What You Sow

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Dafina Books, 2006 - Počet stran: 259
Gordon Perkins was one of Wall Street's most successful investment bankers. Until his appetite for cocaine landed him in a coma, there was no one he wouldn't double-cross--including his partners at the Morningstar Financial services firm... Paul Taylor has reunited with his wife, Deirdre, and they finally have everything they've ever wanted--as long as Gordon never wakes up. After his wife's death, Jerome Hardaway was left broken-hearted with two sons to raise, but life is good again, without Gordon. Gordon's long-suffering wife Kenitra is living it up thanks to his secret off-shore fund--and she's realized the man she really wants is Gordon's friend, Sturge Jorgenson. Now, in a city ruled by ruthless ambition, the members of The Pride will find their secret demons and hidden desires coming to light, with shocking results...

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What you sow

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Ford revisits a group of powerful African Americans featured inThe Pride , but things have changed. Investment banker Gordon now lies in a coma while his wife leads a life of luxury; Paul, a lawyer, has remarried his ex-wife; and businessman Jerome has recently become a widower. Přečíst celou recenzi

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