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to that found in Derbyshire. Various tions of the Armenians, the lance that have been the conjectures from whence pierced the side of our Saviour is carefully these immerise stones could be procured, preserved, and exhibited to strangers at but the most reasonable are, that they the close of the service, whose devotion were obtained from the Isle of Purbeck leads them to request a sight of so preby machines constructed for that pur. cious a relic. It is held in the highest pose. ANTIQUARIUS. veneration, and said to have been brought

into Armenia by St. Matthew.

The preceding engraving is a represenA Belic-the true holy tation of this lance, which my curiosity

induced me to delineate upon the spot. Lance.

I am, Sir, &c. J. B. T.

Public Journals.

THE JEW SLOPSELLER. We know not if, among the several qualities, to the possession of which philosophers have ascribed our superiority over frogs and jackdaws, the spirit of commerce has been duly registered—whether the continually working principle of barter, wanting in all other animals, has given a triumphant distinction to humanity, and thus proved the immortal essence of man in his day-book and ledger. We think the fact too evident to have been unknown to ancient wisdom ; although we cannot, at this moment, take upon ourseives to particularize the discoverer.

Of course, there are none of our readers that have not seen a Jew: the sight amounts to nothing—it is a common spectacle, which neither does nor ought to ex. cite an unusual thought. Have they, however, beheld a Jew slopseller ? The sun scarcely attracts a momentary gaze-so general is its influence ; let a rainbow

appear, and old gray headed men and (To the Editor of the Mirror.)

crawling children stay still and gaze at it. SIR,--Accounts (with one engraving) of So with the common Israelite, and he of two "genuine" lances that pierced our

the sea-poit.

The term " Jew," abSaviour's side have been given in a con- stractedly-like the first of the two words temporary weekly periodical, and it may

“ laurel water,” or the half of a severed perhaps be gratifying to your numerous yiper-may represent an object useful or readers, if it only goes to show the extent harmless ; but Jew slopsellermaye, chere of human credulity and superstition, to is the deadly meaning of the united words be presented with a view of a third true —there, the full venom of the active and genuine lance.

snake!' Those who would pass through On the road from Constantinople to Rosemary-lane without the least emotion, Ispahan', and on entering Armenia, the would start and turn pale at an Israelite eye is struck with the sight of numerous inhabitant of Gosport or Sheerness. Lest, churches and monasteries. Previous to however, some of our readers should not reaching Erivan, the first town of note in wholly comprehend the term “slopseller,” Persia, there is a lake, situated in a large we may briefly inform them, that it applies plain, on which no less than six monaste- to those individuals who, on our seamen ries are built, one whereof is hewn out of receiving their hard-earned pay, infest the an insulated solid rock. It is called by decks of English men-of-war; there they the Armenians Kickaert, and by the toil, and there they fatten. Let us, how Turks Guieurghiéce, meaning, look, ever, strive to make out a schedule of the and pass on.”

effects, natural and acquired, which com In this church, agrecably to the tradi. pose a Jew slopseller.

It is not the face alone of our hero moment captured, and, although penni. which needs delineation : the painter who less, becomes a ready prey to the Israelite, would simply portray the visage of the who buys the next three years' pay of the slopseller, and afterwards trust to the reckless tar. The seaman laughs within general observance of other men whereby himself—aye, and when he gets aboard to supply the absent members, would efr his mates laugh with him—at the certain most criminally. Horace himself never trick practised on the Jew; for when did imagined such a monster; it would be a sailor ever think of time? Did he ever the head of a fox on the body of a mastiff think it possible for the day three years to -of a cat, fixed on the neck of an ante- arrive? If he have money in one hand, lope. There is such a subtle and con- he thinks he holds the skirts of Time with stant communing between his features the other. The slopseller, like his broand every other part ; such a continual, ther crocodile, is amphibious, and can and yet repressed agitation, from his eye- snap up a mouthful of unwary humanity lids to his toes; such a catching up of ashore as well as in his native deep. the fingers and acting of the vertebræ, However, it must, we think, be owned, that it would seem some spirit of gain that the slopseller is more potent at sea. inhabited his every tendon and nerve, and By sea, we mean the waste or forccastle that his body echoed and throbbed through of a man-of-war. His peculiarities beout with their clamour and their stirring. come more startling. Like Charles Bran. If nature has ever placed the least prin don's armorial bearings, the gold cloth ciple within him, like Ariel in the pine, and frieze strike out a contrast sufficiently it requires more than mortal power to powerful to awaken the poetry of thought bring it to the light. There is no look. -philosophy.

