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Ellen, do look at Fido! He sits up in a chair, with my hat on. He looks like a little boy; but it is only Fido.

Now see him him shake hands. Give me your paw, Fido. How do you do, sir? Will you take dinner with us, Fido? Speak!


Fido says, "Bowwow,' which means, "Thank you, I will." Isn't Fido a good dog, Ellen? He is always so polite.

When school is out, I will try to teach him some other tricks.

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rat in the shed; and old Nero tried to catch it."

"Did he catch it, Frank?"

"No, Nero did not; but the old

cat did."

"My cat?"

"No, it was the other one."


"Do tell me how she got it, Frank. Did she run after it?"


"No, that was not the way. Puss was hid on a big box. The rat stole out, and jumped at it and caught it." "Poor rat! It must have been very hungry; it came out to get something to eat."

"Why, Hattie, you are not sorry puss got the rat, are you?" "No, I can not say I am sorry she got it; but I do not like to see even a rat suffer pain.”

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Mary and Lucy have have come down to the beach with their They live in a town


near the sea.

Their grandpa likes to sit on the large rock, and watch the big ships as they sail far away

on the blue sea. Sometimes he sits there all day long.

The little girls like to dig in the sand, and pick up pretty shells. They watch the waves as they roll up on the beach, and break into white foam.

They sometimes make little


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houses of sand, and build walls around them; and they dig wells with their small wooden spades.

They have been picking up shells for their little sister. She is too young to come to the beach.

I think all children like to play by the seaside when the sun is bright, and the wind does not blow too hard.

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