History of the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century, Svazek 5

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R. Carter & brothers, 1879

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Strana 49 - And to the angel of the church in Philadelphia write ; These things saith he that is holy, he that is true, he that hath the key of David, he that openeth, and no man shutteth ; and shutteth, and no man openeth...
Strana 254 - Remember man that thou art ashes, and into ashes shalt thou return:' which be the words that the minister speaketh unto the ignorant people, when he giveth them ashes upon Ash-wednesday, but it must be spoken in Latin. God's word may in no wise be translated into English. Oh that our prelates would be as diligent to sow the corn of good doctrine, as Satan is to sow cockle and darnel!
Strana 111 - As soon as he beheld the South Sea stretching in endless prospect below him, he fell on his knees, and lifting up his hands to Heaven, returned thanks to God, who had conducted him to a discovery so beneficial to his country and so honourable to himself. His followers observing his transports of joy, rushed forward to join in his wonder, exultation, and gratitude.
Strana 439 - I take God and all the world to witness, that I have been to you a true humble and obedient wife, ever conformable to your will and pleasure...
Strana 515 - Had I but served God as diligently as I have served the king, He would not have given me over in my grey hairs.
Strana 119 - And if a man shall take his brother's wife, it is an unclean thing: he hath uncovered his brother's nakedness; they shall be childless.
Strana 236 - More saw this aged man, he thought it expedient to hear him say his mind in this matter, for, being so old a man, it was likely that he knew most of any man in that presence and company. So Master More called this old aged man unto him, and said, Father...
Strana 516 - Master Kingston, farewell. I can no more, but wish all things to have good success. My time draweth on fast. I may not tarry with you. And forget not, I pray you, what I have said and charged you withal : for when I am dead, ye shall peradventure remember my words much better.
Strana 377 - The most displeasing news that could occur came to me suddenly at night. On three accounts I must lament it. One, to hear of the illness of my mistress, whom I esteem more than all the world, and whose health I desire as I do my own. I would willingly bear half of what you suffer to cure you.
Strana 320 - Ghost," having humbly fortified himself with the sign of the cross on his forehead and on his breast. The states, with the whole people, having consented that the said Duke should reign over them, the Archbishop, taking him by the right hand, led him to the royal chair of state, which had been placed at the upper end of the hall ; and when the new King, kneeling down before it, had prayed a little...

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