
Richard, Duke of York:
Edward, e’dest Son to the Duke of York, afterwards

King Edward IV. George, Duke of Clarence, second Son to the D. of York. Richard, Duke of Gloucester, ibird Son to the Duke of

York, afterwards King Richard III. Edmund, E. of Rutland, youngest Son to the D. of York. Duke of Norfolk, Marquis of Montague, Earl of Warwick, Earl of Salisbury, Şof the Duke of York's Party: Earl of Pembroke, Lord Hastings, Lord Stafford,

, Sir William Stanley, afterwards Earl of Derby. Lord Riyers, Brother to the Lady Gray. Sir John Montgomery, Lieutenant of the Tower, Mayor of Coventry. Mayor and Aldermen of York. Somerville. Humphry and Sinklo, two Huntsmen. Lewis King of France. Bourbon, Admiral of France, Queen Margaret. Bona, Sister to the French King. Lady Gray, Widow of Sir John Gray, afterwards

Queen to Edward IV. Soldiers and other Attendants on K. Henry and K. Edward. In Part of the Third 18, the Scene is laid in France;

during all the rest of the Play, in England,

Sir Hugh Mortimer, } Uncles to the Duke of York.


H E N R r VI."


L O N D 0 N.

Alarm. Enter Duke of York, Edward, Richard,

Norfolk, Montague, Warwick, and Soldiers.



Wonder, how the King escap'd our hands ! 3
York. While we pursu'd the horsemen of the

He Nily stole away and left his men;

'The third part.] First print- wherein the York Faction carried ed under the title of the true tra the day; and clofes with the gedy of Richard Duke of York, Murder of K. Henry VI. and the and the good King Henry the fixtb, Birth of Prince Edward, afteror the second part of the Conten- wards King Edward V. So that tion between York and Lancaster, this History takes in the Space of 1590.

Pope. full fixteen Years. THEOBALD, i The Third Part of K. Henry I wonder how the King--] VI.) The action of this Play This play is only divided from (which was at first printed under the former for the convenience of this Title, The true Tragedy of exhibition ; for the series of acRichard Duke of York, and the tion is continued without intergood K. Henry VIth : or, tbe Se- ruption, nor are any two scenes cond part of the Contention of of any play more closely connecYork and Lancaster) opens just ted than the first scene of this after the first Battle at St. Albans, play with the last of the former

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