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Miss Alice C. Fletcher, Washington, D.C. Rt. Hon. Sir Charles Fitzpatrick, Ottawa,

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P.Q. Principal of Normal School, Hull, P.Q. Principal of Jacques Cartier Normal

School, Montreal, P.Q. Principal of Normal School. Joliette. P.Q. Principal of Laval Normal School, Quebec.

P.Q. Principal of Normal School, Nicolet, P.Q. Principal of Normal School, Ste. Anne de

Bellevue, P.Q. Principal of Normal School, St. Hyacinthe.

P.O. Principal of Normal School, St. Pascal,

Kamouraska Co., P.Q. Principal of Normal School. Three Rivers,

P.O. Principal of Normal School, Valleyfield,

[blocks in formation]

Rev. Camille Roy, Quebec, P.Q.
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Washington Public Library, Washington,

Frederick W. Waugh, Ottawa, Ont.
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William J. Wintemberg, Ottawa, Ont.
Dr. Clark Wissler, New York, N.Y.
Miss Loraine Wyman, New York, N.Y.



YEAR 1917. For list of libraries, colleges, etc., subscribers to the JOURNAL for 1917, see this JOURNAL, 29 : 572-574.

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On account of the diversity of matter contained in the “ Journal of American
Folk-Lore," a certain amount of classification of the contents seems desirable. In
consulting the index, matters pertaining to the following subjects should be looked
up under those headings.



Incidents and objects in myths,

Acoma, All-Souls Day in, 496.

Atwell, George, the Mr. Attowel of the
Ai-lao, tradition regarding origin of the, “Shirburn Ballads,” 375.

Atwell, Hugh, wrong identification of, by
Alabama folk-lore, 414.

Clark, 374.
Alden, John, a maternal ancestor of Long Axe, Carib legend explaining origin of, 258.

fellow, popular hero in Colonial New embedded in full-grown tree, 255, 256.
England, 413.

European steel, value of, in Guiana, 252.
and John Stewart, difference between, stone, for protection against lightning,

Alden, Priscilla, 412, 413.

Axes, origin of stone, in Surinam, indicated
All-Souls Day at Zuñi, Acoma, and Laguna, by their names, 256.
495, 496.

the names of stone, in the Negro and In-
American Folk-Lore Society, address of dian languages of Surinam, 256.

the retiring President at Twenty Azema described, 242.

Eighth Annual Meeting, 161-167.
Canadian branches, officers of, 499. Bakroe, forms taken by, and places where
Kentucky Branch, local meetings, 272.

found, 242
local meetings, 272, 273, 411.

Bahamas, belief in, regarding the killing of
Mexican Branch, 411.

a snake or cat working witch, 185.
Missouri Branch, Tenth Annual Meeting, Boukee and Rabbit in folk-lore of, 230.

folk-tales of, and of the Carolinas, much
Ontario Branch, 411.

the same, 169.
report of Editor, 269, 270.

Four Folk-Tales from Fortune Island,
— of Secretary, 269. .

228, 229.
- of Treasurer, 270, 271.

name for “corn" in, 188.
Twenty-Eighth Annual Meeting, 269 practice in, of pouring corn before house-

door, or inside haunted room, to dis-
Anansi, characteristics of, 241.

tract spirit, 188.
Anansi-tori, formal opening for, 243.

proverbs from, collected on Abaco, 274.
taboo against time for telling, 242.

riddles from, collected on Andros Island,
Andros Island, Bahamas, ballad sung on, 275-277.

see Andros Island.
disembodied skin salted and peppered on, Ballad-mongers, habit of, relating to sig-

natures, 377.
see Bahamas.

Animal actors in Surinam folk-tales, 242.

Bangum and the Boar (Missouri variant
protectors, 14.

of Child, No. 18), 291, 292.
Anthropomorphism, 6.

Bessy Bell and Mary Gray (Child, 281),
Antidote for poison of venomous serpent, 325.

identification of, by Chitimacha, 478. Bonny Barbara Allen (Child, 84), 317.
Arawaks, stone axes among, 256.

Brangywell (variant of Child, No. 18),
Armbrister, Hilda, Proverbs from Abaco,

Bahamas, 274.

Captain Ward and the Rainbow (Child,
Ash poisonous to rattlesnake, 478.

287), 332.
A'shiwi ("the flesh"), tribal name of the Children's Song (North Carolina variant
Zuñi, 499.

of Child, 79), 305-307.

