Report on Medical Education

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Royal College of Physicians, 1889 - Počet stran: 42

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Strana 102 - ... any physician or surgeon residing on the border of a neighboring state, and duly authorized under the laws thereof to practice medicine or surgery therein, whose practice extends into the limits of this state...
Strana 59 - AN ACT to Regulate the Practice of Medicine and Surgery in the State of Iowa.
Strana 125 - ... practical experience in their profession, who shall be known and styled " Board of Pharmacy for the State of Alabama," one of whom shall hold his office for one year, one for two years, and one for three years, and...
Strana 54 - Or, lacking this, 3. *A thorough examination in the branches of a good English education, including mathematics, English composition, and elementary physics or natural philosophy.
Strana 34 - The verification of the diploma shall consist in the affidavit of the holder and applicant that he is the lawful possessor of the same, and that he is the person therein named. Such affidavit may be taken before any person authorized to administer oaths, and the same shall be attested under the hand and official seal of such officer, if he have a seal.
Strana 103 - ... membership, of a president and secretary. For the purpose of examining applicants for license, each of said boards of medical examiners shall hold...
Strana 66 - Students who began their professional studies elsewhere may be admitted to advanced standing ; but all persons who apply for admission to the advanced classes must pass an examination in the branches already pursued by the class to which they seek admission, and furnish a satisfactory * certificate of time spent in medical studies.
Strana 111 - Provided, That such practitioner shall not open an office, or appoint a place to meet patients or 'receive calls within the limits of...
Strana 153 - Any person violating, the provisions of this section shall pay a fine of not less than fifty nor more than five hundred dollars for each offence, and shall be debarred from receiving any compensation for service rendered as such physician or surgeon.
Strana 44 - ... conclusive as to the right of the lawful holder of the same to practice medicine in this State. If not a graduate, the person practicing medicine in this State...

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