Expelling Hope: The Assault on Youth and the Militarization of Schooling

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State University of New York Press, 15. 7. 2008 - Počet stran: 228
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Demonstrates the many devastating and interrelated threats that punitive policies like “zero tolerance” pose to youth, schooling, and democracy.
Winer of the 2008 Critics' Choice Award presented by the American Educational Studies Association

Expelling Hope raises critical questions about the effects of punitive policies, particularly "zero tolerance," and repressive social relationships on youth (of color) and public schooling. It argues convincingly that zero tolerance is a catchword, or linchpin, for an array of discourses and social practices that support the criminalization of youth, the militarization of public schooling and culture, and the marketization of public life. Politically impassioned and intellectually rigorous, the book provides the framework for an alternative vision of youth and schooling, one rooted in hope that calls for youth to be treated as agents of a democratic future.

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Expelling Hope Zero Tolerance and the Attack on YouthPublic Schooling and Democracy
A Critical Analysis
The Social Contract the Hidden Curriculumand the NotSoHidden Curriculum of Zero Tolerance
Zero Tolerance and the Militarization of Schooling
4 Zero Tolerance in aColorblind Era or How theConsumer Society Wastes and Disposes of People of Color
The Struggle for the Democratic Legacy of Public Schooling and the Promise of Democracy
Studies About or Related to Zero Tolerance
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Christopher G. Robbins is Assistant Professor of Social Foundations at Eastern Michigan University and the editor of The Giroux Reader.

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