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Second Day.


November 22d, 1893, Second Day.

Business meeting. Invitation to visit Naval Academy from Medical Inspector Thomas Walton. Invitation from Medical Association of D. C. which will celebrate its Centennial in February, 1894, and invites the Faculty or its representative. Dr. T. A. Ashby appointed by the President. Dr. Brush offered the following resolution:

Resolved, That the President be authorized to appoint a committee, of which the President shall be a member, who shall consider the care of the Insane in the State of Maryland, and take such action as shall seem to them best in presenting the subject to the Legislature and Governor, and obtaining legislative action.

Committee of Legislation for Care of the Insane consists of Drs. G. J. Preston, E. N. Brush, H. M. Hurd, John Morris, Wm. Lee, Baltimore; C. Birnie, Carroll; J. McP. Scott, Washington; W. F. Hines, Kent; J. S. Fulton, Wicomico; Jas. Bordley, Queen Anne; F. B. Smith, Frederick; E. Anderson, Montgomery; C. H. Ohr, Allegany; R. W. Dashiell, Somerset; C. M. Ellis, Cecil; W. S. Archer, Harford; F. Malone, Caroline; J. Lee McComas, Garrett; S. J. Fort, Howard; Thomas H. Brayshaw, Anne Arundel; B. W. Goldsborough, Dorchester, and G. H. Rohe.

Dr. Wm. H. Welch offered the accompanying resolution, which was seconded by Dr. T. A. Ashby. Dr. Welch said the bill was very important and had been formed with great care and with reference to the national government and states' rights. We have been requested formally by the committee of the New York Academy of Medicine to co-operate with them in this work. Adopted,

Resolved, That the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland, assembled in Semi-Annual Meeting at Annapolis, express hearty approval of the bill to establish a Bureau of Public Health within the Treasury Department of the United States, prepared by the National Quarantine Committee of the New York Academy of Medicine, and earnestly recommend its passage by the Congress of the United States.

Resolved, That the President of this Faculty appoint a committee of nine members, of whom the President shall be chairman, and who shall have the power at their discretion to increase their number. This committee shall use their efforts to secure the passage of this bill, and to this end shall direct the attention of the representatives of this state in Congress to the importance of this bill for the public health of this country.

Resolved, That a copy of these Resolutions be sent to each Representative in Congress of the State of Maryland.

Dr. T. A. Ashby offered the accompanying resolution. regarding amendments to Medical Practice Act.

Resolved, That a committee of five with Dr. J. E. Michael as Chairman, be appointed to confer with the State Board of Medical Examiners in suggesting such modifications of the present law for the Regulation of the Practice of Medicine as said committee and said Examining Board may deem necessary.

Committee to act in conjunction with the Medical Examining Board, to secure needed modifications to the Medical Practice Law, Dr. J. E. Michael, Chairman, Baltimore, Dr. J. W. Humrichouse, Hagerstown; Dr. J. W. Chambers, Baltimore; Wilmer Brinton, Baltimore, and W. H. Welch, Baltimore.

In the discussion, Dr. Preston said in appointing the committee they should be instructed to confer with the Examining Board and not as a separate committee, and act conjointly with that Board as they know the failures of the law and the two would work better together.

Dr. Hines agreed with what Dr. Preston said as to conferring with the Board, but it would be a mistake to have the Board act; it is not the business of the Board but of the State Faculty. Dr. Preston said it was important to have the present Board explain the needs of the law; it was not giving power to act but was merely a committee of conference. Dr. Ashby said he was willing that this committee would confer with the State Examining Board. Dr. Branham did not think the Faculty could compel the Examining Board to act with the committee. This was finally carried and the accompanying committee was appointed.

Dr. Welch moved that the President appoint a representative to the centennial meeting of the Medical Association of the District of Columbia. Carried, and Dr. T. A. Ashby was appointed as above stated.

Regular order of papers was now taken up. Dr. B. B. Browne's paper was discussed by Dr. H. A. Kelly. Dr. T. A. Ashby's paper was discussed by Drs. Michael, Charles P. Noble, of Philadelphia, H. A. Kelly and Ashby. Dr. Kelly's paper was discussed by Drs. Charles P. Noble, Michael and Kelly. Dr. Hunter Robb's paper was discussed by Dr. W. S. Gardner. Dr. J. Friedenwald's paper was read but there was no discussion. Dr. Milton D. Norris's paper was discussed by Drs. Brush, B. D. Evans, of Morris Plains, N. J., R. F. Gundry, Branham, Fulton and Norris. Dr. C. Birnie's paper was discussed by Governor Brown, Drs. Rohe, Hines, Canfield, Evans and Brush. Dr. W. T. Howard's paper was discussed by Drs. J. Friedenwald and Howard. Dr. Fulton's paper was discussed by Drs. J. Friedenwald, Canfield and Fulton. Dr. E. Anderson's paper was not discussed. Dr. F. J. Dunning's paper was discussed by Drs. Canfield, J. Friedenwald and Fulton.

The following vote of thanks offered by Acting Secretary Canfield, at the request of the President, was ordered:

Resolved, That the thanks of this Faculty be tendered the Anne Arundel County Medical Society, Local Committee

of Arrangements and profession of Annapolis, the press, and especially the Baltimore Sun, for the excellent reports of the proceedings, His Excellency, Governor Brown, for the use of the Senate Chamber for the meetings, and to Medical Inspector Thomas C. Walton, U. S. Navy, and the Medical Staff at the Naval Academy for courtesies tendered. A banquet was given at the hotel on Tuesday night at which about forty were present. Tickets $2.00 each.

On motion the Faculty adjourned.

At this meeting we had the largest attendance of any Semi-Annual Meeting and more county members were present and took part than ever before.


Secretary pro tem.


Annual Convention

St. Paul and Saratoga Streets,

BALTIMORE, MD., April 24th, 1894.

The Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Maryland was called to order by the President, Dr. George H. Rohe, at noon to-day, it being the 96th Annual Session. The other officers were at their tables and a large attendance was observed.

On invitation of the President, Rev. F. X. Brady, Chancellor of Loyola College, Baltimore, opened the Convention with prayer.

Dr. P. C. Williams, the Chairman of the Examining Board for Western Shore, reported favorably on the following named candidates for membership. Said candidates to be voted on the following day.

J. W. P. Bates, J. C. Bloodgood, Charles Henry Bennum, L. E. Conradi, Joseph Clement Clarke, Peter J. Doran, Milton R. Dalter, Charles Getz, F. C. Jewett, Sylvan Likes, E. A. Munoz, Standish McCleary, Chas. W. McElfresh, James Marshall Price, Wm. J. Pillsbury, Flora Pollack, J. M. H. Rowland, Melvin Rosenthal, J. Hugh Stier, A. W. Thompson, Eugene McEvers Van Ness, Frank E. Wagner, Elijah Williams, Wm. P. E. Wyse.

Dr. Geo. H. Rohe, the President, read his address on The Extinction of Tuberculosis.

On motion a copy was requested for the Publication Committee.

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