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TIE JOURNAL OF AMERICAN FOLK-LORE (Quarterly: Editor, Franz Boas), issued by the American Folk-Lore Society, is designed for the collection and publication of the folk-lore and mythology of the American Continent. The subscription price is three dollars per annum.

The American Folk-Lore Society was organized January 4, 1888. The Society holds annual meetings, at which reports are received and papers read. The yearly membership fee is three dollars. Members are entitled to receive The Journal of American Folk-Lore. Subscribers to the Journal, or other persons interested in the objects of the Society, are eligible to membership, and are requested to address the Permanent Secretary to that end.

Authors alone are responsible for the contents of their papers.

Officers of the American Folk-Lore Society (l9l7).

President. — Robert H. Lowie.

First Vice-President. — G. L. Kittredge.

Second Vice-President. — J. Walter Fewkes.

Councillors. — For three years: R. B. Dixon, E. Sapir, A. L. Kroeber. For two years: Philhps Barry, C.-M. Barbeau, A. M. Espinosa. For one year: B. Laufer, E. K. Putnam, Stith Thompson. Past Presidents: H. M. Belden, John A. Lomax, Pliny Earle Goddard. Presidents of Local Branches: Charles Peabody, A. M. Tozzer, E. C. Perrow, Miss Mary A. Owen, Haywood Parker, Reed Smith, Clyde C Glasscock, John M. Stone, John Harrington Cox.

Editor of Journal. — Franz Boas, Columbia University, New York, N.Y.

Permanent Secretary. — Charles Peabody, Cambridge, Mass.

Assistant Secretary. t A. V. Kidder, Cambridge, Mass.

Treasurer. — Alfred M. Tozzer, Peabody Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge, Mass.

Auditing Committee. — Roland B. Dixon, A. V. Kidder.

Officers of Local and State Branches and Societies.

Boston. President, Charles Peabody; First Vice-President, A. V. Kidder; Second Vice-President, Helen Leah Reed; Secretary, Mrs. J. W. Courtney; Treasurer, Samuel B. Dean.

Cambridge. President, A. M. Tozzer; Vice-President, Mrs. E. F. Williams; Treasurer, Carleton E. Noyes; Secretary, Mrs. W. Scudder.

Kentucky. President, E. C. Perrow; Vice-President, Mrs. Ewing Marshall, Miss Alice A. Cassity; Secretary, D. L. Thomas; Treasurer, John F. Smith.

Missouri. President, Miss Mary A. Owen; Vice-Presidents, Miss Lucy R. Laws, Mrs. Eva W. Case, Miss Jennie M. A. Jones, Mrs. Edward Schaaf; Secretary, H. M. Belden; Treasurer, C. H. Williams; Directors, A. E. Bostwick, Miss Jennie F. Chase, Leah R. C. Yoffie.

North Carolina. President, Haywood Parker; Secretary and Treasurer, Frank C. Brown.

North Dakota. Secretary, George F. Will.

South Carolina. President, Reed Smith; Vice-President, Henry C. Davis; Secretary and Treasurer, F. W. Cappelmann.

Tennessee. Secretary, Henry M. Wiltse.

Texas. President, Dr. Clyde C. Glasscock; Vice-Presidents, Miss Junia Osterhaut, Miss L. B. Harrison; Secretary-Treasurer, Dr. Stith Thompson.

Virginia.President, John M.Stone; Vice-President,Misa Martha M.Davis; Secretary-Treasurer, Walter A. Montgomery; Archivist, C. Alphonso Smith.

West Virginia. President and General Editor, John Harrington Cox; Vice-President, Robert Allen Armstrong; Secretary-Treasurer, Walter Barnes.

Entered as second-claaa matter, July 6,1911,at the Poet Office at Lancaster, Pa., under the Act of March 3,1870.




