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. 132
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.384 Than Drainage Essential for

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Sterilization Destined to Be a Tuberculosis Act, The Illinois Vaccine and Serum Therapy,
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and Dressing of. (E)........120
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and Contra-indications.
Treasurer's Report
184 Adolph Gehrmann

72 Young Doctors. Poem...... ..382


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15 FEB 1 - 1915






Chicago, ILL., July, 1913

No. 1

Original Articles

muscle fibers of the pylorus. The tumor is a muscle tumor; it represents an overgrowth of

muscle tissue. STENOSIS OF THE PYLORUS IN The tumor is as evident at autopsy as on the INFANCY *

living. It exists in the living, whether gastric

peristalsis is present or not. It is no more eviCHARLES L. SCUDDER, M.D.

dent to direct touch when gastric peristalsis is Surgeon to the Massachusetts General Hospital, Associate present than when there is no gastric peristalsis. in Surgery, Harvard Medical School

It is a passive tumor. Muscle contraction is not BOSTON

necessary to its existence. Mr. President, Ladies and Gentlemen, Members

That the pyloric tumor encroaches on the of the Illinois State Medical Society: -I thank lumen of the pyloric canal is proven not only by you for this invitation to address the annual

the clinical signs in these cases, but by direct meeting of the Illinois State Medical Society.

examination of the stomach at autopsy and at With the approval of your committee I have

the operating table. The tumor itself is sufficient chosen for the subject of my address, "Stenosis of

cause for the obstruction to the pyloric canal. the Pylorus in Infancy.” The very great interest

The obstruction is an anatomic one, and is not that we have all taken in gastric and duodenal necessarily dependent on physiologic causes. The surgery in the past few years makes me bold to significance of this fact will appear later. ask your consideration to-day of this rather All other pathologic changes are secondary to special disease of infancy.

the obstruction caused by the tumor, viz., the I shall divide my address into four parts: thickened or stretched gastric wall, the dilated First, a systematic statement of the facts of the esophagus, the empty intestine, the emaciated and disease; second, reasons why the treatment should

wizened body of the baby. be surgical; third, a consideration of two prob

The Etiology.-- What is the cause of this tumor lems which have arisen in connection with the found at the pylorus in these new-born babies? study of these cases; fourth, a report of my own

This has been the subject of much speculation. experience with these cases; and in conclusion, a The most likely hypothesis is, I think, the one demonstration by lantern slides of the easily that considers it a congenital anomaly. The demonstrable facts concerning pyloric stenosis in tumor represents a congenital overgrowth of babies.

muscle tissue. In support of this view are the 1. First then, a systematic statement of the following considerations: facts of the disease: The pathology. A pyloric a. The earliest indications of the presence of tumor is always present. It is about the size of a pylorus is in the third month of fetal life. the terminal phalanx of a finger or thumb, oval There is, therefore, ample time for the growth in shape, smooth of surface, firm or hard, like of muscle tissue to take place. cartilage. There are never adhesions about it. b. There is one case recorded in literature by The lumen of the pylorus is narrowed. The Dent of a pyloric tumor in a seven-months old longitudinal folds of mucous membrane are fetus. The tumor shows the same structure that enormously hypertrophied, adding to the narrow- is found in the stenosis cases examined after ness of the lumen. This tumor is caused by an

birth. overgrowth and an hypertrophy of the circular c. The symptoms in these cases appear so near between birth and the onset of symptoms. My baby is taking water from the bottle, there will be youngest case was only 14 days old. The tumor noticed rather vigorous peristaltic waves passing in this case was fully developed and as definite as across the upper half of the abdomen from left to those seen in cases 3 months old.

to birth that it is impossible to conceive of the Address delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Illinois State Medical Society, Peoria, Illinois, May 22, 1913. overgrowth of muscle as having taken place

right. This visible peristalsis is very marked in d. The tumor is associated occasionally with many cases. The stomach is contracting violently other congenital defects, such as imperforate anus in the attempt to overcome the obstruction. If and clubfoot.

