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Harvard College Library

July 1, 1914.

Bequest of
Georgina Lowell Putnam

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[The scene of which is laid upon the coast of Kent, and at

Hampton Court, during the latter years of the Protectorate.)

John Haddon and Co., 27, Ivy Lane.


The Editor of “ The AMULET,” in submitting to the Public the volume for 1833– the eighth of the series—ventures to offer some remarks in reference to the course he has hitherto pursued with regard to that publication. His principal object is to defend the class to which it belongs from the invidious comparisons that have been instituted between those of England and those of Germany, by which the latter have been extolled at the expence

of the former. It is universally admitted that, as works of art, the English annuals are far superior to those of our continental neighbours; many of the most celebrated pictures of modern times having been originally engraved for them. With reference to the productions of the burin, it is only necessary to state that sums of 100, 150, and even of 180 guineas, have been frequently paid for plates, in size not above four inches by three. The best prints that have appeared in Germany, or elsewhere, sink into total insignificance beside them.

It may also be affirmed, without hesitation, that, as literary works, they will not suffer by a comparison with the most successful of the continent. If those of Germany contained, from time to time, contributions from the pens of Göthe, Schiller, Bürger, and others of the more renowned authors of that land, fruitful in literary wealth,—whose thoughts were not trifled away, but matured by labour and a strong desire to give them weight and influence, although conveyed to the world in association with unusual elegance of typography and beauty of design in art, the annuals of England have, at least, equalled them in this respect, inasmuch as the most honoured names in the literature of our coun. try have appeared in the pages of such publications since the exotic became naturalized in Britain.

The Editor of “ The Amulet” hopes he may be permitted to state that his main object has ever been to collect into his work the higher and more important class of compositions- considering attractive tales and beautiful poems,

however essential to the interest

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