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at the grace.

Anne. The dinner is on the table; my father desires your worships' company.

Shal. I will wait on him, fair mistress Anne.
Evans. Od's plessed will! I will not be absence

[Exeunt Shallow and Sir H. Evans. Anne. Will 't please your worship to come in, sir ?

Slen. No, I thank you, forsooth, heartily; I am

very well.

Anne. The dinner attends you, sir.

Slen. I am not a-hungry, I thank you, forsooth. -Go, sirrah, for all you are my man, go, wait upon my cousin Shallow. [Exit Simple.] A justice of peace sometime


be beholden to his friend for a man :-I keep but three men and a boy yet, till my mother be dead. But what though ? yet I live like a poor gentleman born.

Anne. I may not go in without your worship: they will not sit, till you come.

Slen. I 'faith, I 'll eat nothing; I thank you as much as though I did.

Anne. I pray you, sir, walk in.
Slen. I had rather walk

I bruised

my shin the other day with playing at sword and dagger with a master of fence, (three veneys 1 for a dish of stewed prunes) and, by my troth, I cannot abide the smell of hot meat since. Why do your dogs bark so? be there bears i' the town?

re, I thank you :

· Three bouts or hits : a technical term.

[blocks in formation]
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Anne. I think, there are, sir; I heard them talked of.

Slen. I love the sport well; but I shall as soon quarrel at it as any man in England.—You are afraid, if you see the bear loose, are you not ?

Anne. Ay, indeed, sir.

Slen. That's meat and drink to me now: I have seen Sackerson 1

loose twenty times; and have taken him by the chain : but, I warrant you, the women have so cried and shrieked at it, that it passed ::—but women, indeed, cannot abide 'em ; they are very ill-favored rough things.

Re-enter page.


Page. Come, gentle master Slender, come ; stay for you. Slen. I'll eat nothing, I thank you,

sir. Page. By cock and pye,3' you shall not choose, sir : come, come.

Slen. Nay, pray you, lead the way.
Page. Come on, sir.
Slen. Mistress Anne, yourself shall


first. Anne. Not I, sir ; pray you, kecp on.

Slen. Truly, I will not go first; truly, la : I will not do



1 The name of a bear, exhibited, in our author's time, at Paris Garden, in Southwark.

? It surpassed all description. 3 A popular adjuration..

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