The Dead Towns of Georgia

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Morning News Steam Printing House, 1878 - Počet stran: 263
Old and New Ebenezer -- Frederica -- Abercorn -- Sunbury -- Hardwick -- Petersburg -- Jacksonborough, &c. -- Miscellaneous towns, plantations, & c

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Strana 174 - Time which antiquates antiquities, and hath an art to make dust of all things, hath yet spared these minor monuments.
Strana 47 - ... lying, and being in that part of South Carolina, in America, which lies from the most northern part of a stream or river...
Strana 127 - Commander in Chief of His Majesty's Province of Georgia, and Vice-Admiral of the same.
Strana 87 - Carolinean troops, enfeebled by the heat, dispirited by sickness, and fatigued by fruitless efforts, marched away in large bodies.
Strana 255 - Out upon Time ! it will leave no more Of the things to come than the things before ! Out upon Time ! who for ever will leave But enough of the past for the future to grieve...
Strana 45 - MulberryTrees entwin'd with Vines, the Branches of which are loaded with Grapes ; let him see Orchards of Oranges, Pomegranates, and Olives; in other Places extended Fields of Corn, or Flax and Hemp. In short, the whole Face of the Country chang'd by Agriculture, and Plenty in every Part of it.
Strana 111 - This letter was wrote in French as if from a friend of his, telling him he had received the money, that he should strive to make the Spaniards believe the English were weak, that he should undertake to pilot up their boats and galleys and then bring them under the woods where he knew the hidden batteries were, that if he could bring that about he should have double the reward he had already received, that the French deserters should have all that had been promised to them.
Strana 86 - The opportunity of surprising the place being now lost, the English general had no other method left but to attack it at a distance: for which purpose he opened his batteries against the castle, and at the same time threw a number of shells into the town. The fire was returned with equal...
Strana 12 - Lying in fine and calm weather, under the Shore of our beloved Georgia, where we heard the Birds sing melodiously, every Body in the ship was joyful.
Strana 100 - A state of the province of Georgia, attested upon oath In the court of Savannah...

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