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Dr. W. S. Halsted read a paper on Operative Treatment of Cancer of the Breast, with Exhibition of Patients.

Dr. J. C. Bloodgood read a paper on Operations for the Radical Cure of Hernia, with Exhibition of Cases cured by the Halsted Method.

Dr. Harry Friedenwald read a paper on Eye Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus.

On motion the Faculty adjourned to meet at the Hall tonight, at 8 o'clock.

ROBT. T. WILSON, Assistant Recording Secretary.


April 26th, 1893. Night Session.

The Faculty met pursuant to adjournment, the President, Dr. G. H. Rohe, in the chair.

The order of the evening was immediately taken up, the President with appropriate remarks introducing Prof. James T. Whittaker, M. D., who delivered the Annual Oration on The Predisposition to Phthisis.

On motion of Dr. P. C. Williams the thanks of the Faculty were tendered to Professor Whittaker for his interesting and instructive paper and a copy requested for publication. On motion the Faculty adjourned to meet at 12 M. Friday, April 27th.


Assistant Secretary.

[blocks in formation]

The Faculty was called to order by First Vice-President Dr. John D. Blake. The minutes of the sessions of yesterday (Thursday) were read by the Assistant Secretary and adopted.

The following candidates were elected to membership in Faculty:

J. M. H. Bateman, John W. Hocking, J. M. B. Rogers.

Under Unfinished Business, the Executive Committee reported that said Committee had audited and found correct the accounts of the Treasurer for the past year, whereupon the report was adopted.

Dr. I. E. Atkinson, Chairman of the Committee on Ethics, reported that the communication from the Secretary of the American Medical Association, relating to proposed changes in the Code of Ethics of the American Medical Association, had been received by him too late for him to call the whole Committee together. As a member of the Committee and speaking for himself alone, he recommended that no action be taken by the Faculty regarding the revision of the Code of Ethics, and that members of the Faculty be uninstructed as to their action upon this subject at the approaching meeting of the American Medical Association in San Francisco, June 5th.

The recommendation was adopted.

On motion of Dr. D. W. Cathell, the Secretary was instructed to communicate to the Secretary of the American Medical Associaton the action of the Faculty in regard to the resolutions contained in their letter to the Faculty.

Dr. G. E. Dickinson read a paper on Two Obstetrical Cases.

Dr. Hunter Robb read a paper on Asepsis in Minor Procedures. It was discussed by Dr. A. K. Bond.

Dr. Wm. T. Cathell requested that his paper be read by title. It was so ordered.

Dr. E. J. Bernstein read a paper on Faulty Equilibrium of Ocular Muscles. It was discussed by Drs. G. J. Preston and Herbert Harlan.

On motion of Dr. I. E. Atkinson, the following eminent physicians were elected to Honorary Membership in Faculty:

Dr. H. Newell Martin, of Cambridge, England, Dr. James T. Whittaker, of Cincinnati, Ohio.

The President announced the following as the members of the Standing Committees and Delegates:


LIBRARY.-B. B. Browne, Geo. J. Preston, Wm. Osler, S. K. Merrick, C. W. Mitchell.

PUBLICATION.—The Recording Secretary, the Treasurer, J. W. Chambers, David Streett, M. B. Billingslea.

MEMOIR.-E. F. Cordell, A. J. Dalrymple, D. W. Cathell, Edward Anderson, G. E. Dickinson.

ETHICS.-P. C. Williams, T. S. Latimer, J. E. Michael, R. H. Goldsmith, C. E. Ellis.

PROGRAMME.-Wm. H. Welch, T. A. Ashby, Harry Friedenwald, I. E. Atkinson, M. A. R. F. Carr.

LEGISLATION.-S. T. Earle, W. H. Welch, J. H. Jamar, W. Frank Hines, T. W. Simmons, E. C. Etchison, A. Friedenwald, I. E. Atkinson, F. D. Sanger, T. P. McCormick, Chas. O'Donovan, Jr., C. G. W. Macgill, Jackson Piper, John B. Hart.

CURATOR.-W. T. Howard, Jr.


MEMBERSHIP.-T. A. Ashby, A. Friedenwald, John S. Fulton, R. Percy Smith, A. S. Porter.

PREVENTABLE BLINDNESS.-Hiram Woods, Jr., Harry Friedenwald, James F. McShane, L. E. Neale, Wilmer Brin


UNION FOR PUBLIC GOOD.-P. C. Williams, A. K. Bond, W. J. Todd.

