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p. 230.


barely (hâr' li), scarcely.

blithely (blith' li), joyfully.
barge (bärj), a boat to carry passengers blunt, not pointed.

bondmen (bönd' men), slaves or servants;
barges (bär' jez), large, heavy boats, p. those under bond to others.

boot, the apron of a carriage.
bark, boat, 234.

Boston port bill, a law restricting the
Barkis (bärk' is).

commerce of Boston.
barren (bâr' ěn), desert.

Botany Bay (bot” ăni bã), an English
barter (bär' tēr), trade.

colony for convicts.
battlements (băt' t'l ments), walls on bower-eaves, the eaves of the house in

the top of a castle with openings to which the Lady of Shalott was
shoot from.

bowered," p. 217.
Bayard (bä yür'), p. 180.

bracing the yards, tightening the yards,
beads (bēdz), beads of a rosary (roz' a ri), which are long slender timbers at-
by which prayers are counted.

tached to the mast, p. 290.
bearded barley, ripe ears of barley set brandish (brằn' dish), to shake.

thick with stiff narrow leaves, p. 215. brands (brandz), swords.
bearded meteor (mēt' ē ôr), a falling brazen greaves (grēvz), armor for the
star with its light, p. 218.

leg made of brass.
Beaumains (bò măn'), the French for brig (brỉg), a square-rigged, two-masted

sailing vessel.
beckoned (běk' ond), directed by motion brink (brīnk), edge, margin.
of head or hand.

broadsword (brôd' sõrd), a sword with
Bedivere (běd' i vēr).

broad blade.
bed of honor, honorable death, as the Brock (brock).
battle field.

broidering (broi' dễr ing), embroidering.
beguiled (be gild'), deceived, tricked. brooches (broch' ez), breastpins.
Belshazzar (běl shăz' är), king of Baby-buckler (bůk' ler), shield.
lon, p. 122.

buffet (bŭf' fet), blow.
belligerent (bel ij' êr ent), warlike, war- burgher (bērg' er), a man dwelling in a

Belteshazzar (bel të shăz' är).

burnish'd (bêr' nisht), like polished brass.
benumbed (bē nămd'), without feeling. Busil water (bū' sil wôt ēr).
bereaved (bě rēvd'), deprived; often used
of a death of a near relative.

Camelot (kim’ e lot).
bereft (bē rèft'), robbed, deprived. Canaan (kā' non), the country between
Beth-peor (běth pē' or), p. 118.

the Jordan and the Mediterranean.
betide (bě tid'), happen.

capering (kā' per ing), dancing.
betimes (bē tímz'), early.

Capitan, Spanish for captain.
bias (bi' as), prejudice.

carcass (kär' kas), dead body.
Bifrost (bi' frost).

carol (kâr' ol), song.
birthright (bērth' rīt), privilege or right carrier (kâr' i ēr), one who carries some-
due to one's birth.

thing, a sort of expressman, p. 336.
bison (bi' son), buffalo.

casement (kās' ment), window.
bivouac(biv' oo ak or biv' wak), an army catastrophe (kat as' tro fi), a great aino
on the watch at night.

blazoned, see emblazoned.

Celts (selts), the ancient people of Grill
blazoned baldric (blāz' ond bôl' drik), Britain and France.

an ornamented belt worn over one cerecloth (sēr' kloth), shroud, p. 385.
shoulder, p. 217.

Ceres (sēr' ez), p. 47.
blent (blěnt), blended, mixed.

chafed (chāfd), worn by rubbing.


chaisa (shāz), carriage.

contemplation (con tem plā' shun), mediChaldea (kăl dē' a), Assyria, p. 121. tation, quiet thought. chamberlain (chām' bēr lin), high conversation with the world, experience officer at a king's court.

and talk with people. chanting (chănt' ing), singing.

converted (kon vērt' ed), changed, transchariot (châr' ot), cart, carriage, used formed. by kings or nobles.

copiousness of ideas (kõ' pē us nes), a cheer (chêr), feasting and merriment. great many ideas. Chevalier Bayard (shev a lēr' bä yör'), copses (kops' ez), underbrush. Knight Bayard, p. 180.

corn, i.e. grain or wheat; only in the Chili or Chile (chil' i), a country in United States does corn mean maize. South America.

