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the Treasurer was communicated with on that subject and requested to submit a statement of receipts and expenditures. The request was complied with.

A communication from Washington County Medical Society was received, replied to, and herewith referred to the Faculty.

The committee is pleased to be able to announce that Dr. James T. Whittaker, of Cincinnati will deliver the Annual Address Thursday evening, April 26th, at 8 o'clock.

The appointment of a Program Committee has greatly lessened the labors of the Executive Committee-hence few matters have been under consideration necessarily during

the year.

William H. Welch,
W. F. A. KEMP,

Hiram Woods, JR.
Root. T. Wilson, M. D.,

Secretary of Executive Committee.


MR. PRESIDENT AND GENTLEMEN OF THE FACULTY: The Library Committee has the honor to report that soon after its appointment it organized and elected Dr. George J. Preston, Secretary

Dr. C. Hampson Jones was re-elected Librarian and Registrar and Mr. Isaac Jones was re-elected as Assistant.

In the early part of the year it became necessary to remove our duplicate volumes from the room in which they were stored, shelving was put up in the gallery of the room adjoining the main hall, and all the duplicates and many of the pamphlets were placed upon these shelves and appropriately labeled.

Resolved, In making this removal an expense of $31.70 was incurred for shelving, lumber and carpenter's work; this was paid out of the funds of the Library Committee. A resolution will be offered under miscellaneous business authorizing the Treasurer to pay back this amount to the Library Committee.

Being cramped for room in the main hall the Maryland Historical Society was requested to remove its books, that still remained on our shelves.

Dr. Jones then commenced to rearrange the books and to classify them according to subjects. As the work progressed printed cards were obtained to mark the most prominent divisions of the medical works. It affords the committee great pleasure to be able to show to the members of the Faculty the improved condition and greater usefulness of the library, produced by many months of tedious labor devoted to it by the Librarian.

The committee again wishes to call the attention of the Faculty to the uncomfortable condition of the rooms, during the cold weather, the thermometer frequently remaining for days at 58 to 60 degrees; the heat not being sufficient to keep dry, the north wall of the room, many of our books are becoming injured by dampness and mould. As the importance of removing our Library to another location will be the subject of a special report from another committee we will not take up your time any further by dwelling on this matter.

During the current year there have been 249 books taken out by members and many orders on the Library at Washington have been filled.

The Library has received regularly foreign and domestic journals and society transactions as follows:

Weeklies, 15; monthlies, 17; quarterlies, 6; half-yearlies, 1; yearlies, 5; irregular 6. Total, 50. On its exchange list it has received 28 journals; also health reports, hospital reports and miscellaneous, 90; United States publications, 5; foreign university theses, 280; State Medical Society transactions, 29; National societies, 7.

Twenty-six new books have been placed in the Library, among them are the new edition of Quain's Anatomy and Foster's Medical Dictionary in four large volumes.

Ninety volumes have been donated by Dr. Wm. S. McDowell, and twenty volumes by Dr. Charles H. Cockey.

One hundred and eighty-five volumes have been bound during the year.

The funds received by the committee have been:
From Dr. W. F. A. Kemp, Treasurer ........


... $763 40 Dr. W. F. A. Kemp, fines, and dues at the Library

7 07 Nurses Directory .....

83.05 Balance from last Committee.... Clinical Society for binding Index Medicus....

I 80

4 20

$859 52

Salary for Librarian and Assistant
Carpenters Work and Shelving ........
New Books ........
Journal Subscription .....
Binding Journals and Books.
Printing, Stationary and Library Expenses....

$300 oo

31 65 74 40 240 91 124 03

34 08

*805 07

54 45

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The receipts from the Nurses Directory have been less this year than last; the gross amount being $167, expenses, $83.95. Amount paid over to the Library Committee, $83.05; being $37.83 less than last year.

If the members of the Faculty would adopt the practice of procuring all their nurses through the Directory the receipts would largely increase.

All of which is respectfully submitted,
BenneT BERNARD BROWNE, M. D., Chairman,


APRIL 24TH, 1894. MR. PRESIDENT AND MEMBERS :— Your Committee on Publication issued during the latter part of 1893, the restricted volume of the Transactions for 1892; which, was in a month followed by the volume for 1893; these contained only the general addresses and the minutes, and officers and committee reports of the respective years. A large number of the transactions of 1892 and also those of 1893 remain in the custody of the Librarian unclaimed by members, those who have not received their volume can be served by the Librarian or his assistant, during this convention; when that officer is convinced that those certain members are entitled to their respective copies, a careful record being kept of the distribution.

Seven hundred copies for each year were printed, many of which were mailed to the libraries and medical journals and State societies in this and other countries, and a copy for each year was mailed to each member residing in the counties.

Commendatory notices of the general addresses were made by several medical journals on receiving their copies,

but much regret expressed on account of the absence of the meritorious papers read at the Annual and Semi-annual Conventions.

It is hoped, as mentioned in the "memoranda" of the programme of the convention, that members will transmit to the Recording Secretary type-written or printed copies of their papers for deposit and reference, in the Library of the Faculty if the society should deem it advisable to continue the restricting order concerning the publication of the special papers read at the meetings.

All of which is respectfully submitted,

G. LANE TANEYHILL, M. D., Chairman,
WM. F. A. KEMP, M. D.,
Joseph T. SMITH, M. D.,


BALTIMORE, April 25th, 1894. TO THE MEDICAL AND CHIRURGICAL FACULTY OF MaryLAND: As Curator of the Faculty I have to report that no specimens or preparations of any kind have been presented during the past year.

On account of the want of space in the present building and lack of funds, it has not been deemed advisable to attempt to start a museum.

I would strongly urge that when the quarters of the Faculty permit, the proper authority and means be given for the collection of specimens, preparations and plates of various kinds, relating to medicine and the allied sciences.

The management of the Library and the care of the building being in the hands of committees, have not been under my charge. Respectfully submitted,


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