Drawing Room Dramas

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Blackwood, 1873 - Počet stran: 172

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Strana 149 - Lor*, he doesn't like it," says the dapper little man, winking at us. " Jem" (this to the pothoy), " 'alf a pmt like lightning, sharp's the word, quick's the motion — slap bang here we are again...
Strana 157 - ... for indulging in such nonsensical fancies at his time of life ; but he went on dreaming all the same until he was startled by the opening of a gate which connected his house with the Precincts. Somebody strode with a brisk, ringing step up the brick pathway to the front door, singing loudly, — ' I loved her, and she might have been The happiest in the land ; But she fancied a foreigner who played the clarinet In the middle of a Ger-man band.
Strana 87 - ... either hand, And blissful tears, and tender smiles that fall On her dear head — great summer over all ! While Envy, of the triumph half afraid, Slinks, like a dazzled serpent, to the shade. FREDERICK TENNYSON: The Bridal. It is too much, we daily hear, To wive and thrive both in one year. TUSSER. A spaniel, a wife, and a walnut-tree, The more you beat them the better they be.

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