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APRIL 24TH, 1894. MR. PRESIDENT AND MEMBERS :-Your Recording Secretary respectfully reports that the excellent programme which you are enjoying, the titles of the papers, which were classified by Dr. Welch, of the Programme Committee, was issued in time to be mailed to the members before the Faculty convened.

Several diplomas remain uncalled for in the custody of the Librarian, although notice of the completion of signatures was sent to the respective members.

Thirteen hundred and eighty copies of a commendable and effectual Preliminary Circular which was drafted by Dr. Welch, of the Programme Committee, were mailed to all the regular physicians of the State; this circular by its important information has been the means of bringing into the Faculty a large number of members, at this session.

Your Secretary addressed circulars to several druggists in the United States with a view of selling exhibition spaces in the large room adjoining this hall. The whole floor was sold, and your Secretary will be able to turn over to the Treasurer at least $120 as net revenue of this scheme, which, at least, becomes a means of direct communication between the druggist and the county physician. All of which is respectfully submitted.


Recording Secretary. TREASURER'S REPORT.

MR. PRESIDENT AND MEMBERS : The report your Treasurer will make at this 96th Annual Convention will be brief. He will not enter into details as has been done heretofore, but will content himself, with referring those interested, to the transactions of 1892, page 38, where is shown the matter and creation of our deficiency. A comparison of our income, and what has been paid out during the past year, ought clearly to convince the thoughtful, that this Faculty must retrench in some direction. You are again referred to the transactions of 1892, page 39, where your servant, the Treasurer, set forth the items upon which we could retrench in our expenditures. The constitutional disposition of the income we receive does not leave enough residue to meet your obligations. You will observe in the report about to follow that half this past year's income from dues and fees was given the Library Board and with what comes from sales and fines, with the special contribution of the Clinical Society makes your Treasurer report from these sources the amount of $774.67 as gone to them. You will also observe that in so doing it took an amount over our income of $134.30, you will hear that we still owe $200 on rent and with the deficit reported last year $559.52, we have the not too flattering figure $893.82 as our liabilities.

We report the accession of the following gentlemen by election :

Edward J. Bernstein, H. K. Derr, Thomas W. Greenley, Richard F. Gundry, Henry Barton Jacobs, H. S. Jarrett, J. Williams Scott, Chas. H. Mitchell, Milton D. Norris, Chas. S. Davidson, Theo. W. Glucker, Timothy Griffith, John B. Hart, Robt. P. C. Scheidt, George C. Shannon, D. W. Smith, W. Percy Smith, Clifford M. Stille, B. A. Turner, J. Tassey Waltemeyer, P. Bryson Wood, John H. Jamar, Ferdinand C. Link, Wm. Preston Miller, R. B. Norment, Geo. H. Riggs, Edward A. Scott, L. Gibbons Smart, J. Holmes Smith, Wm. S. Smith, W. S. Thayer, J. Percy Wade, James E. Whiteford.

By death we erase, Robert Bond, W. R. Monroe, W. J. Jones, A. C. Jones.

By non-residence, H. N. Martin.

By resignation, W. T. Councilman, C. E. Downs, H. F. Hill.

By non-payment of dues, H. S. Bowie, H. L. Hilgartner, Laura Ewing Redding, W. N. Hill, W. J. Coffroth.

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RECEIPTS, Initiation Fees

$ 175 00 Delegate Fees.

2 00 Dues ot Members.

1,348 00 Rent of Hall..

175 00 Rent of Telephone.....

36 oo Fines at Library.

7 07 Special from Clinical Society for Library.

4 20 Pharmaceutical Exhibit

155 00 Total Receipts.....

$1,902 27 DISBURSEMENTS. Advertising 95th Session.

$ 17 55 Janitor....

70 00 Chairs at 95th Session.

25 00 Gas.

31 95 Library Board from Dues..

763 40 Fines at Library.

7 07 Special.

4 20 Rent of Hall..

400 00 Telephone

72 00 Transactions of 1892.

-$ 172 38 1893.

152 10

324 48 Stamps for Mailing Transactions, 1892.... $ 15 68


16 00 E.F. Cordell for Mailing and Directing Transactions 1892-'93 20 00 Corresponding Secretary.

13 32 Reporting Secretary

27 27 Semi-annual Meeting. Commissions for Collecting Dues..

18 20 INCIDENTALS. Griffin, Curley & Co., Postals, Printing envelopes, Bill Heads, &c...

$ 84 10 Committee on National Health Bureau... Edmund K. Maidlow Clerical Work and Addressing

and Stamping.. Diplomas Ice at Library.

15 65 Stamps for Committee on Membership, Dr. Ashby.

14 00 Copy City Directory

6 oo

159 15 Treasurer's Expenses.

45 00 Total Disbursements..

$2,036 57

31 68

6 50

14 60

6 50 18 30


Rent Due...

$ 200 00 Amount to make Payments as Reported During Last Year. 134 30 Deficiency Reported, 1893....

559 52

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GENTLEMEN: You have heard the report, and in closing, may I use the closing sentence of the report as given last year? “There ought to be a more intelligent understanding of our absolute expenses, of the proportion of income necessary to meet them; then would be banished from our yearly gatherings the apparent inconsiderateness of your Treasurer in his responses to the legal requirements of the Library Board."

One thought more. We ought to re-adjust our expenditures, especially as we are approaching nearer and nearer our centennial year, so that we may see the deficit decrease rapidly and be able to step out of our present state of existence into the new century with our reports clear and clean of indebtedness, our aspirations not weighed down by accumulated follies, but free in every and all respects, then we can hope to mount higher and higher in usefulness, in influence and in numbers; extend our borders and embrace all that is noble, uplifting and helpful that is possible to an ideal medical organization. Respectfully submitted,

W. F. A. KEMP,



The Chairman has the honor to report that the Committee met at such times as the business required and transacted such business.

At the first meeting held in May, 1893, the committee was in receipt of a communication from the Library Board concerning the removal of books and shelving and occupation of shelves by them in the duplicate room of the main hall. The Historical Society was communicated with and matters adjusted.

The resignation of Dr. E. F. Cordell as Chairman of Memoir Committee was presented. But the committee recognizing the eminent fitness of Dr. Cordell for so important a position, deemed it best not to accept the resignation.

The necessary arrangements were made for holding a Semi-annual Convention at Annapolis, as is already known, and Dr. Ashby appointed Chairman of Committee of Arrangements.

During the cold weather of the winter the Library room and small room adjacent were uncomfortably cold owing to inattention on the part of the janitor employed by the Historical Society. Dr. Taneyhill, to whom the matter was referred, has seen that heat was properly supplied.

It was deemed inexpedient to employ a stenographer to report the verbal addresses and discussions of each future session of the Faculty as proposed by a resolution presented to the Faculty April 26th, 1893, and referred to this committee.

It was brought to the attention of the committee that the money due the Library Board from the Treasurer had not been paid according to the provision of the constitution, and

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