Ballads, continued:

The Mermaid (No. 289), 333.
Fair Margaret and Sweet William The Merry Golden Tree (Missouri
(Child, 74), 302.

variant of Child, No. 286), 331, 332.
Florella, current under various names, The Old Woman and the Devil (Missouri

variant of Child, No. 278). 329, 330.
Hangman Song (North Carolina variant The Sweet Trinity (The Golden Vanity)
of Child, No. 95), 321.

(Child, No. 286), 330.
Henry Martyn (Child, No. 250), 327. The Three Little Babes (Tennessee vari-
James Harris (The Demon Lover) ant of Child, No. 79), 308, 309.
(Child, No. 243), 325-327.

The Twa Brothers (Child, No. 49), 293.
Lady Alice (Child, No. 85), 317.

The Twa Sisters (Child, No. 10). 286.
Lady Isabel and the Elf-Knight (Child, 287.
No. 4), 286.

The Two Brothers (Missouri variant of
Lamkin (Child, No. 93), 318.

Child, No. 49), 294.
Little Mathew Grove (Kentucky variant The West Countree (Missouri variant of
of Child, No. 81), 311-313.

Child, No. 10), 287, 288.
Little Matthy Groves (Missouri variant The Wife of Usher's Well (Child, No. 79).
of Child, No. 81), 314-317.

- 305.
Little Musgrave and Lady Barnard The Wife wrapt in Wether's Skin (Child,
(Child, No. 81), 309.

No. 277), 328.
Lord Daniel's Wife (Kentucky variant of The Yorkshire Bite (The Crafty Plough-
Child, No. 81), 313, 314.

boy), 367-369.
Lord Orland's Wife (Kentucky variant of There was an Old Woman Lived on the
Child, No. 81), 309–311.

Seashore (Nebraska (1870) variant of
Lord Randal (Child, No. 12), 289, 290.

Child, No. 10), 288, 289.
Love Henry (Indiana variant of Child, Three Little Babes (Nebraska variant of
No. 68), 301, 302.

Child, No. 79), 307.
Loving Henry (Kentucky variant of Young Beichan (Child, No. 53), 294–297.
Child, No. 68), 298, 299.

Young Henry (Missouri variant of Child,
Lydia Margaret (Missouri variant of No. 68), 299, 300.
Child, No. 74), 303, 304.

Young Hunting (Child, No. 68), 297.
Our Goodman (Child, No. 274), 328.

See also Songs.
Sir Hugh, or the Jew's Daughter (Child, Ballads (Shirburn), Notes on the, 370-377.
No. 155), 322.

Ballads and Songs, 283-369.
Sir Lionel (Child, No. 18), 291.

Bamboo, ancestor of the Ye-lang, 421.
Strawberry Lane (Maine variant of family name among the Chinese, 425.
Child, No. 2), 284, 285.

Bantu Tales, 262-268.
The Bailiff's Daughter of Islington | Barbeau, C.-M., Contes Populaires Canadi-
(Child, No. 105), 321, 322.

ens (Seconde série), 1-140.
The Cherry-Tree Carol (No. 54), 287. cited, 403, 410.
The Cruel Mother (Child, No. 20), 293. | Bath of thunder-stone water a cure for
The Elfin Knight (Child, No. 2), 283-285. rheumatism, 259.
The False Knight (Missouri variant of Baum, Paull Franklin, The Three Dreams
Child, No. 3), 286.

or “Dream-Bread" Story, 378-410.
The Farmer's Curst Wife (Child, No. | Bear abundant in region of Kaska and
278), 329.

Tahltan, 428.
The Fause Knight upon the Road of the Louisiana Indians, a brown bear,
(Child, No. 3), 285.

The Forsaken Girl, 345.

Beasts kneel at midnight on Christmas, 208.
The Golden Ball (variant of Child, No. | Berrying and root-digging, mention of, in

95), used as a game by New York Kaska and Tahltan tales rare, 429.

children on the lower east side, 319. Bibliography of Negro tales, 170.
The Gypsy Davy (Maine and Massa of Negro folk-lore, Surinam, 239, 240.

chusetts variant of Child, No. 200), Black Tai, taboos among, 415-417.
324, 325.

Boas, Franz, quoted, 2.
The Gypsy Laddie (Child, No. 200), 323. The Origin of Death, 486-491.
The Hangman's Tree (Missouri variant Boesi-nanasi, an epiphyte (Tillandsia usne-
of Child, No. 95), 320.

oides Linn.), 246.
The Hunting of the Cheviot (Child, Boesi-letei, bush-ropes, 246, 247.
No. 162), 323.

Bonifacy, work among the Lolo of, 418.
The Jolly Thresherman, 353, 354.

