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How aften didst thou pledge and vow, Every thing begun with reason,
Thou wad for aye be mine!

Will come by ready means unto his end :
And my fond heart, itsel sae true,

But things miscounselled must needs miswend.
It ne'er mistrusted thine.


In this maze still wandered and miswent, MISUND'ERSTAND, v.a. /

Mis and unMisund'ERSTANDING, n. s.

} derstand.

For heaven decreed to conceal the same,

To make the miscreant more to feel his shame. mistake; misinterpret; inisconceive; difference

Fairfar. of understanding : dissension ; disagreement. MI'SY, n.s. Gr.


A kind of mineral. The words of Tertullian, as they are by them

Misy contains no vitriol but that of iron : it is a alledged, are misunderstood.

Hooker. very beautiful mineral, of a fine bright yellow colour, He failed in distinguishing two regions, both called of friable structure, and resembles the golden marca

Hill. Eden, and altogether misunderstood two of the four sites. rivers.

Raleigh. MITCHELSTOWN, a post town of Ireland, Sever the construction of the injury from the in the county of Cork, 102 miles from Dublin. point of contempt, imputing it to misunderstanding or

It has a college for the support of twelve decayed fear.


gentlemen and twelve gentlewomen, who have There is a great misunderstanding betwixt the corpuscular philosophers and the chemists.

£40 yearly, with bandsome apartments, and a

Boyle. This, if it be neglected, will make the reader very chaplain at £100 a year, with a house. 'Divine much mistake and misunderstand his meaning.

service is daily performed in a neat chapel beLocke.

longing to the college: the whole was founded In vain do men take sanctuary in such misunderstood by the late earl of Kingston. Here is also a most expressions as these ; and, from a false persuasion magnificent seat of lord Kingsborough. Near that they cannot reform their lives, never go about it. this town, at the foot of one of the Gattee moun

South. tains, is the cave of Skeheenrinky, which is deWere they only designed to instruct the three suc- scribed by Arthur Young in his Irish Tour, and ceeding generations, they are in no danger of being preferred by him to the famous cave in the peak misunderstood.

Addison. The example of a good man is the best direction to the Grot d’Aucel in Burgundy. Fairs are

of Derbyshire, as it was by lord Kingsborough we can follow in the performance of our duty; the held on the 30th July and 12th November. most exact rules and precepts are subject to be misunderstood ; some at least will mistake their meaning. Teut. meit, macte; all, perhaps, of Goth. mith,

MITE, n. s. Fr. mite; Belg. migt, myte ;

Rogers's Sermons. Servants mistake, and sometimes occasion misun- minute. A small insect; small coin or particle; derstandings among friends.

Swift. any thing very small.

And he saw a certain poor widow casting in thither MISUSE', v.a. 2 Fr. mesuser, mis and use. two mites : and he said, Of a truth 1 say unto you,

Mısu'sage, n. s. . To treat or use improperly; that this poor widow hath cast in more than they all. to abuse : misusage is ill usage; bad treatinent.

Luke xxi. 43. You misuse the reverence of your place,

Through any man's corn they do bite, As a false favorite doth his prince's name

They will not allow him a mite.

Tusser. In deeds dishonourable. Shakspeure. Henry IV.

Virginity breeds mites, like a cheese consumes Upon whose dead corpse there was such misuse,

itself to the very paring, and dies with feeding its Such beastly, shameless transformation,

own stomach.

Shakspeare. By those Welsh women done, as may not be

Are you defrauded, when he feeds the poor? Without much shame retold.


Our mite decreases nothing of your store. Dryden.

The idea of two is as distinct from the idea of It hath been their custom shamefully to misuse the three, as the magnitude of the earth from that of a fervent zeal of men to religious arms, by converting mite.

Locke. the monies that have been levied for such wars to Put blue-bottles into an ant-hill, they will be their own services.

Raleigh. stained with red, because the ants thrust in their Bacchus, that first from out the purple grape stings, and instil into them a small mite of their Crushed the sweet poison of misused wine. Milton.

stinging liquor, which hath the same effect as oil of How names taken for things mislead the under- vitriol.

