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Family Physician's Certificate for Life Insurance $5 to $ 10 Certificate of Cause of Death



Post-mortem examination for Legal investiga



Post-mortem examination for the family,


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All services not herein specified to be rated in accordance with the above scale of charges.

I. The foregoing table contains the STANDARD FEES of the medical profession of Baltimore. All bills should be rendered in conformity with the above fee table. They may be increased, according to the judgment of the practitioner concerned, in all cases of extraordinary detention or attendance; also, in proportion to the importance of the case, the responsibility attached to it, and the services rendered, when these are extraordinary. They may be diminished at the discretion of the physician, when he believes the patient cannot afford to pay the regular fees and yet is able to make some compensation. It shall be considered, however, unprofessional to diminish the standard fees with a view to mercenary competition.

II. It is not designed by these regulations to prevent gratuitous service to those who are incapable of making remuneration without distressing themselves or families.

III. It is expressly enjoined on the members of the profession to decline all offers of a specific fee for attendance during any given period of time, as a measure unequal and often unjust in its action on one or the other of the parties, and as derogatory to the character and dignity of the medical profession.

IV. Every physician should present his account immediately after ceasing his attendance in any given attack of sickness, especially in all cases of surgery or midwifery.

V. It is desirable that consultation fees should be collected at each visit.

UPTON SCOTT-1799-1801.


RICHARD S. Steuert-1848-51.
MICHAEL S. BAER-1852-53.
JOHN L. Yates—1853-54.
JACOB BAER-1855-56.

CHRISTOPHER C. Cox-1856-57.
JOSHUA I. COHEN-1857-58.

GEO. C. M. ROBERTS-1859-70.
JOHN R. W. Dunbar—1870-70.
NATHAN R. SMITH-1870-72.
P. C. WILLIAMS-1872-73.
CHARLES H. Ohr-1873-74.
HENRY M. WILSON-1874-75.
JOHN F. MONMonier-1875-76.
ABRAM B. ARnold-1877-78.
SAMUEL P. SMITH-1878-79.
SAMUEL C. CHEW-1879-80.
H. P. C. WILSON-1880-81.
WILLIAM M. KEMP-1882-83.
JOHN R. QUINAN-1885-86.

GEO. W. MILtenberger—1886-87.

I. EDMONDSon Atkinson-1887-88.
JOHN MORRIS-1888-89.


THOMAS A. ASHBY-1890-91.
WM. H. WELCH-1891-92.
GEORGE H. ROHE-1893-94.




*Deceased during the year.

+ Three years in arrears for dues, and will hereafter be dropped.

Anderson, Chas. L. G., Hagerstown, Md.

Anderson, Edward, Rockville, Md.

Andre, J. Ridgeway, 1123 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore. Applegarth, Edward Carey, 1511 W. Fayette Street, Baltimore. Archer, W. S., Belair, Md.

Arohnson, Abram, 1601 Linden Avenue, Baltimore.

Ashby, Thos. A., 1125 Madison Avenue, Baltimore.
Atkinson, G. T., Crisfield, Md.

Atkinson, I. E., 605 Cathedral Street, Baltimore.
Baldwin, Ed. C., 304 N. Exeter Street, Baltimore.
Barnes, Wm. M., 1525 W. Lanvale Street, Baltimore.
Batchelor, Kemp B., 1807 N. Charles Street, Baltimore.
Bateman, J. M. H., Easton, Md.

Bates, J. W. P., 1020 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore.
Baxley, Hy. M., 1530 Madison Avenue, Baltimore.
Beckley, E. L., Middletown, Md.

Belt, Alfred M., 1010 Cathedral Street, Baltimore.
Belt, S. J., 314 N. Exeter Street, Baltimore.
Benham, Chas. Hy., Girdletree, Md.

Bennett, Jas. Bates, 253 S. Broadway, Baltimore.

Benson, B. R., Cockeysville, Md.

Benson, Jas. Ed., Cockeysville, Md.

Berkley, Harry J., 1303 Park Avenue, Baltimore.
Bernstein, Ed. J., 800 Madison Avenue, Baltimore.
Bevan, C. Fred., 807 Cathedral Street, Baltimore.
Biedler, H. H., 119 W. Saratoga Street, Baltimore.
Billingslea, M. B., 1206 E. Preston Street, Baltimore.
Birnie, Clotworthy, Taneytown, Md.

Bishop, E. Tracy, Smithsburg, Md.
Blaisdell, W. S., Punxsutawney, Pa.

Blake, Jno. D., 602 S. Paca Street, Baltimore.

Bloodgood, J. C., John's Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore,
Blum, Joseph, 641 Columbia Avenue, Baltimore,

Bond, A. Kerr, 311 W. Biddle Street, Baltimore.
Bond, S. B., 1830 Madison Avenue, Baltimore.
Bolton, Jno. H., 1201 N. Broadway, Baltimore.
Booker, W. D., 851 Park Avenue, Baltimore.
Bordley, Jas., Centreville, Md.

Bosley, Jas., 1100 W. Lanvale Street, Baltimore.
Branham, J. H., 538 N. Arlington Avenue, Baltimore.
Brawner, J. B., Emmittsburg, Md.

Brayshaw, Thos. H., Glen Birnie, Md.