corrupt (kôr rupt'), dishonest. choker (chok ēr), neck band, p. 344. corselet (kôrs' let), a light breastplate. churl (chērl), a man of low birth, p. couchant (kouch' ant), lying down. 185.

councils of war, meetings of officers to citadel (sit' a del), fortress.

decide plans. clambered (klăm' bērd), climbed. covenant (kův' e nant), bargain, agreeclamorous (klăm' o rus), noisy.

ment. clang (klăng), the harsh sound of bells, covetously (kuv' ē tus li), desiring what or weapons.

belongs to some one else. clangor (klăng' gēr), a shrill, harsh sound. craft (krăft), cunning, slyness. clave (klāv), split.

craftily (krăft' i li), cunningly, deceitcoat-of-arms, a picture and motto that fully.

hint at the events in the life of a man crave (krāv), desire, ask. or his ancestors, p. 239.

creek (krēk), stream. cohorts (ko' hôrts), companies, battalions crest (krěst), the top of the billows. colloquial (kòl lo' kwē al), conversational. crone (krõn), old woman. commission (kom mỹ shun), something cross'd themselves, made the sign of committed to one's care.

the cross with their hands, p. 220. commissioner (kom mish' on ēr), officer, crusades (kroo sādz'), p. 237. delegate.

crystalline (kris' tal līn), clear and bright compact m' påkt), agreement, cove- like crystals. nant.

cubit (kū' bit), about twenty inches. compensate (kom' pěn sāt), make up for, curb!d (kērbd), checked.

pay for.

comply with (kom pli'), accede to, follow, dais (dā' is), platform. obey.

dame (dām), a lady. concealment (kon sēl' ment), concealing, damsel (dăm' zel), a girl or young hiding.

woman. conceived (kon sēvd'), planned, im- dandled (dăn' d'ld), tossed on the knee. agined.

Darius (dā ri' us), king of the Medes and concluded (kon klūd' ed), finished, de- Persians, p. 126. cided.

dark recess, black depth (of disunion), conflagration (kön flā grā' shun), great fire.

dasher, dashboard. consanguinity (kon san gwin' i ti), blood dearth (dērth), famine. relationship, kinship.

dedicated (děd' ì kāt ed), solemnly deconsecrate (kon' sē krāt), set aside as voted, given to a special purpose. sacred to some purpose.

delineate (dē lĩn' ē āt), draw, describe. constellation (kon stel ā' shun), group of deliverance, i.e. escape from torture, p. stars.


p. 270.

p. 302.

delusion (de loo' zhun), mistake, false ebb (ěb), the receding tide. notion.

eccentric (ek sěn' trik), peculiar, unusual. demi-god (děm' i-god), half a god, one ecstasy (ěk' stā si), madness, rapture. who is more than mortal.

eddy (ěd' di), a current of water running demure (de mūr'), pleasantly serious. round and round. deportment (dē pārt' ment), bearing, Egyptians (ē jip' shanz). presence.

elapsed (ē lapst'), passed by. deranged (dē rānjd'), disturbed, dis- Elli (ěl' li). ordered.

elves (ělvz), fairies, p. 131. desperate (des' per āte), determined. embarrassment (em bâr' as ment), condestined (děs' tind), intended.

fusion, awkwardness. destiny (děs' tỉn i), future, fate.

embattled (ěm băt' 'ld), arranged for destiny of the world, future of the battle. nations.

Embla (ěm' blä). determinations (dē têr mi nā' shunz), emblazoned (ěm blā' zond), ornamented what they have determined.

with devices and inscriptions. devised (dē vizd'), made, arranged. embowers (ěm bou' ērz), shelters. Diana (di ăn ), p. 47.

embrace the faith, adopt the belief (of diffusely (di fūs' ly), with too many Mohammed), p. 303. words.

enchantments (en chănt' ments), works diligent (dil' į jent), busy, industrious. of magic. disclosure (dis klõ' zhūr), discovery, ex- encore (ong kõr'), a French word meanposure.

ing again, once more, the same. disconcerting (dis kon sērt' ing), dis- end of time, near the end of the world,

turbing. disconsolate (dis kõn' so lāt), sad, melan- enemy in station, enemy in a fixed or choly.

