The Iowa State Federation of Labor

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The University, 1915 - Počet stran: 147

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Strana 64 - At the expiration of his term of office he shall deliver to his successor...
Strana 105 - Nor shall any contract of insurance, relief, benefit, or indemnity in case of injury or death, entered into prior to the injury, between the person so injured and such corporation, or any other person or association acting for such corporation, nor shall the acceptance of any such insurance, relief, benefit, or indemnity by the person injured, his widow, heirs, or legal representatives after...
Strana 37 - That all persons within the jurisdiction of the United States shall be entitled to the full and equal enjoyment of the accommodations, advantages, facilities, and privileges of inns, public conveyances on land or water, theaters, and other places of public amusement; subject only to the conditions and limitations established by law, and applicable alike to citizens of every race and color, regardless of any previous condition of servitude.
Strana 99 - No boy under fourteen years of age, nor girl under eighteen years of age shall be employed, permitted or suffered to work at any time in any...
Strana 119 - ... upon the duties of his office, shall take the following oath of office and file the same with the City Clerk: I solemnly swear or affirm that I will support the Constitution of the United States, the Constitution of the State of California, and the Charter of the City of Oakland, and will truly and to the best of my ability perform the duties of the office of (Signed) Subscribed and sworn to before me this day of 19 City Clerk (or Notary Public.) Salaries.
Strana 99 - ... previous to applying for such school record, and is able to read intelligently and write legibly simple sentences in the English language, and...
Strana 117 - VI.— DUTIES OF OFFICERS. SECTION 1. The president shall preside at all meetings of the Association and...
Strana 99 - No person under fourteen years of age shall be employed with or without wages or compensation in any mine, manufacturing establishment, factory, mill, shop, laundry, slaughter house or packing house, or in any store or mercantile establishment where more than eight persons are employed, or in the operation of any freight or passenger elevator.
Strana 99 - ... or before the hour of .seven o'clock in the morning or after the hour of seven o'clock in the evening.
Strana 99 - ... in or in connection with the street occupations of peddling, boot-blacking, the distribution or sale of newspapers, magazines, periodicals or circulars, nor in any other occupation pursued in any street or public place.