The Works, Svazek 5

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J. Murray, 1823

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Strana 71 - Canst thou not minister to a mind diseased ; Pluck from the memory a rooted sorrow ; Raze out the written troubles of the brain ; And, with some sweet, oblivious antidote, Cleanse the stuffed bosom of that perilous stuff, Which weighs upon the heart ? Doct.
Strana 147 - He hath a tear for pity, and a hand Open as day for melting charity...
Strana 187 - I have lived long enough : my way of life Is fall'n into the sear, the yellow leaf ; And that which should accompany old age, As honour, love, obedience, troops of friends, I must not look to have...
Strana 209 - A credulous father, and a brother noble, Whose nature is so far from doing harms, That he suspects none, on whose foolish honesty My practices ride easy ! — I see the business.
Strana 5 - Heav'n ! them light divine ! Amid what dangers art thou doom'd to shine ! Oft will the body's weakness check thy force, Oft damp thy vigour, and impede thy course ; And trembling nerves compel thee to restrain Thy nobler efforts, to contend with pain...
Strana 71 - Is there a murderer here ? No. Yes, I am : Then fly. What, from myself? Great reason why: Lest I revenge. What, myself upon myself?
Strana 25 - Speaks a wild speech with action all as wild — The children's leader, and himself a child ; He spins...
Strana 224 - Yet to his wife would on their duties dwell, And often cry, " Do use my brother well:" And something kind, no question, Isaac meant, Who took vast credit for the vague intent. But truly kind, the gentle boy essay'd To cheer his uncle, firm, although afraid ; But now the father caught him at the door, And, swearing — yes, the man in office swore, And cried, "Away! How! Brother, I'm...
Strana 117 - I'd make a life of jealousy, To follow still the changes of the moon With fresh suspicions?
Strana 233 - The quiet man submitted to his fate ; Though prudent matrons waited for his call, With cool forbearance he avoided all ; Though each profess'da pure maternal joy, By kind attention to his feeble boy : And though a friendly widow knew no rest, Whilst neighbour Jones was lonely and distress'dj Nay, though the maidens spoke in tender tone Their hearts...

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