Even Odder Perceptions

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Routledge, 1994 - Počet stran: 268
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Our senses bring us all the information we have about the outside world, but do they tell the truth? If you've never questioned this before you may be about to.

From seeing and hearing to feeling and believing; from the shape of traffic signs to knowledge of quantum mechanics, all our interactions with the outside world are mediated by perception. Knowledge is further distilled by the machines which help our own biological mechanisms--magnifying glasses, electric lights and, and, even more powerfully--computer technology. However, if the natural structures of perception can affect our interpretation of the world, how much more dramatically might these tools of accuracy distort reality?

In his latest collection of essays, Richard Gregory uses a series of whimsical tales of his childhood, family and friends, the famous and the infamous to illuminate scientific principles and puzzles. He weaves together these amusing anecdotes to form a personal vista of some of the most profound and puzzling questions in science today, quickly drawing the reader into debates on Hamlet's feelings, Schrodinger's cat, thinking machines and more. At times charming, entertaining and even confusing, Even Odder Perceptionswill always leave the reader pondering. Each individual essay stands complete on its own; yet read as a whole, the book is an insightful and entertaining study on the magic of human perception.

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