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But when I came unto my bed,

With hey, ho, the wind and the rain, With toss-pots still had drunken head,

For the rain it raineth every day. A great while ago the world begun,

With hey, ho, the wind and the rain, But that 's all one, our play is done,

And we'll strive to please you every day.




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• As You Like IT' was first printed in the folio col. lection of 1623. There appears to have been an intention to publish it separately, for we find it entered in the registers of the Stationers' Company, together with

Henry V.' and 'Much Ado about Nothing. There is no exact date to this entry, but it is conjectured to have been made in 1600. The text of the original folio is, upon the whole, a very correct one.

Of all Shakspere's comedies we are inclined to think that. As You Like It’is the most read.

It possesses not the deep tragic interest of · The Merchant of Venice, nor the brilliant wit and diverting humour of • Much Ado about Nothing,' nor the prodigal luxuriance of fancy which belongs to “A Midsummer-Night's Dream,' nor the wild legendary romance which imparts its charm to 'A Winter's Tale,' nor the grandeur of the poetical creation of “The Tempest.' The peculiar attraction of “As You Like It’lies, perhaps, in the circumstance that “ in no other play do we find the bright imagination and fascinating grace of Shakspere's youth so mingled with the thoughtfulness of his maturer age." This is the character which Mr. Hallam gives of this comedy, and it appears to us a very just one. But in another place Mr. Hallam says,

66 There seems to have been a period of Shakspere’s life when his heart was ill at ease and ill content with the world or his own conscience. The memory of hours misspent, the pan of affection misplaced or unrequited, the experience of man's worser nature, which intercourse with ill-chosen associates, by chance or circumstances, peculiarly


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