McClure's Magazine, Svazek 39

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S.S. McClure, 1912

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Strana 438 - When other lips and other hearts Their tales of love shall tell. In language whose excess imparts The power they feel so well, There may, perhaps, in such a scene Some recollection be Of days that have as happy been, And you'll remember me.
Strana 204 - SPANISH JOHNNY The old West, the old time, The old wind singing through The red, red grass a thousand miles — And, Spanish Johnny, you! He'd sit beside the water ditch When all his herd was in, And never mind a child, but sing To his mandolin. The big stars, the blue night, The moon-enchanted lane; The olive man who never spoke, But sang the songs of Spain.
Strana 570 - I HAVE shut my little sister in from life and light (For a rose, for a ribbon, for a wreath across my hair) I have made her restless feet still until the night, Locked from sweets of summer and from wild spring air; I who ranged the meadowlands, free from sun to sun, Free to sing and pull the buds and watch the far wings fly, I have bound my sister till her...
Strana 730 - Other Novels by the Same Author That Printer of Udell's— The Shepherd of the Hills— The Calling of Dan Matthews — The Winning of Barbara Worth — Their Yesterdays Mr.
Strana 570 - I have bound my sister till her playing-time was done — Oh, my little sister, was it I? Was it I? I have robbed my sister of her day of maidenhood (For a robe, for a feather, for a trinket's restless spark...
Strana 100 - It is exactly in the repetition of the exercises that the education of the senses consists; their aim is not that the child shall know colours, forms and the different qualities of objects, but that he refine his senses through an exercise of attention, of comparison, of judgment.
Strana 436 - I've just counted thirty hands. I guess they've wrung many a chicken's neck and warmed many a boy's jacket for him in their time. " In reality he fell into amazement when he thought of the Herculean labors those fifteen pairs of hands had performed; of the cows they had milked, the butter they had made, the gardens they had planted, the children and grandchildren they had tended, the brooms they had worn out, the mountains of food they had cooked. It made him dizzy.

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