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That we create an additional Standing Committee whose duty it shall be to recommend and urge municipal, state and national legislation in the interests of the health of the people and of the medical profession.

A communication from the American Medical Association in reference to changes in the Code of Ethics, was referred to the Ethics Committee with instructions to report at this Convention. The Secretary was instructed to answer affirmatively the query from the same source regarding the existence of a State Examining Board in Maryland.

The subject of the sale of poisonous and mischievous medicines referred to by the same circular, from the American Medical Association, was referred to the newly formed Standing Committee on Legislation.

A communication from the Washington County Medical Society on expert testimony was referred to the incoming Executive Committee with power to act.

On motion of Dr. Taneyhill, the Executive Committee was allowed, in future, to report on the first day of the Annual Convention but without debate.

Under New Business, Dr. Wilmer Brinton offered the following resolution :

That no Doctor of Medicine who has graduated since June, 1892, shall be eligible for membership in this faculty, unless he has passed the examination of the Board of Examiners of the State of Maryland and is recommended for membership by a member of this organization.

The President ruled the resolution out of order as conflicting with the present article in the Constitution in reference to membership.

Drs. Tiffany, McCormack and others appealed from the chair. Upon vote the decision of the chair was sustained. At this juncture Dr. P. C. Williams gave notice that at a future meeting he would offer an amendment to Section 1, Article 4 of the Constitution.

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Dr. Harry Friedenwald offered the following:

Resolved, That the Board of Examiners of the Faculty be instructed to report unfavorably upon the names of those applicants who have graduated since June, 1892, and have not been passed by the State Licensing Board.

It was discussed by Drs. Preston, Chambers and others. It was finally, on motion of Dr. H. Woods, Jr., laid on the table.

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On motion of Dr. Tiffany, the following resolution was passed:

That a committee of seven representing specialties as well as general practice be appointed by the chair to revise the Fee Table of the Faculty and report within 30 days to a special meeting called by the President on notice by said committee.

Dr. P. C. Williams, Chairman of Examining Board for Western Shore, called up the partial report of said Board as made this morning, and on his motion the four names of candidates who had graduated since 1892 (the year in which the new law was enacted,) were withheld for future action. The following named candidates were then recommended for membership:

Edwin L. Beckley, Claribel Cone, Garland H. Davidson, S. G. Evans, Thos. C. Gilchrist, James L. Ridgely, Joseph C. Wunder.

On motion of Dr. C. Hampson Jones, the following resolution was adopted:

Resolved, That the Committee on Blindness be converted into a Board for the enforcement of the law with power to add to its numbers as it deems fit, and, 2nd, That the Committee be instructed to thank the gentlemen who were instrumental in the passage of the bill.

Dr. Taneyhill moved that we publish the Transactions of 1894 in a "restricted form" as were those of '92 and '93.

On motion of Dr. Woods an amendment was accepted instructing the Publication Committee to use its discretion in regard to the amount of manuscript to be incorporated in the Transactions of '94, but at least to publish the two general addresses and all reports of officers and committees, etc.

Dr. Brinton gave notice that at a future meeting he would offer as an amendment, the resolution regarding admissions to this Faculty, previously presented by him this evening.

Dr. Jno. Morris read a letter from the Secretary of the American Medical Association designating a desirable route to the annual convention in California, on June 5th, 1894.

On motion it was ordered that the sum of $31.70 be refunded to the Library Committee for money advanced for shelving.

On motion the following resolution offered by Dr. T. A. Ashby was passed:

WHEREAS, The hundredth anniversary of the organization of the Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of the State of Maryland will fall on June 20th, 1899,

Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed by the chair to devise ways and means for celebrating this occasion commensurate with the honor, dignity and importance of the occasion.

The Secretary presented an invitation from the Association of Physicians and Surgeons of the City of Cumberland to hold our Semi-Annual Meeting in that city in November 1894; the Secretary was ordered to acknowledge the receipt. with thanks and the communication was referred to the incoming Executive Committee.

The election of officers for 1894-5 resulted as follows:

President.-Robert W. Johnson.

Vice-Presidents.-Charles H. Jones, W. M. Nihiser.
Recording Secretary.-Joseph T. Smith.

Assistant Secretary.-Robt. T. Wilson.

Corresponding Secretary.-James M. Craighill.

Reporting Secretary.-W. Guy Townsend.
Treasurer.-W. F. A. Kemp.

Executive Committee.-L. McLane Tiffany, George H. Rohe, Wm. H. Welch, David Streett, and ex-officio, the President, Recording Secretary and Treasurer.

Examining Board of Western Shore.-S. T. Earle, G. Lane Taneyhill, Aaron Friedenwald, R. H. P. Ellis, Wm. E. Moseley, P. C. Williams, Hiram Woods, Jr.

Examining Board of Eastern Shore.-W. F. Hines, B. W. Goldsborough, Monmonier Rowe, G. E. Dickinson, James M. Bordley.

On motion of Dr. Ashby, the unanimous thanks of the Faculty were voted to Dr. G. Lane Taneyhill, the retiring Recording Secretary, for his arduous, faithful and creditable services of the past many years.

On motion the Faculty adjourned to meet at the Hall on Thursday, at 12 M.


Recording Secretary.


Thursday Morning, April 26th, 1894.

The Faculty was called to order by the President, Dr. Geo. H. Rohe. The minutes of the previous meeting were read by the Assistant Secretary, and were adopted by the Faculty.

The following candidates were elected to membership in the Faculty:

Edwin L. Beckley, Claribel Cone, Garland Hamner Davidson, Sheldon G. Evans, Thos. C. Gilchrist, Jas. L. Ridgely, Jos. C. Wunder.

The following resignations were accepted:

Dr. W. T. Councilman, Dr. C. E. Downes, Dr. Henry F. Hill.

The Examining Board of Eastern Shore through Dr. G. E. Dickinson, recommended for membership, Dr. J. M. H. Bateman, of Easton.

The Examining Board of Western Shore through its Chairman, Dr. P. C. Williams, recommended for membership, Dr. John W. Hocking, Dr. John M. B. Rogers.

The Examining Board through the Chairman, Dr. P. C. Williams, moved the following resolution, which was adopted:

That the applicants who graduated in 1894, and have not yet obtained their licenses from the State Licensing Board, have their applications returned to them by the Treasurer, with the expression of regret that they could not be received until they have obtained a license from the State Licensing Board of Medical Examiners.

Dr. Joseph T. Smith, the newly elected Recording Secretary thanked the Faculty for the honor conferred and eulogized his predecessor and his work.

On motion of Dr. D. W. Cathell, the physicians present who were not members of the Faculty, were invited to take part in the discussion of papers.

Dr. Jos. H. Branham read a paper on Intestinal Obstruction with Report of an Interesting Case. It was discussed by Dr. R. Winslow.

Dr. John W. Chambers read a paper on Two Cases of Primary Resection of the Intestine for Gangrene. It was discussed by Drs. J. C. Harris, S. T. Earle.

Dr. R. Winslow read a paper on Gun Shot Wounds of the Intestines, Laparotomy, Recovery, with Exhibition of a Patient.

Dr. L. McLane Tiffany read a paper on Cases of Abdominal Gun Shot Wounds, with Exhibition of a Patient.

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