The Public Utility Industry: Hearing Before ..., 93-2, December 4, 1974

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Strana 57 - ... with air of the same temperature and pressure as the gas, when the products of combustion are cooled to the initial temperature of the gas and air and when the Title 18 — Conservation of Power, Water Resources water formed by combustion is condensed to the liquid state.
Strana 37 - Reserves of Crude Oil, Natural Gas Liquids, and Natural Gas in the United States and Canada and United States Productive Capacity...
Strana 91 - Written submittals will be placed in the Commission's public files and will be available for public inspection at the Commission's Office of Public Information, Washington, DC 20426, during regular business hours.
Strana 64 - Just and Reasonable National Rates For Sales Of Natural Gas From Wells Commenced On Or After January 1, 1973...
Strana 63 - National Rate For Sales Of Natural Gas From Wells Commenced On Or After January 1, 1973, And New Dedications Of Natural Gas To Interstate Commerce On Or After January 1, 1973.
Strana 50 - By that standard the return to the equity owner should be commensurate with returns on investments in other enterprises having corresponding risks. That return, moreover, should be sufficient to assure confidence in the financial integrity of the enterprise, so as to maintain its credit and to attract capital.
Strana 88 - National Rates For Jurisdictional Sales of Natural Gas Dedicated to Interstate Commerce on or After January 1, 1973, For the Period January 1, 1975, To December 31, 1976;
Strana 246 - ... RESOURCE CONSTRAINTS: Higher prices will not necessarily elicit greater supplies. Unfortunately our. natural gas reserves are running out. A December 1974 Federal Power Commission staff report noted: Conventional US gas production has reached its peak and will be declining for the indefinite future.... From here on we must make do with less gas in absolute terms. We are running up against limitation of resources. The US Geological Survey in May 1975 revised downward previous estimates of reserves...
Strana 43 - ... expired of their own terms on or after January 1, 1973; or pursuant to contracts executed on or after January 1, 1973, where the prior contract expired by its own terms prior to January 1, 1973.
Strana 39 - Commission's judgment undertake "the heavy burden of making a convincing showing that it is invalid because it is unjust and unreasonable in its consequences.

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