fortified place, p. 258. disheveled (di shěv' 'ld), disordered, enforced (3 syllables in verse, p. 392), rumpled.

compelled. dislocate (dss' lo kāt), put out of place. enjoin'd (en joind'), commanded, endisparaging (dis pâr'āj ing), belittling. forced. dispatched (dis păcht'), made way with, equipped (ē kwịpt'), supplied, furnished. hastened.

eradicated (e răd' i kāt ed), removed, dissevered (dis sěv' ērd), broken, sepa- rooted out. rated.

espied (ěs pid'), saw, discovered. dome (dom), a vaulted, rounding roof. esteem (es tēm'), good opinion. done so brown, slang for badly defeated. euphony (ū' fõ ni), beautiful sound. doom (doom), fate, destiny.

ewe-necked (ū'-nekt), with a neck like a Dothan (dõ' thän), a place near Shechem. sheep. down, a tract of uncultivated land. exaltation (egz ôl tā' shun), elation, rapdraft (drăft), drink.

ture. drone (dron), a lazy bee.

Excalibur (eks kăl' i bêr). dross (dros), something base, common. excelled (ek sěld'), went beyond. dryly (dri? li), without emotion, p. 354. exhorted (eg zôrt' ed), advised, dubbed (dūbd), named, a word used in manded. stories of Chivalry.

expiration (ek spi rā' shun), ending. “Dust thou art, to dust returnest.” The exploit (eks ploit'), an heroic or mighty

body is made of the same elements as deed. dust and therefore it can decay. This expostulation with (eks pôst ū lā' shun), sentence is taken from the funeral remonstrating with. service in the Prayer Book.

exponent (ěks põ' nent), explainer, p. 367.


p. 240.

exquisite (ěks' kwi zit), delicate and foul (foul), unclean. beautiful.

foul hawse, entangled anchor cable, see extracted (eks trăkt' ed), pulled out. hawse, p. 295. extremity (eks trěm' i ti), danger, ex- fowler (fouli ēr), a hunter who kills birds. treme.

frantic (frăn' tik), mad. eyrie (ē'ri or ā' ri), nest of an eagle. fray (frā), fight.

frayed (frād), worn by rubbing fable (fā' b'l), a short story with a Freyr (frâr). lesson; often an animal story.

frizzled (friz' 'ld), curly. fabulous unicorn (făb' u lus ū ni kôrn), full sore, very badly, p. 226. an imaginary animal with one horn,

Galahad (găl' a had). Fafnir (făf' nēr).

Galaxy (găl' aks i), the Milky Way, fain (fan), greatly desire.

Galilee (gal' i lē), a lake in Palestine. faltering (fôl' tēr ing), hesitating.

Gareth (gâr' eth). fare (fâr), go or be dealt with.

Gawaine (gä' wān). fate (fāt), destiny, whatever is going to gemmy (jěm' mi), adorned with gems or happen, p. 309.

jewels. fates (fāts), goddesses who determine genii (gēn'i ī), spirits. what shall happen to mortals.

Gentile (jěn' til), heathen, not a Jew. fathom (făth' om), six feet.

gentle blood, good family. fathom (verb), measure.

gently born, of good family. feign (fān), make believe.

German hive, i.e. German family. felloe (fěl' lo), the outside rim of a wheel. Ghouls (gõlz or goolz), evil spirits. fens (fénz), swamps, marshes.

Gilead (gil' ē ad), p. 101. fickle (fsk' k'l), changing, unstable. glassy countenance, a strange fixed look, figurehead (fig' ūr hed), a carved head

or figure set up at the fore part of a ship. glib (glib), smooth, slippery. finely tempered (těm' pērd), perfectly glimmering (glim' ēr ing), shining faintly.

prepared, either hard and firm or soft gloats (glots), looks longingly and joy

and bending; used of swords, p. 58. fully. firmament (fērm' a ment), starry glow (glo), to shine. heavens.

gnomes (nomz), dwarfs, see p. 131. flail (flāl), a whip for threshing grain. goad (god), a kind of whip. flaws (flôz), gusts of wind.

God speed you, may God help you, p. fleecelike (flës' līk), like the woolly coat 227. of a sheep.

goodly, large or good-looking. fleeting (flēt' ing), going fast.

gorges (gôr' jez), deep valleys. flexible (flěks' i b'l), not stiff, easily Goshen (go' shen), p. 115. moved.

