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Constitution, unless payment be made before the fourth Tuesday of April, they are temporarily deprived of the privileges of the Faculty, among which are voting, eligibility to office, and appointment on Standing Committees, Sections, or as Delegates to any Convention.

Resolved, that the Treasurer is hereby instructed, annually, until otherwise ordered, to hand up to the presiding officer at the adjournment of the third day's session, a revised list of delinquents, resignations, deaths, and dropped for non payment of dues of members, in order that the President may be enabled to complete a proper list of appointees for the ensuing year.

April 27th, 1889, By Dr. Chas. H. Jones, on motion to adopt the report of the Committee on Increasing Membership. "Change Art. X of the Constitution, making dues from city members after the fourth Tuesday in April, 1890, $5.00, and those of county members $2.00. Also change the phraseology of Sec. 1, Art. IV, to read five instead of eight.”

April 27th, 1889, By Dr. Randolph Winslow. Change Sec. 2, Art. VI, to allow the publication of papers read before the Faculty elsewhere than in the Transactions, provided they have not been read previously before any medical society, and that such publication take place after they have been read before the Faculty.

April 25th, 1890, The following "Rules” offered by Dr. B. B. Browne, Chairman of the Library Committee, were adopted. “City members retaining books longer than two weeks, and county members longer than four weeks, shall be subject to the following fines, per week, viz.: 10 cents for the first week, 20 cents for the second week, 30 cents for the third week, and 20 cents per week for each week thereafter. Such fines shall be appropriated exclusively for the benefit of the Library.

April 24th, 1890, On motion of Dr. B. B. Browne. Resolved, That at the Annual Convention, an executive session be held on Wednesday, the second day of the Convention, at 8 P. M. That at this meeting the reports of all the Committees shall be read, miscellaneous business shall be considered, and the election of officers take place.

April 29th, 1891, By Dr. J. C. Hemmeter. The titles of all reports and papers must be sent to the Recording Secretary at least one week before the opening of the meeting at which it is desired to read the paper.

April 23rd, 1891, By the Library Committee. Resolved, That the sum appropriated by the Faculty for the use of the Library be disbursed to the Chairman of the Library Commi ee in equal payments, the first to be made on or before May 10th, the second on or before August 15th, the third on or before January 15th, and the fourth on or before April 15th, of each year.

April 27th, 1892, By the Library Committee. Resolved, That one-half of all the initiation fees and annual dues be paid to the Library instead of five-eighths of the dues from city and two-thirds of dues from county members, as at present.

April 27th, 1892, By Dr. Hiram Woods. The Chairman of each Section shall select some member of the Faculty to open the discussion upon one of the papers to be read by his Section. He shall send to the Recording Secretary the name of the one selected when he sends the titles of papers to be presented by his Section.

April 26th, 1893, By Dr. Wm. H. Welch. Ordered, that the Recording Secretary assist the Chairmen of the Examining Boards to prepare and issue the diplomas of membership, it being already his duty to affix the seal to the diplomas.

April 26th, 1893, By Executive Committee :

In Article V, Section 1, of Constitution, omit the words “and Sections”-and all that follows after the words “Çommittee on Ethics," insert "Committee on Programme" after Committee on Ethics."

Omit the word Section or Sections (when used to designate Section on Surgery, Section on Practice of Medicine, etc., as enumerated in Article V, Section 1,) from Article III, Sections 1, 3, 5, 7, Article V, Section 2, and change the phraseology to correspond to these omissions. Omit the last paragraph beginning "each section,” etc., in Article V, Section 2. Change Article III, Section 1, paragraph 2, to read thus: He shall call a special meeting at such times as the interests of the Faculty may require.

In Article VI, after Section 5, introduce the following: "Section 6." The Committee on Programme shall procure papers to be read at the Annual and Semi-Annual Meetings of the Faculty.

Make membership of Executive Committee 7 instead of 6, including Recording Secretary and Treasurer ex-officio members of this Committee.

Under By-Laws, Section 1, omit “13, Report of Sections, in order of appointment,” in the following line omit the word "Volunteer,"and in order "18, announcement of Committees, Sections, etc.," omit the word "Sections."

In amendments of April 27, 1888, by the Secretary, omit the word “Sections."

Introduce motion limiting time for reading papers (with exception of the general addresses) to 20 minutes.



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First Visit in any Case of Sickness,
Each Subsequent Visit,
First Consultation Visit,
Each Subsequent Consultation Visit,
Single Visit and Advice and Special cases where

the Physician is not the regular attendant,

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Distant Visits, for every mile over 2 miles in

addition to usual charge (night visits

Night Visits (between 10 P. M. and 7 A. M.),.
Detention with patient all night,
In case of several patients in one family charge

the visit to one, and to the others, each

one-half the amount charged to the first. Advice at Physician's office (night double), Advice anywhere except at office,

Amputation of large Limbs,

“ Toes or Fingers,
through Tarsal or Metatarsal, and

Carpal or Metacarpal Bones,.

of Penis,
Resection or Excision of large Joints,
Reduction of Dislocations,
Treatment of Fracture of Bones,
Important Operations on the Eye, .
Extirpation of Tumor,

Using Stomach Pump in case of Poisoning,
Excising Tonsils or Uvula,
Dressing recent Wounds,
Each subsequent dressing, in addition to visit,
Tying large arteries,
Lithotomy or Lithotripsy,
Introduction of Catheter or Bougie,
Reduction of Hernia (by taxis),
Operation for strangulated Hernia,

100 to 500 10 to 250 10 to 500 10 to

Іоо 50 to 1000 10 to

50 10 to 1000


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50 to 10 to 10 to 2 to 2 to




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50 to 25 to 50 to 50 to 50 to



$ 10 to $ 25 Laparotomy,

100 to 1000 Extirpation of Mammary Gland, Curetting Uterus,

150 Plastic Operation,

250 Trephining,

250 Operation for Hare Lip,

150 Aneurism,

50 to 1000 Necrosis or Exostosis, .

250 Hydrocele,

50 Hemorrhoids,

250 Imperforate anus or vagina,

Fistula in ano or perineo,
Recto Vaginal or Vesico vaginal

Phimosis or Paraphimosis,
Stricture of Urethra,

250 Evulsion of Nail on Finger or Toe,

25 Opening Abscess,

2 to

50 to 10 to 25 to 25 to 25 to

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50 to

5 to 50 to 5 to


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Ordinary case of Midwifery, .
Extracting Placenta alone,
Miscarriage (same as ordinary case of Mid-

Examination, per Vaginam,

Microscopical or chemical examination of

Blood, Sputum, Urine or other secretions,
Administering anaesthetic,
Application of Electricity,
Gonorrhoea or Syphilis (in advance),
Written opinion as to health of patient, .
Opinion involving a question of law,
Examination for Life Insurance,

[blocks in formation]


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