DISINFECTION BY HEAT.-Samuel T. Earle, Jno. C. Hemmeter, S. A. Keane, A. H. Powell, Robt. C. Rasin.

PERMANENT LOCATION.-L. McLane Tiffany, B. B. Browne, H. P. C. Wilson, J. J. Chisolm, Geo. W. Miltenberger, G. Lane Taneyhill, W. H. Welch, Wilmer Brinton, T. A. Ashby, A. Friedenwald, Geo. J. Preston, D. W. Cathell, Hiram Woods, Jr., Wm. Osler, Henry M. Wilson.

CENTENNIAL Of the Faculty.-T. A. Ashby, J. Carey Thomas, John F. Monmonier, E. F. Cordell, C. H. Ohr.

REVISION OF THE FEE TABLE.-D. W. Cathell, I. E. Atkinson, T. A. Ashby, Samuel Theobald, George J. Preston, John Neff, R. Winslow.


VIRGINIA.-J. J. Chisolm, T. A. Ashby, Geo. J. Preston, C. T. Bevan, R. L. Randolph, Robt. C. Rasin, Robert T. Wilson, Wm. Lee, A. L. Hodgdon, Samuel T. Earle.

NORTH CAROLINA.-Edwin Geer, J. D. Blake. J. J. Chisolm, Thos. H. Brayshaw, S. J. Fort, Julius Friedenwald, Randolph Winslow.

WEST VIRGINIA.-Thomas Opie, J. W. Chambers, H. H. Biedler, J. E. Michel, Herbert Harlan, Hiram Woods, Jr.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF RAILWAY SURGEONS.-T. S. Latimer, J. Lee McComas, C. G. W. Macgill, J. W. Chambers, J. H. Jamar, J. D. Blake, J. E. Clagett, R. B. Warfield, R. W. Johnson, J. D. Iglehart, J. H. Kennedy.

NEW JERSEY.-B. D. Evans, M. D. Norris, Chas. E. Ellis, Thos. H. Brayshaw, E. M. Wise, Wm. P. Chunn.

DELAWARE.-H. M. Hurd, Chas. E. Ellis, Brice W. Goldsborough, E. R. Trippe.

PENNSYLVANIA.-John Morris, J. H. Jamar, W. W. Virdin, Wm. B. Canfield, E. J. Bernstein.



John Morris, J. Lee McComas, W. S. Archer, E. Tracy Bishop, George F. Corse, G. E. Dickinson, J. Chas. Macgill, J. McP. Scott, John L. Lewis, Jackson Piper, J. F. Martenet

J. H. Branham, L. M. Eastman, J. T. King, J. W. Humrichhouse, M. B. Billingslea, H. H. Biedler, G. L. Wilkins, W. S. Thayer, Robert T. Wilson, W. A. B. Sellman, A. Friedenwald, H. A. Kelly, Wm. Lee, N. L. Dashiell, Jr., D. W. Cathell, Anna L. Kuhn, E. M. Reid, L. A. Griffith, G. H. Hocking, A. Ĉ. Pole, R. B. Norment, T. M. Lumpkin, Wm. Lee Howard, A. L. Gage, M. H. Carter, H. B. Gwynn, J. C. Hemmeter, R. W. Mansfield, A. H. Powell, Hy Salzer, Mary Sherwood, H. M. Thomas, John C. Harris, Edw. M. Schaeffer, Abraham Shank, S. K. Merrick, Herbert Harlan, E. J. Bernstein.

On motion the following resolution offered by Dr. John Morris was adopted:

Resolved, That in the judgment of the Faculty only such members as consent to serve as Delegates to the American Medical Association and the different State Societies, shall in future be appointed as Representatives of this Faculty.

On motion of Dr. Wm. B. Canfield, the following resolution was adopted:

Resolved That the Secretary be instructed to procure a suitable book for registration, to be retained in the Library, for the registration of visiting physicians, specially county members.

On motion of Dr. C. Hampson Jones, the sum of $10.00 was voted as extra compensation to the janitor for services during this session.

On motion of Dr. Robert H. Goldsmith, the thanks of the Faculty were voted to the retiring officers, and upon order Vice-President Blake declared the 96th Annual Convention of the Faculty adjourned sine die.


Assistant Secretary.

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