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HE author of the Specta-
tor having prefix'd before
each of his volumes the

name of some great person to whom he has particular obligations, lays his claim to your Vol. V. A


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to your

lordship’s patronage upon the same account. I must confess, my Lord, had not I already received great instances of your favour, I should have been afraid of submitting a work of this nature perusal. You are so thoroughly acquainted with the characters of men, and all the parts of human life, that it is impossible for the least misrepresentation of them to escape your notice. lordship’s particular distinction that you are master of the whole compass of business, and have signaliz’d your self in all the different scenes of it. We admire some for the dignity, others for the popularity of their behaviour

; some for their clearness of judgment, others for their happinefs of expression; some for the laying of


It is your

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