A Country Chronicle

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Century Company, 1916 - Počet stran: 349

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Strana 64 - Wine is a mocker, strong drink is raging: and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise.
Strana 63 - Yield not to temptation, For yielding is sin, Each victory will help you Some other to win. Fight manfully onward, Dark passions subdue, Look ever to Jesus, He '11 carry you through.
Strana 221 - London Bridge is falling down, falling down, falling down; London Bridge is falling down, my — fair — lady!
Strana 64 - Ask the Savior to help you, Comfort, strengthen, and keep you, He is willing to aid you, He will carry you through.
Strana 195 - ' Mother, may I go out to swim ?' 'Yes, my darling daughter. Hang your
Strana 185 - on account of the dew. She looks pale. We wonder more than ever. Edie's mother says: " Good morning to you! " My father says: " Good morning," too. He looks as if he did n't know what to make of it. When Edie's mother gets a little nearer, the old red cow walks off.
Strana 221 - Turn to the east, and turn to the west, And turn to the one that you love best!
Strana 16 - Uncle Anthony's house smells different from ours. It always makes me think of tobacco, but it smells of apples and cooked things, too. My mother says she supposes our house smells as different to them as theirs does to us.

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