Ray on the Creation. standing, the attentive reading of philosophical wri- The polished glass, whose small convex ters would discover, and that in words "little sus- Enlarges to ten millions of degrees pected of any such misuse.

Locke. The mite invisible else, of nature's hand Machiavel makes it appear, that the weakness of Least animal.

Philips. Italy, once so strong, was caused by the corrupt The Seville piece of eight contains thirteen pennypractices of the papacy, in depraving and misusing weights twenty-one grains and fifteen mites, of which religion.


there are twenty in the grain, of sterling silver, and We have reason to humble ourselves before God is in value forty-three English pence and eleven by fasting and prayer, lest he should punish the mis- hundredths of a penny.

Arbuthnot. use of our mercies, by stopping the course of them.

Did I e'er my mite with-hold

Atterbury. From the impotent and old ? Swift. MISWEEN', 0.n. Mis and ween. To mis- Mite, in zoology. See Acarus. judge; to distrust. Obsolete.

Mite, in Jewish antiquity, a small piece of Latter times things more unknown shall show,

money mentioned in Luke xii. 59, and xxi. 2. Why then should witless man so much misween ? In the Greek it is Aetrov, and is one half of the

Faerie Qneene. Koopávrns, and therefore one-eighth of the RoMISWEND', o. n. Mis and Sax. pendan, man denarius, or of sevenpence-halfpenny of our to go. To go wrong. Obsolete.





MITELLA, bastard American sanicle, a ge. But the worship of Mithras was not known in nus of the digynia order and decandria class of Egypt and Syria in the time of Origen, who died plants; natural order thirteenth, succulentæ : about A. D. 263. The worship of Mithras was CAL. quinquefid : cor, pentapetalous, and in- proscribed at Rome in 378 by order of Gracchus serted into the calyx; petals pinnatifid : CAPS. prefect of the prætorium. According to M. unilocular and bivalved, with the valves equal. Freret, the feasts of Mithras were derived from There are four species, all natives of North Chaldea, where they had been instituted for America, rising with annual herbaceous stalks, lebrating the entrance of the sun into the sign from five or six to eight or nine inches, and pro- Taurus. ducing spikes of small whitish flowers, whose MITH'RIDATE, n. s. Fr. mithridate. petals are fringed on their edges. They are easily propagated, by parting their roots, in a shady shops, consisting of a great number of ingredients.

Mithridate is one of the capital medicines of the situation and soft loamy soil. MITHRA, or Mithras, a god of Persia and and has its name from its inventor Mithridates, king

of Pontus.

Quincy. Chaldea, supposed to be the sun. He is generally

But you of learning and religion, represented as a young man, whose head is co

And virtue, and such ingredients, have made vered with a turban after the manner of the Per- A mithridate, whose operation sians. He supports his knee upon a bull that Keeps off, or cures, what can be done or said. lies on the ground, and one of whose horns he

Donne. holds in one hand, while with the other he MITHRIDate is a composition, in form of an plunges a dagger into his neck. The grand festi- electuary, supposed to serve either as a remedy val of Mithras was celebrated six days in the or a preservative against poisons. See Paarmiddle of the month of Mihir, which began Sep- macy. It takes its name from the inventor, Mitember 30th and ended October 30th. On these thridates VII. king of Pontus. The recipe was days only was it lawful for the kings of Persia to found in his cabinet, written with his own hand, get drunk and dance.

and was carried to Rome by Pompey. It was Mithras, Feasts of, in antiquity, feasts cele- translated into verse by Damocrates, a famous brated among the Romans in honor of Mithras. physician; and afterwards by Galen, from whom The most ancient instance of this worship among we have it ; though it is supposed to have underthe Romans occurs in an inscription dated in gone considerable alterations since the time of its the third consulate of Trajan, or about A. D. royal prescriber. 101, on an altar thus inscribed, Deo Soli Mithræ. MITHRIDATE MUSTARD. See THLASPI.


J. fladdou, Printer, Finsbury

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