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the octavo edition (see p. 225, 1. 22). The poem (with Introduction and Notes) will be found in the first volume of Elwin & Courthope's Edition.

PAGE 227.

PAGE 228.

Motto. Persius, Sat. i. 27.

There is still extant. Aulus Gellius, Noct. Att. xx. ch. 5. Gratian. See note in vol. iv. p. 296.

Cowley. Several Discourses by Way of Essays, x. (‘The Danger of Procrastination").

PAGE 229. A book entitled Le Comte de Gabalis, by the Abbé Villars, dealing with the Rosicrucian mysteries, was at this time much read and talked about in England. It was translated from the French by Ozell. Pope derived from it his notion of the Machinery of the Sylphs, which he incorporated in the revised version of the Rape of the Lock.

PAGE 230. Motto. Ovid, Ars Amat. ii. 539.

PAGE 233.

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You were so kind to recommend.
Motto. Horace, Odes, II. iii. 1-4.
Motto. Cicero


See vol. iv. p. 165.

Motto. Juvenal, Sat. i. 75. In the original it is ascribed to Horace.

Spring-Garden, also known as Vauxhall (Fox-hall,' on p. 241). Cf. note in vol. ii. p. 328; and see Mr. Dobson's Eighteenth Century Vignettes, vol. i.

PAGE 241. La Hogue. 'Bantry Bay,' in A.
PAGE 243. Motto. As there noted.

My lord Bishop of Asaph (Dr. William Fleetwood) published
Four Sermons in 1712, to which he prefixed the Preface here reprinted
by Steele. The House of Commons having condemned the book,
because of its Whig principles, Steele by this editorial ruse gave
it a wide circulation (fourteen thousand copies were said to have
been sold). He delayed publication till twelve o'clock, so that
it might go direct to the Queen's breakfast-table without risk of
suppression by the Court officials. Mr. Spectator here, and in the
case of the Duke of Marlborough, had forgotten his vow not to
meddle with politics. See Johnson's Life of Addison.
PAGE 248. Motto. Ovid, Tristia, I. iii. 66.
PAGE 251. Motto.
Motto. Cicero, Oratio pro M. Caelio, 6,


PAGE 254. Motto. Horace, Epist. I. xviii. 102. This paper and
Nos. 388 and 390 are wrongly numbered in A.
PAGE 258. Motto. Virgil, Georg. ii. 174-5.

There is an editorial tradition that verse renderings of a chapter of Proverbs and of another portion of the Old Testament were by a Mr. Parr, a dissenting minister at Morton-Hampstead, in Devonshire. The passage in Addison's paper which suggested the present exercise will be found in No. 327. The last lines in the first and second stanzas read in A, respectively

PAGE 261.

"And their united Beauties shall be less than mine."
"And stands among ten thousand eminently bright."

Motto. ? Horace.

A Small Book, etc. This copy of Giordano Bruno's work was purchased in 1711 by Mr. Walter Clavel at public auction


for twenty-eight pounds. [In A the sum is given as fifty pounds.] No. 389. See the note in Chalmers's edition. PAGE 261.

Vanini. Lucilio Vanini was burned at Toulouse in 1619.
Casimir Lyszynski suffered at Warsaw in 1689. See Chalmers's


PAGE 265. Motto. Cicero ?

No, 390,

PAGE 266. The best, said he. Spenser, Faerie Queene, Bk. VI. canto vi. st. 14.

No. 391.

PAGE 268. Motto. Persius, Sat. ii. 3-13.
PAGE 269. An Ephesian Widow. Cf. vol. i. p. 45, and vol. iii.
p. 241.

PAGE 272. Motto. Petronius Arbiter, cxviii.

The passage runs- No, 392, "Sed per ambages, deorumque ministeria, et fabulosum sententiarum tormentum, praecipitandus est liber spiritus."

(End of Ist par.)—that it produced so odd a Dream, that no one but the SPECTATOR could believe that the Brain, clogged in Sleep, could furnish out such a regular Wildness of Imagination' (A).

PAGE 274. Motto. Virgil, Georg. i. 412.

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