"Book of Sindibad" in tenth century, 380.
The Lady Gay (Kentucky variant of Borrowing in tales, 429, 444.
Child, No. 79), 308.

Boukee and Rabbit in Bahama folk-lore,230.
The Lass of Roch Royal (No. 76), 304. Boven Saramacca (Upper Saramacca)
The Maid freed from the Gallows (Child, district, "winged'' axes embedded in
No. 95), 318.

hollow trees found in, 256.

série), 1-140:

British Columbia, tales from northern John G. White Collection of Folk-
interior of, 427.

Lore, Oriental and Mediæval Litera-
trade-routes in, 428.

ture, and Archæology, 413.
Buffalo fairly numerous in eastern sections Clever personages, 4, 396, 401, 402.
of Kaska and Tahltan territory, 428. Club of Surinam formerly provided, near

end, with celt, 251.
odian French tales customary begin. Club-fist. 207. 208.
nings for, 23.

Color of thunder-stone a criterion of its
- customary endings for, 23, 24.

power, 254, 260.
- form and style of, 23-26.

-- affected by soil and weather, 254.
- personages in, 3-6.

Contes Populaires Canadiens (Seconde
– powers and attributes of personages in,
6, 7.

Contests, rivalries, and tournaments, 18-
- preface to, I, 2.

20. See Incidents.
- prepared under auspices of Geological Convulsions cured by powder of thunder-
Survey of Canada, 2

stone, 259..
- style and mythological subjects of, 3. Corn-Maidens in Zuñi mythology give
Canja, a stew of hominy, rice, and chicken, fertility to the soil, 498.

Corpse of one killed by blow from strength
Canoe navigation in British Columbia, derived from thunder-stone extremely
head of, 428.

heavy, 260.
Carib legend, 253, 258.

Couplet on the happy reconciliation
Caribou, importance of hunting of, reflected between the Earl of Mar and his

in Kaska and Tahltan tales, 428, 429. daughter, 413.
Carson, Wm., Ojibwa tales, 491-493. Courtship of Will Stewart conducted by
Cat, eaten by Black Tai, 416.

John Stewart, 412.
not a totem of the Miao, 419 (note 2). Crane bridge, the place where wolverene
Celts of "winged" type from Surinam was dropped into the river, 458.
described, 251.

Criminal escapes hanging through a riddle,
Surinam belief as to celestial origin of, 203.

Criterion by which to test the accuracy of
with ornamental features, 251.

an aboriginal statement, 167.
Cemetery, spirits prevented from leaving, Cushing, Frank Hamilton, Zuñi tale trans.
by thunder-stones, 260.

lated by, 497.
Charm against evil consequences from Customs (Acoma):
telling Anansi-tori in the day-time, on All-Souls Day, 496.

Customs (Kaska):
Charms, 7, 8.

woman remains in retirement during and
Child accepts as Scotch the ballad of "Will for some time after confinement, 471.
Stewart and John," 412.

Customs (Laguna):
final collection of, 325.

dropping food on fire or on floor, in
first American text of "The Twa Sisters" remembrance of the dead, 495.
printed by, in 1883, 286.

on All-Souls Day, 496.
-- version from oral tradition of the Customs (Zuñi):

“Elfin Knight" printed by, in 1883, dropping food on fire or floor in remem.

brance of the dead, 495.
first American copy of “The Hangman's on All-Souls Day, 495, 496.
Tree" published by, 318.

Cypress-tree struck by lightning, use of
Children an easy prey to the leba, 242.

splinters from, in medical practice, 477.
Chitimacha, myths of, show evidence of
European connection, 474.

Dance on Cape Verde Islands, refreshments
notes regarding belicfs and medical served at, 233.
practices of, 477, 478.

Darby, Loraine, Ring-Games from Georgia,
speaking knowledge of the old tongue of, 218–221.

confined to four individuals, 474. “Day broke twice" on Old Christmas in
superstitions of, 477, 478.

North Carolina, 208.
Chitimacha Myths and Beliefs, Some, Dease Lake, British Columbia, tales col-

lected on, 429.
Christmas celebrated in North Carolina by and River, British Columbia, tribes
stopping work, 208.

living on, 427.
observed by plants and beasts, 208. Devil, 4, 16.
Clark, Andrew, publisher in 1907 of the Disintegration of folk-tales shown by elim.
“Shirburn Ballads" (1585-1616), 370.

ination, 169.
Cleare, W. T., Four Folk-Tales from For: Dog, ancestor of the Man tribes, 419-420.
tune Island, Bahamas, 228, 229.

descendants of, cut out clothes in shape
Cleveland Public Library owner of the of dog's tail, 421.


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