Contes Populaires Canadiens (Seconde serie) C.-Marius Barbeau I

Faceties et Contes Canadiens Victor Morin 141

Oral Tradition and History Robert H. Lowie 161

Tales from Guilford County, North Carolina Elsie Clews Parsons 168

Notes on Folk-Lore of Guilford County,

North Carolina Elsie Clevis Parsons 201

Tales from Maryland and Pennsylvania . . Elsie Clews Parsons 209

Ring-Games from Georgia Loraine Darby 218

Folk-Tales collected at Miami, Fla. . . Elsie Clews Parsons 222

Four Folk-Tales from Fortune Island, Baha-

mas W. T. Cleare 228

Ten Folk-Tales from the Cape Verde Islands Elsie Clews Parsons 230

Surinam Folk-Tales A. P. and T. E. Penard 239

Popular Notions pertaining to Primitive Stone

Artifacts in Surinam A. P. and T. E. Penard 251

Bantu Tales '. . . . R. H. Nassau 262

Twenty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the Amer-

ican Folk-Lore Society 269

Ballads and Songs Edited by G. L. Kittredge 283

Notes on the "Shirburn Ballads" .... Hyder E. Rollins 370

The Three Dreams or "Dream-Bread" Story Paull Franklin Bautn 378

Totemic Traces among the Indo-Chinese . Berthold Laufer - 415

Kaska Tales James A. Teit 427

Some Chitimacha Myths and Beliefs . . John R. Swanton 474

Malecite Tales Frank G. Speck 479


Missouri Branch 272

Kentucky Folk-Lore Society D. L. Thomas 272

The Virginia Folk-Lore Society 272

The Folk-Lore Society of Texas .... Stith Thompson 411

Mexican Branch 411

Ontario Branch 411


Proverbs from Abaco, Bahamas .... Hilda Armbrister 274

Riddles from Andros Island, Bahamas . Elsie Clews Parsons 275

Priscilla Alden—A Suggested Antecedent . G. B. Franklin 412

The John G. White Collection 413

Alabama Folk-Lore 414


AA American Anthropologist, New Series.

BAM Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural


BArchS Baessler-Archiv, Supplement.

BAAS British Association for the Advancement of

Science, Reports.

BBAE Bulletin of the Bureau of American Ethnology.

Bell H. J. Bell, Obeah.

Bolte u. Polivka.... Bolte und Polivka, Anmerkungen zu den Kinder- und Hausmarchen der Briider Grimm.

CI Publications of the Carnegie Institution.

CNAE Contributions to North American Ethnology.

CR The Contemporary Review.

CU Columbia University Contributions to Anthropology.

FL Folklore (London).

FM Field Museum of Natural History, Anthropological Series.

FSSJ Folk-Song Society Journal (London).

GSCan Geological Survey of Canada, Anthropological


Harris i J. C. Harris, Uncle Remus, His Songs and His


Harris 2 — Nights with Uncle Remus.

Harris 3 — Uncle Remus and his Friends.

Hiawatha H. R. Schoolcraft, The Myth of Hiawatha.

Jacobs Jacobs, English Fairy Tales.

Jacottet E. Jacottet, The Treasury of Ba-Suto Lore.

JAFL Journal of American Folk-Lore.

JAI Journal of the Anthropological Institute of

Great Britain and Ireland.

JE Publications of the Jesup North Pacific Expedition.

Jones C. C. Jones, Negro Myths from the Georgia


MAFLS Memoirs of the American Folk-Lore Society.

PaAM • Anthropological Papers of the American Museum of Natural History.

PAES Publications of the American Ethnological Society.

Parsons E. C. Parsons, Folk-Tales of Andros Island,


Petitot E. Petitot, Traditions du Canada Nord-ouest.


Pub. Folk-Lore Soc. 55. . W. Jekyll, Jamaica Song and Story.

Rand S. T. Rand, Legends of the Micmac.

RBAE Report of the Bureau of American Ehtnology.

Russell Frank Russell, Explorations in the Far North

(University of Iowa, 1898).

Sagen Franz Boas, Indianische Sagen von der Nord

Pacifischen Kiiste Amerikas.

Smith P. C. Smith, Annancy Stories.

TCI Transactions of the Canadian Institute.

UCal University of California Publications in American Archaeology and Ethnology.

UPenn University of Pennsylvania, The University

Museum Anthropological Publications.

VAEU Verhandlungen der Berliner Gesellschaft fur

Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte.

VKAWA Verhandelingen der Koninklijke Akademie van

Wetenschappen te Amsterdam.

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