the abdomen is palpated from the side and from e. Aberrant Brunner's glands that normally before backward, in about from 60 to 80 per cent. belong only in the duodenum have been found of the cases it will be possible to feel the tumor in the tumor at the pylorus. It seems to me

between the thumb and finger. This will be therefore that the evidence at hand favors a pre

noticed more readily just after the peristaltic natal or congenital overgrowth of muscle tissue wave passes the pyloric portion of the stomach. as the best explanation for the tumor present in

The tumor may be obscured by an enlarged liver, these cases of infantile pyloric stenosis.

by enlarged lymphatic glands, or even by the Why talk of or consider the etiology? Because lower pole of the right kidney. The stomach it is important to determine the significance of itself will be dilated, particularly if the baby has spasm of the pylorus which is said to occur in lived some time after the obstructive symptoms certain of these cases. If it is likely that a con

have been present. genital overgrowth of muscle is the cause of the

The obstructive vomiting, the palpable tumor, tumor, then spasm, which has never yet been

the visible peristalsis, the meconium-like stool, known to have caused an hyperplasia, is removed

the epigastric fullness, the continual loss of still further from the field of symptomatology in weight, these are the symptoms of pyloric

, these cases. I think it will appear as the facts obstruction in infancy. Despite experiments with concerning this disease are unfolded that spasm feeding and the use of drugs of various sorts, the has little, if anything, to do with these cases of baby gradually wastes away and dies of starvatumor obstruction.

tion; dies of a pyloric obstruction. The Symptoms.The symptoms are those of

This is the typical picture of an unrelieved obstruction. The patient is usually a healthy pyloric stenosis in infancy, and it is the usual appearing, breast-fed boy. There is at first, often termination. The death certificate in cases of overlooked, loss of appetite. The baby does not


this kind in the past, and also to-day, is often care to nurse. Vomiting appears soon after birth signed by the attending physician: Inanition, or within the first two or three weeks. This acute gastritis, infantile atrophy, gastro-intestivomiting is characterized by its persistence and nal catarrh, marasmus, dyspepsia or pyloric its projectile character. It is the vomiting of spasm. obstruction. The quality of the food seems to Diagnosis.-The diagnosis in typical cases is make no difference with the vomiting, the vomit- comparatively easy. However, there are many ing depending rather on the quantity taken. The

cases of babies difficult to feed who may be susamount of the vomitus depends largely on the pected of having a pyloric tumor. Pediatricians amount of the feeding. The material vomited

have employed the term "spasm of the pylorus” is the food taken. The vomitus never contains

in order to explain the obstructive symptoms seen bile, an excess of HCl, blood, mucus or lactic acid.

in little babies who suffer from persistent vomitBecause of the little material passing through the pylorus into the duodenum the baby is consti- ing, and in whom there is a demonstrable tumor. pated. The dejections are consequently small in

This idea of a spasm of the pylorus is a purely amount; there being very little milk residue, the hypothetical notion introduced by clinicians to stool, consisting almost entirely of bile, pancre

account for symptoms which they are otherwise atic juice and cast-off epithelium, is meconium- unable to explain. There is little doubt that like.

there is a group of cases difficult to feed which There is a progressive loss of weight. The

are fairly easily explained by the idea of pyloric child has not been receiving sufficient nourish- spasm without the tumor.

These supposedly ment to keep the weight up to the normal gain. pure spasm cases occur in bottle-fed, excitable, Instead of the normal gain there is an actual loss. irritable, neurotic babies. The onset of sympThere may be erratic gains in weight which sub- toms is several weeks after birth. The stools consequently are lost. If the baby's abdomen is un- tain fecal material. A pyloric tumor, if felt, is covered while the baby is feeding, or while the felt only when the gastric contraction occurs. 1. Boston Med. & Surg. Jour., Dec. 14, 1905.

The vomiting lacks the characteristics of the

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