Geography Classified: a Systematic Manual of Mathematical, Physical, and Political Geography: With Geographical, Etymological, and Historical Notes. For the Use of Teachers and Upper Forms in Schools

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Chapman & Hall, 1863 - Počet stran: 357

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Strana 85 - In 1609, six years after the accession of James VI. of Scotland to the throne of England as James I.
Strana 12 - Fictn the mouth of the Nile to the Cape of Good Hope ; culminating point, probably the high plateaus between the sources of the Zambeze and of the Orange river, . . LENGTH Northern Slope.
Strana 311 - Maine New Hampshire Vermont Massachusetts Rhode Island Connecticut New York New Jersey Pennsylvania Ohio Indiana Illinois Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota Iowa Missouri North Dakota South Dakota Nebraska Kansas...
Strana 263 - These are regarded as an immediate revelation from heaven; and as containing the true knowledge of God, of his religion and of his worship, disposed into one harmo1 Sir William Jones lays 1500 BC; Col. Vans Kennedy 1100 or 1200 BC; Hitter
Strana 86 - National Society for Promoting the Education of the Poor in the Principles of the Established Church, founded in 181 1 by Dr Bell.
Strana 74 - JElii, the second station from the eastern extremity of the Roman wall. Previous to the Conquest the place was called Monkchester, from the number of monastic institutions ; its present name was derived from a castle erected here by Robert, eldest son of William the Conqueror, on his return from an expedition into Scotland. Newcastle was anciently the resort of numerous pilgrims, who came to visit the holy well of Jesus' Mount, now Jesmond, a mile north-east of the town.
Strana 31 - Syrians, the tribes of Caucasus, the Armenians, Affghans, and Hindoos. It includes likewise the Africans who live on the shores of the Mediterranean, and throughout the Sahara, the Egyptians and Copts, the Abyssinians, and the Guanches, or ancient inhabitants of the Canary Islands, with those Europeans who have colonised America and other parts of the world. The colour of the Caucasian class seems mainly to depend on climate, on the degree of solar heat to which there is exposure, for they are all...
Strana 291 - ... Nigritia, the lady-blacks have decidedly the upper hand. If a young man marries a woman of another village, he removes to the house of his bride ; and it is his duty not only to treat his mother-in-law with the greatest respect, but to supply her with fire-wood through the remainder of her days. In cases of separation, it is the wife who divorces the husband, the children going along with the mother ; and in almost all the ordinary transactions of life, whether making a contract or sitting in...
Strana 86 - Scotch, New Connexion General ; Society of Friends ; Unitarians ; Moravians, or United Brethren ; Wesleyan Methodists — Original Connexion, New Connexion, Primitive Methodists, Bible Christians, Wesleyan Association, Independent Methodists, Wesleyan Reformers ; Calvinistic Methodists — Welsh Calvinistic Methodists, Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion ; Sandemanians, or Glasites ; New Church ; Brethren.
Strana 17 - These experiments arc very important in relation to the theory of physical climate : — 1. The temperature of the ocean is generally lower at mid-day than that of the atmosphere, noticed in the shade. 2. It is always higher at midnight. 3. In the morning and the evening, these two temperatures are usually in accordance.

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