Relentless Love: The Power of a Transformative Life

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Sentient Publications, 2004 - Počet stran: 131
In Relentless Love, Edwin Smith focuses on what happens after enlightenment. Rather than an event of personal significance, enlightenment is an opportunity to radically transform human life altogether. Smith proposes that we can live lives of enchantment where our life and our deepest dreams merge through the practice of relentless love. He inspires us to undertake creative acts based on faith in life and our intention to love. This is a critical path for the world to engage, as evolution propels us in this direction. Smith s original and heartfelt voice offers powerful insights this is a book to read and reread.

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On the Threshold of Love
The Life of Enchantment
The Practice of Relentless Love
The Enchanters Game Epitome Evolution
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