Catalogue of Physicians and Surgeons in the State of California, Holding Certificates from the Board of Examiners of the California State Homeopathic Medical Society: With an Appendix Containing Tdhe Names of Those Recognized as Homeopathic Practitioners Holding Certificates from Other Boards

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Valleau & Peterson, Steam Printers, 1891 - Počet stran: 47

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Strana 16 - Any person shall be regarded as practicing medicine, within the meaning of this act, who shall profess publicly to be a physician and to prescribe for the sick, or who shall append to his name the letters
Strana 9 - The verification of the diploma shall consist in the Affidavit of the holder and applicant that he is the lawful possessor of the same, and that he is the person therein named. Such affidavit may be taken before any person authorized to administer oaths and the same shall be attested under the hand and official seal of such officer, if he have a seal.
Strana 11 - But nothing in this act shall be construed to prohibit students from prescribing under the supervision of preceptors, or to prohibit gratuitous services in cases of emergency.
Strana 10 - If the certificate be based on a diploma or license, he shall record the name of the medical institution conferring it, and the date when conferred. The register of the County Clerk shall be open to public inspection during business hours.
Strana 16 - Any itinerant vender of any drug, nostrum, ointment, or appliance of any kind, intended for the treatment of disease or injury, or who shall, by writing or printing, or any other method, publicly profess to cure or treat diseases, injury, or deformity by any drug, nostrum, manipulation or other expedient, shall pay a license of one hundred dollars a month, to be collected in the usual way.
Strana 12 - Certificate to that effect, signed by all the members thereof, and such Diploma and Certificate shall be conclusive as to the right of the lawful holder of the same to practice medicine in this State.
Strana 18 - Board, and submit himself to such examination as the said Board shall require; and, if the examination be satisfactory to the examiners, the said Board shall issue its certificate in accordance with the facts, and the lawful holder of such certificate shall be entitled to all the rights and privileges herein mentioned.
Strana 12 - ... shall appoint, annually, a Board of Examiners consisting of seven members, who shall hold their office for one year, and until their successors shall be chosen.
Strana 8 - They shall issue certificates to all who furnish satisfactory proof of having received diplomas or licenses from legally chartered medical institutions in good standing.
Strana 11 - ... and any person filing, or attempting to file, as his own, the diploma or certificate of another, or a forged affidavit of identification, shall be guilty of a felony, and upon conviction shall...

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