The Strength Within: Find Your Life Anchors and Cultivate Habits of Wholeness, Hope, and Joy

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Paulist Press, 2000 - Počet stran: 195
Life hands us all dirty deals. Few people know this harsh fact as well as author Barbara Hansen--a paraplegic since age nineteen. When she talks about clawing through lousy times, we believe her. Hansen has faced the worst life has to offer. So when she talks about finding joy despite life's dirty deals, we simply must pay attention. Today a speaker, writer, and college professor, Hansen shares the practical strategies she's developed over the years for finding joy. The strategies are based on creating those inner qualities or emotional anchors that enable one to realize true self-awareness and arrive at that place where life has meaning no matter what happens. Drawn from her own experience and the stories of her students, friends, and readers, the book is a working guide to wholeness, healing, and hope. Part One tells how to establish the foundation that allows joy to be cultivated, while Part Two looks at seven qualities that provide inner strength and joy even during life's lousiest times. This extraordinary new book is inspirational reading for all seekers, no matter what their personal beliefs. It provides profound help for people with physical disabilities, as well as those suffering from a loss of health, faith, joy, meaning, employment, or relationship. Pastors, counselors, and other helping professionals can recommend this while keeping a copy for their own enrichment and encouragement. In addition, the book provides powerful motivation for anyone who simply finds him- or herself "stuck" and needs help in getting back on target. +

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