Israeli Politics and the Middle East Peace Process, 1988-2002

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Taylor & Francis, 26. 2. 2004 - Počet stran: 208
The book is a fresh interpretation of Israeli foreign policy vis-à-vis the peace process, one that deems domestic political factors as the key to explain the shift within Israel from war to peace. The main assumption is that peacemaking that entails territorial compromise is an issue that can only be completely comprehended by understanding the interaction of domestic factors such as inter-party politics, ideology, personality and the politics of coalition. Although the bulk of the book focuses on how internal inputs informed the peace process, the book takes into account the external factors and how they impacted on the internal constellation of political forces in Israel.

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O autorovi (2004)

Hassan Barari is a researcher at the Centre for Strategic Studies CSS at the University of Jordan. His research focuses on Israeli politics and foreign policy and the Arab-Israeli conflict.

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