Transplanted Flowers; Or, Memoirs of Mrs. Rumpff, Daughter of John Jacob Astor, Esq., and the Duchess de Broglie, Daughter of Madame de Staël: With an Appendix

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J.S. Taylor, 1839 - Počet stran: 159

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Strana 63 - Thus to relieve the wretched was his pride, And e'en his failings leaned to virtue's side; But in his duty prompt at every call, He watched and wept, he prayed and felt for all: And, as a bird each fond endearment tries, To tempt its new-fledged offspring to the skies, He tried each art, reproved each dull delay, Allured to brighter worlds, and led the way.
Strana 144 - Say, shall we yield Him, in costly devotion, Odors of Edom, and offerings divine, Gems of the mountain, and pearls of the ocean, Myrrh from the forest, or gold from the mine ? 4 Vainly we offer each ample oblation, Vainly with gifts would His favor secure ; Richer, by far, is the heart's adoration, Dearer to God are the prayers of the poor.
Strana 80 - I envy no quality of the mind or intellect in others ; not genius, power, wit, or fancy : but, if I could choose what would be most delightful, and, I believe, most useful to me, I should prefer a firm religious belief to every other blessing; for it makes life a discipline of goodness — creates new hopes, when all earthly hopes vanish ; and throws over the decay, the destruction of existence, the most gorgeous of all lights ; awakens life even in death, and from corruption and decay calls up beauty...
Strana 80 - Godliness is profitable unto all things, having the promise of the life that now is, and of that which is to come.
Strana 81 - ... creates new hopes when all earthly hopes vanish, and throws over the decay, the destruction of existence, the most gorgeous of all lights; awakens life even in death, and from corruption and decay calls up beauty and divinity; makes an instrument of torture and...
Strana 62 - ... persisted in, as to be interwoven with our very make, so as to become as it were a part of ourselves ; and shall that knowledge which is to make us
Strana 144 - Brightest and best of the sons of the morning, Dawn on our darkness and lend us Thine aid. Star of the East, the horizon adorning, Guide where our infant Redeemer is . laid.
Strana 126 - Their benevolence and piety are such, that they acquaint themselves with the circumstances of all the poor families around them, and administer relief to their bodies and minds. It is quite delightful to think, that the descendants of one of the most able statesmen of France, and of perhaps the most brilliant writer of her age, should be devoting all their talents to the diffusion of the truest philosophy, the illumination and moral elevation of their fellow-creatures, by the knowledge of the Holy...
Strana 124 - I adverted occasionally to her mother, her writings, &c. One day I ventured to ask her, whether she thought that her mother had ever turned her attention seriously to the subject of religion: And what opinion she had on that deeply interesting point. She replied, with deep emotion, that her mother, in the latter part of her life especially, was in the practice of reading the Bible, and that she had sometimes found her engaged in prayer in her room. " But," said she, " one does not know; one tries...
Strana 119 - Fieschi, her first words to a friend who called upon her were, " Oh, there must have been much praying on the part of some of God's people, or it would have been far worse with us than it was." On that occasion a musket-ball passed through the front part of her husband's coat, and cutting slightly the skin on the collar-bone, passed along to the upper part of the sleeve on the other side, and there lodged, having spent its force. It was, I believe, a fact that in the difficulties which at...

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