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hitherto remained

remained nected them with nected them with and to assume another and to as- another, and to asamong the Powers sume a mong the


the of the Earth, the powers of the earth

powers of the earth, equal and indepen- the separate and the separate and dent Station to equal station to equal station to which the Laws of which the laws of which the Laws of Nature and of Na- nature and of na- Nature and of Nature's God entitle ture's God entitle ture's God entitle them, a decent Re- them, a decent re- them, a decent respect to the opin- spect to the opinions spect to the opinions ions of Mankind of mankind requires of mankind requires requires that they that they should de- that they should should declare the clare the causes declare the causes Causes, which im- which impel them to which impel them pell them to the

the separation. to the separation. Change.

We hold these We hold these We hold these Truths to be self truths to be self- truths to be self-evievident; that all evident that all men dent, that all men Men created are created equal ; are created equal, equal and indepen- that they are en- that they are endent; that from dowed by their dowed by their Crethat equal Creation creator with inher- ator with certain inthey derive Rights ent & inalienable alienable rights, that inherent and rights, that among

among these are lienable ; among these are life, liber- Life, Liberty, and which are the Pres- ty, and the pursuit

pursuit the pursuit of Hapervation of Life, and of happiness; that piness. That to Liberty, and the to secure these secure these rights, Pursuit of Happi- rights governments

Governments are inness; that to secure are instituted among stituted among Men, these Ends, Govern- men deriving their deriving their just ments are instituted just powers from the

powers from the among Men, deriv- consent of the gov- consent of the goving their just Powers erned ; that when- erned.—That whenfrom the Consent of ever any form of

ever any form of the governed ; that government be. Government be.




whenever, any form comes destructive comes destructive of

Government, of these ends, it is of these ends, it is shall become de- the right of the peo- the right of the Peostructive of these ple to alter or to ple to alter or to ends, it is the Right abolish it, and to abolish it, and to of the People to alinstitute new gov

institute new Govter, or to abolish it, ernment, laying its ernment, laying its and to institute new foundation on such foundation on such Government, laying principles and or- principles, and orits Foundation on ganizing its powers ganizing its powers such Principles, and in such form, as to

in such form, as to organizing its Pow- them shall seem them shall ers in such Form, most likely to effect most likely to effect as to them shall their happiness. their Safety

Safety and Seem most likely to Prudence indeed Happiness. Prueffect their Safety will dictate that dence, indeed, will and

Happiness. governments long dictate that GovernPrudenceindeed will established should ments long estabdictate that Gov- not be changed for lished should not be ernments long es- light and transient changed for light tablished should not causes : and accord. and transient be changed for lightingly all experience causes ; and accordand transient Cau- hath shown that ingly all experience ses; and according- mankind are more hath shown, that ly all Experience disposed to suffer mankind are hath shown, that while evils are suf- disposed to suffer, Mankind are more ferable, than to right while evils are sufdisposed to Suffer, themselves by abol

themselves by abol- ferable, than to while Evils are Suf- ishing the forms to right themselves by ferable, than to right which they are ac- abolishing the forms themselves, by abol- customed. But when to which they are ishing the Forms to

long train

of accustomed. But which they are acabuses and usurpa

when a long train of customed. But when tions begun at a dis- abuses and usurpaa long Train of tinguished period tions pursuing inAbuses and Usur- and pursuing in- variably the same pations, begun at a variably the same Object, evinces distinguish'd Peri- object, evinces a de

object, evinces a de- design to reduce




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od, and pursuing in- sign to reduce them them under abvariably, the same under absolute des solute Despotism, object, evinces potism, it is their it is their right, it is Design to reduce right, it is their their duty, to throw them under absolute duty, to throw off off such GovernPower, it is their such government

such government ment, and to proRight, it is their and to provide new vide new Guards for Duty, to throw off guards for their fu their future security. such Government, ture security. Such Such has been the and to provide new has been the patient patient sufferance Guards for their sufferance of these of these Colonies ; future Security. colonies, and such and such is now the Such has been the is now the necessity necessity which conpatient Sufferance which constrains strains them to alter of these Colonies; them to expunge

their former Systems and such is now the their former systems of Government. The Necessity, which of government. The history of the presconstrains them to history of the pres ent King of Great expunge their for ent king of Great Britain is a history mer Systems of Gov- Britain is a history of repeated injuries ernment. The His of unremitting inju- and usurpations, all tory of his present ries and usurpations, having in direct Majesty, is a His among which ap- object the establishtory of unremitting pears no solitary ment of an absolute Injuries and Usurpa- fact to contradict the Tyranny over these tions, among which uniform tenor of the States. no one Fact stands rest; but all having this let Facts be Single or Solitary to in direct object the submitted to a cancontradict the uni establishment of an did world. form Tenor of the absolute tyranny rest, all of which

over these states. have in direct ob To


this let ject, the Establish- facts be submitted to ment of an absolute a candid world, for Tyranny over these the truth of which States.

we pledge a faith this, let Facts be yet unsullied by Submitted to a can falsehood.

To prove

To prove

did World, for the Truth of which We pledge a Faith, as y et unsullied by falsehood.

He has refused He has refused He has refused his Assent to Laws,

his assent to laws his Assent to Laws, the most wholesome the most wholesome the most wholesome and necessary for and necessary for and necessary for the public good. the public good : the public good.

He has forbidden He has forbidden He has forbidden his Governors to his

governors to pass his Governors to pass Laws of imme laws of immediate

pass Laws of immediate and pressing and pressing import diate and pressing Importance, unless ance, unless sus importance, unless suspended in their pended in their suspended in their operation, till his operation till his as operation till his Assent should be sent should be ob Assent should be obtained; and tained, and when so

obtained ; and, when when so suspended suspended, he has suspended, he he has neglected ut utterly neglected to has utterly negterly to attend to attend to them. lected to attend to them.

them. He has refused He has refused to He has refused to pass other Laws pass other laws for

to pass other Laws for the accommoda the accommodation for the accommodation of large Dis of large districts of tion of large districts tricts of People, unpeople unless those

of people, unless less those Peo- people would relin those people would ple would

relin- quish the right of relinquish the right quish the Right of representation, in of Representation Representation in the legislature, a in the Legislature, a the Legislature, a right inestimable to

right inestimable to Right inestimable to them, and formida

them, and formidathem, and formida ble to tyrants only. ble to tyrants only. ble to Tyrants only.

He has called to He has called together legislative gether legislative

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