Bressler, Frank C., 1713 Bank Street, Baltimore.

Brinton, Wilmer, S. W. Calvert and Preston Streets, Baltimore.
Briscoe, Philip, Port Republic, Md.

Bromwell, J. E., Mt. Airy, Md.

Brown, Jas., 131 W. Lanvale Street, Baltimore.
Browne, B. B. 1218 Madison Avenue, Baltimore.
Brush, Ed. N, Shepherd Asylum, Towson, Md.
Buckler, Thos. H., 6 E. Centre Street, Baltimore.
Buddenbohn, C. L., 602 S. Paca Street, Baltimore.
Burch, Wm. B., 509 Hanover Street, Baltimore.
Campbell, W. H. H., Owing's Mills, Md.

Canfield, Wm. B., 1010 N. Charles Street, Baltimore.
Carr, M. A. R. F., Cumberland, Md.

Carter, Merville H., 1800 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore.

Cathell, D. W., 1308 N. Charles Street, Baltimore.

Cathell, W. T., 1308 N. Charles Street, Baltimore.

Chabbot, G. H., 111 E. Preston Street, Baltimore.

Chambers, John W., 18 W. Franklin Street, Baltimore.
Chamberlaine, J. E. M., Easton, Md.

Chapman, Pierson, Perrymans, Md.

Chatard, Ferd. E., 576 Park Avenue, Baltimore.

Chew, Samuel C., 215 W. Lanvale Street, Baltimore.
Chisolm, Frank M., 114 W. Franklin Street, Baltimore.
Chisolm, Julian J,, 114 W. Franklin Street, Baltimore.
Christian, J. H., 1801 Madison Avenue, Baltimore.
Chunn, W. P., 1023 Madison Avenue, Baltimore.
Claggett, J. E., 108 S. Eutaw Street, Baltimore.
Clarke, W. B., South Baltimore, Md.

Clarke, Jos. Clement, Federalsburg, Md.
Clewell, A. A., 1741 Harford Avenue, Baltimore.
Cone, Claribel, 1607 Eutaw Place, Baltimore.
Conrad, John S., St. Denis P. O., Md.


[blocks in formation]


Conradi, L. E., 12 W. Oliver Street, Baltimore.

Cooke, Theodore, Jr., 910 N. Charles Street, Baltimore,
Cooper, James, 1353 Hull Street, Baltimore,

Cooke, Theodore, Sr., 910 N. Charles Street, Baltimore.




Cordell, E. F., 2032 Maryland Avenue, Baltimore.
Corse, George F., Gardenville, Md.

Corse, W. D., Gardenville, Md.

Craighill, Jas. M., 1720 N. Charles Street, Baltimore.
Craigin, W. J., Cumberland, Md.

Crouch, J. F., 1117 Forrest Place, Baltimore.

Crowe, Stephen, 1526 N. Caroline Street, Baltimore.
Dalrymple, A. J., 2006 E. Pratt Street, Baltimore.
Dashiell, N. L., 201 N. Broadway, Baltimore.
Dashiell, Rufus W., Princess Anne, Md.

Dausch, P. G., 1727 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore.

Davidson, Chas. F., Queenstown, Md.

Davidson, Garland Hamner, 1016 N. Calvert Street, Baltimore.
Davis, P. L., 1500 W. Lanvale Street, Baltimore.
Davis, R. G., 1307 N. Caroline Street, Baltimore.

Deets, Jas. E., Clarksburg, Md.

DeKraft, S. Chase, Cambridge, Md.

Derr, H. K., Hagerstown, Md.

Dickenson, G. E., Upper Fairmont, Md.

Dickson, I. N., Reisterstown, Md.

Dickson, John, Baltimore.

Doran, Peter J., 334 E. Lafayette Avenue, Baltimore.

Dorsey, Reuben M., Wetheredsville, Md.

Downey, Jesse W., New Market, Md.

Dwinelle, Jas. E., 1701 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore.

Eareckson, W. R., Elkridge, Md.

Earle, Samuel T., 1431 Linden Avenue, Baltimore.

Eastman, Louis M., 772 W. Lexington Street, Baltimore.
Eilau, E. W., 1827 Madison Avenue, Baltimore.

Elgin, W. F., Bethsaida, Md.

Ellis, Chas. E., Elkton, Md.

Ellis, E. Dorsey, 915 Light Street, Baltimore.

Ellis, R. H. P., 733 W. Fayette Street, Baltimore.

Etchison, E. C., Gaithersburg, Md.

Evans, B. D., Morris Plains, N. J.

Evans, Sheldon G., U. S. Navy Yard, Brooklyn, N. Y.
Fawcett, Robert, 520 Mosher Street, Baltimore.
Fields, Philip S., 642 N. Fulton Avenue, Baltimore.
Fincke, Fred. H., 37 W. Preston Street, Baltimore.
Finney, J. T. M., 927 N. Charles Street, Baltimore.
Fiske, John D., II S. Gay Street, Baltimore.
Fleming, Geo. A., 1018 Madison Avenue, Baltimore.
Flexner, Simon J., Johns Hopkins Hospital, Baltimore.
Fooks, F. E., 1519 E. Baltimore Street, Baltimore.
Fore, Jas. H., Bay View Asylum, Baltimore.

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