Grail (grāl), p. 233. fluttered (flèt' tērd), trembling, fearful. grange (grāni), farmhouse. foining (foin' ing), thrusting with spear grazing (grāz' ing), touching or scratchor sword, p. 226.

ing lightly. fold (föld), sheepfold, pen for sheep, p. grim (grim), harsh, 127.

grope (grop), to feel in the dark. forbear (fôr bâr'), refrain.

gross (gros), base. forefather (för fä fhēr), ancestor. grossness (gros' nes), baseness, evil. forerunner (för run' ēr), one who runs Gummidge (gům'ij)

before; a messenger, p. 381. forsworn (fôr sworn'), perjured, i.e. I habitation (hăb ì tā' shun), dwelling. have broken my oath, p. 391.

habitual ascendency, continual mastery.

p. 219.



Hades (hād' ēz), p. 47.

Indostan (in do stän'), the same as Hinhaft (haft), handle.

dustan. half-crown, two shillings, about fifty | infantine (in' făn tin), childish. cents.

iniquity (în ik' wî tî), wickedness. hall, the home of persons of rank, p. 235. injunctions (in jŭŋk' shunz), commands, hallooing (hal loo' ing), shouting.

rules. hallow (hăl' o), make holy.

in like wise, in the same way. harness (här nes), armor.

in no wise, not at all.

inquiry (in kwir' i), interrogation, queshawse (hôz), anchor chain or cable.

tion. hazard (hăz' ärd), chance, lot.

inquisitively (in kwiz' i tiv li), questionheart within, courage within us, p. 309. ingly, pressing a question. heaved (hēvd), lifted, rose, panted. inscription (in skrip'shun), something heresy (her' e si), a false belief.

written or inscribed. heroic limbs and figures, very large inscroll'd (in skrõld'), written on a scroll

limbs and figures like those of the or roll of paper. heroes of mythology.

inspection (in spěk' shun), examination, Hesperides (hes pěr' i dēz).

looking at closely. hie (hi), hasten.

integrity (in těg'ri ti), honesty. Hindoo (hin' doo), an inhabitant of interpretation (in tēr' prē ta' shun), meanHindustan.

ing. hoard (hörd), heap, store.

interpreter (in tēr' prē tēr),

who hospitality (hos pi tăl' i ti), kindness to translates a foreign speech. strangers and guests.

interrogatory (in tér róg' a to ri), queshostel (hos' tel), an inn, a lodging house. tion, inquiry. House, i.e. poorhouse, p. 365.

interval (in' têr val), a space. hove in upon our chain, drew the ship intimately (in' ti māt li), closely, in a up to the anchor, p. 295.

very friendly way. hub (hŭb), the nave or block in the center Ishmaelites (ish' mā el īts), wandering of the wheel.

tribes in Palestine. Hugi (hū' gi).

issue (ish' ū), result, p. 393. Hundings (hŭnd' ingz).

Jericho (jěr' ì ko), a city of Palestine, p. ideals (i dē' alz), high and noble ideas. 118. ignominiously (ig nõ mìn' i us li), basely. Jewry (jū' ri), the Jewish people or the ill-favored (fāv' ěrd), poor looking, ugly. place where they live. illimitable (il lịm' it ā b'l), vast, too great jolly shame, great shame, p. 349. to measure.

Jordan (jör' dan), a river of Palestine, p. illustrious (il lès' tri us), noted, famous. 119. immersed (im merst'), plunged in, sunk journalizing (jur' nal iz ing), recording in.

in journals or notebooks. immur'd (im mūrd'), buried.

joust (just), to fight a mock fight on impart (ỉm pärt'), tell, teach.

horseback. impeis (im pělz'), urges.

jousting, a mock fight on horseback, p. imposition (im po zish' un), something 186.

imposed, commands, conditions. Jove's great archer-son, Apollo, who impression (im prěsh' un), the imprint often aided the Trojans, p. 58. made by a seal, p. 305.

Juan Fernandez (jū an' fēr nän' dēz), 289. inclined (in klīnd'), fond of, disposed to judiciously (jū dish' us li), with good like.

judgment. inclosure (in klõ' zhūr), a plot fenced in. Jupiter (jūp' i tếr), p. 46.

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