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E R R A T A.

The following alterations should be made, in pencil, ink or otherwise, at once :
Paragraph 1, (bottom paging 2) fourteenth line from top, for “their” read “the."

11, first line, for “invested ” read “vested."
50, second line, for “these” read “the.”
114. Insert the entire paragraph as correctly printed at the bottom of this

or correct according to it.
137, third line, for “this" read “its."
212, first line, strike out "a" and insert "and" after “manner."
303, twenty-first line, hemp, strike out" first."
425, first line, for “indorsers," read “indorsees.”
183, eighth line, after “ State" insert " or to the State."
637, Sec. 4, first line, for "section" read "sections."
1155. (bottom paging 194) fourth line from top, for “southwardly," read “south-

westwardly." 1520, fourth line, after “thereby," insert“ to," and in fifth line before “ publisher" insert 16

" the." • 1828, fourth line, for “justice," read “justices."

1672, second line, for “county" read " 'country." * 1907, fifth line, for “to” read "at."

2145, fourth line, after “prosecutor" insert “or."


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4414, fourth line, for “or paid,” read “ paid or."
4422, fourth line, for “or of pretended,” read “ of any pretended.”
4622, fourth line, for “ martial,” read “marshal."
4674, third line, for “ofread “or.”
4843, last line, for “householders," read “householder."
4972. first line, after “32," insert da zger mark “1."
5142, first line, for “of decision," read “or decision."
5138, second line, after “of," insert "an."
5981, third line, after " should," insert


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