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ALL IN THE DARK: A Winter's Tale, in page 557. Chaps. XLII., XLIII., The

Four Parts. By J.S. LE Fanu, Chap. Furniture begins to Talk ; Chap. LXIV.,

L, Gilroyd Hall and its Mistress ; Chap. William Maubray is Tormented; Chap.

II., A Letter ; Chap. III., Miss Dinah LXV., An Ambuscade; Chap. LXVI.,

Perfect and her Guests; Chap. IV., Pursuit ; Chap. LXVII., The Ghost Re-

Violet Darkwell ; Chap. V., Aunt Dinah appears; Chap. LXVIII., The Phantom

is in the Horrors, and Captain Drake is Tracked ; Chap. LXIX., Some Small

puts his Nightcap in his Pocket; Chap. Events and Flaws; Chap. LXX, Wil-

VI., In which the Witches Assemble ; liam Maubray in London ; Chap. LXXI.,

Chap. VII., The Familiar Speaks ; Chap. Violet Darkwell tells Miss Wagget that

VIII., William Maubray's Vision; Chap. Queen Anne is Dead; Chap. LXXII.,

IX., In which Miss Violet says what she The Chimes of Saxton, page 617.

thinks of Mr. Vane Trevor, and is Violet Ancient Art, Caricature in, 98.

no longer; Chap. X., Vane Trevor is Balzac in Undress : The Jardies; Balzac

Discussed and Appears, page 198. Chap. at Tea; The Seal Ring of the Prophet ;

XI., Under the Chestnuts; Chap. XII., More Golden Dreams; The Wonderful

Croquet ; Chap. XIII., Unsociable ; Walnut Tree; Balzac's Famous Debts ;

Chap. XIV., A Sunny Morning; Chap. Balzac and the Garde Champetre; The

XV., Dinner at Revington; Chap. XVI., Jardies in a State of Siege; Balzac's

Over their Claret; Chap. XVII., Moon- Night Walks; Balzac as a Botanist ;

shine; Chap. XVIII., Supper; Chap. Balzac in search of an expressive Name;

XIX, Debate; Chap. XX., Farewell ; Balzac as Feuilletonist; Balzac takes

Chap. XXI., William Consults a Sage; a Collaborateur; Balzac as Dramatist-

Chap. XXII., An Advertisement; Chap. “Vautrin,” Les Ressources de Quinola,

XXIII., Kincton Hall; Chaps. XXIV., 603-17.

XXV., William Maubray Arrives ; Chap: BEATRICE: By Hyacinth Con Carolan.

XXVI., William Maubray begins to ex- Scene — The Island of Torcello; the

cite an Interest, page 310. Chap. Fisherman's Cottage, 110; a Rich Cham-

XXVII., From Kincton to Gilroyd ; ber in the Palazzo of Neræa, 113.

Chap. XXVIII., The Piping Bullfinch; Brehon Manuscripts, The, 13.

Chap XXIX., A Message in the “ Ki- Caricature in Ancient Art : Transcendental

vals;" Chap. XXX., The Lord of Bur- Causes of Laughter; Vulgar Causes of

leigh ; Chap. XXXI., A Friend Appears; Laughter ; Caricature in Egypt; Car-

Chap. XXXII., A Confidence; Chap. icature among the Greeks; Our Obliga-

XXXIII., The Ladies make Inquisition; tions to Pliny; What we Owe to the

Chap. XXXIV., Trevor and Maubray Frescoes; Sterne's Obligations to the

in the Drawing-room; Chap. XXXV., Antique; How the Crisbet and the Fox

They Converse; Chap. XXXVI., The figured in the Frescoes; Noxious Insects

Evening; Chap. XXXVII., Vane Trevor in Amber; the Ancestors of the Lilli-

at the Gate of Gilroyd; Chap. XXXVIII., putians; the Ceramic Art in Gaul; Our

Vane Trevor walks down to see Miss Own Legacies (?) to Posterity; the

Violet; Chap. XXXIX., Vane Trevor Author of Ancient Caricature --- 98-

opens bis Mind; Chap. XL., Miss 109.

Kincton Knox proposes a Walk with Carols from the Cancioneros : By Denis

William; Chap. XLI., How they Talked; Florence MacCarthy, 687.

Chap. XLII., Confidences; Chaps. XLIII., Cattle Disease of 1744, The, 350.

XLIV., Back to Cambridge; Chap. Charing-Cross Cigar, A.: By Mortimer

XLVI., Violet Darkwell at Gilroyd Collins, 463.

again, page 422. Chap. XLVII., Miss Cowardice and Courage: an Essay, 586.

Perfect's Toilet ; Chap. XLVIII., The Dreams, Omens, and Predictions, 506.

Prodigal; Chap. XLIX., “After Death English Monachism, Rise and Progress of,

my Ghost shall haunt you;" Chap. L., 24, 151, 403, 643.

Violet and William in the Drawing Episodes of the Irish Jacobite Wars, Some,

room; Chap. LI., A Dream; Chap. LII.,


Next Morning; Chap. LIII., The Fer sm: Its antecedents; the position of

Flower ; Chap. LIV., Doctor Drake goes the Roman Catholic Clergy with regard

to Gilroyd ; Chap. LV., Suspense; Chap. to it; its American calculations; the

LVI., Some Particulars; Chap. LVII., effect on it of the close of the Civil Strife

Doctor Wagget, Further Particulars; in America; the “Moderate Party”.in

Chap. LVIII., Revington Flowers ; Chap. Ireland, 116-120.

LIX., Vane Trevor sees Miss Violet; Fenian Conspiracy, The, in England and

Chap. LX., The Momentous Question ; Ireland: Story of the Plot; the Incep-

Chap. LXI., A Doubt Troubles Maubray, tion and Development of the Conspiracy

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