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Chamber in " Independence Hall” where Congress sat .

Frontispiece Copy of resolutions of the Convention of Virginia, with

endorsement of Charles Thomson, Secretary of Con-

Between pp. 80 and 81
Resolutions of June 7th, in the handwriting of Richard
Henry Lee

Facing p. 108 Resolution of committee of the whole of June roth

116 Jefferson's “ Rough draught "

Between pp. 144 and 145 Resolution of committee of the whole of July 1st and vote in Congress on July 2d .

Facing p. 164 First newspaper announcement of the passage of the

resolution declaring the Colonies free and independ

ent States. Pages 94 and 95 of the rough Journal, with Declara

tion printed by John Dunlap under the order of Con

Page 7 of Jefferson's notes
Copperplate facsimile of Declaration on parchment
Declaration on parchment as it now looks ·
Declaration printed by Mary Katharine Goddard .


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