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civil power, in the late and prefent reign, has been indebted to your counsels and wisdom.

But to enumerate the great advantages which the public has received from your adminiftration, would be a more proper work for an history than for an addrefs of this nature.

Your Lordship appears as great in your private life, as in the most important offices which You have borne. I would therefore rather choose to speak of the pleasure You afford all who are admitted into your converfation, of your elegant taste in all the polite parts of learning, of your great humanity and complacency of manners, and of the

surprising influence which is peculiar to You in making every one who converfes with your Lordship prefer You to himself, without thinking the lefs meanly of his own talents. But if I should take notice of all that might be observed in your Lordship, I should have nothing new to say upon any other character of diftinction. I am,

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THE Spectator's prefatory discourse, and account of

Charaders of the members of the Spectator's Club 2

On public credit



N° 1. Thursday, March 1, 1710-11.

Non fumum ex fulgore, fed ex fumo dare lucem
Cogitat, ut fpeciofa dehinc miracula promat.

Hor. Ars Poet. ver. 143.

One with a flash begins, and ends in smoke;
The other out of fmoke brings glorious light,
And (without raifing expectation high)
Surprises us with dazzling miracles.



HAVE obferved, that a reader feldom perufes a book with pleasure, till he knows whether the wiiter of it be a black or a fair man, of a mild or choleric difpofition, married or a bachelor, with other particulars of the like nature, that conduce very much to the right understanding of an author. To gratify this curiofity, which is fo natural to a reader, I defign this paper and my next as prefatory difcourfes to my following writings, and fhall give fome account in them of the several perfons that are engaged in this work. As the chief trouble of compiling, digefting,

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