To the proof. ing at the face of the slopseller—the eye We have before us a sailor, who hath can take no hold of his features; they do felt the sun in every region of the world ; not, as the old poet says of amber, “stroke heat, wind, and rain have so worked upon the sight,” but evade, actually slip from his face, have here so seared it, and there it. He is only to be rightly viewed whilst so adorned it with protuberance, that his asleep, when the flaccid lineaments, un. features are like a patch of old wall; here, tenanted by the thousand antics which showing a fearful chink_and here, tufts inhabit the waking lines, have retreated of red and brown moss. He stands before back, and lie, like gorged spiders in their us the very embodied idea of unthinking webs, in the modicum of brain which en. valour and honesty: there is a reposing gendered and sustains them. Then, and strength in his legs, which straggle from then only, might the limner take the fea. each other like "two clumps of leafless tures of our subject, and thus the likeness oaks ; his hands drop - before him, like could only be known to a few of his creed two slabs of red granite ; his hair—that and craft-for never yet did customer hear is, if he do not nourish the coxcom bry of a slopseller snore. The whole life of our a pigtail-mightily resembles bell-wire in Israelite is a long game of verbal and a tangle ; his very hat seems dropped practical lies—of substitution and of sy. upon his head (as though for a wager) cophancy. His prime god is made at his from the main-top. This man appears a majesty's mint ; a bank-note is to him hard creature to digest; and yet our slopthe glorious sky, and the sum it carries, seller shall swallow him, as though he either moon, sun, or star, according to the were a man of paste—the mere sugared

If he can give to second-cloth image of a confectioner. the passing freshness of superfine, he is, Observe, gentle reader-and also ye in his own esteem, a second Descartes ; philosophers—if here you would see the if he can replace copper for gold, another whole deceit and trickery of the world, if Newton. He has no love of nature, ani. here you would look upon the game. mate or still ; if ever he stay to look at a where is pitted craft against honesty hullfinch, it is simply to reflect on the villany against ignorance-smiles, asserpossibility of painting its hues on a spar- tions, oaths, and pledges of reputation, row; if ever he gaze at the veins of a against the profits of years of toil, perhaps pebble, it is to see if it will pass for an of insult and of bloodshed. The bit of agate or a cornelian. Shew him Mount gold, for which our tar hath groaned in Vesuvius in full eruption, and he will hopeless agony beneath the surgeon-for speculate on getting it up in a raree-show ; which he hath been literally sheeted in point out to him, by the glare of light- his own gore—the wages of such pain and ning, a ship's crew struggling in the bil. terror shall, in a trice, become the gain of lows, and he will instantly ponder on the Jew, for a wheedling word, a smiling what the men have in their pockets. look. Is not this a true representation of

We must picture a seaman about to the tragedy, or Democritus, if you will pass the door of our slopseller ; he is in a have it so-the comedy of Gain and Loss,


played on the world's wide stage, alike dens, and tear into' powder the hard earth by emperors, by lords in waiting, and by beneath it, whilst the reptile glides chimney-sweepers ? Many a veteran hath through a crevice, and evades pursuit. It gone down, a most lean subject, to the is almost melancholy to observe the ungrave; whilst a musk-carrying juvenile, successful trials of the sailor to look cunwho could sing an amorous ditty at the ning and business-like ; his features are table of my lord, hath died of indigestion rebellious and will not submit to order ; or of apoplexy ; the shrill pipe of a boy whilst he, unconscious man! believes hath carried it before the indented cica. them to be admirably disciplined. An trice of gray-headed men. We repeat elephant, inquiring into the legitimate our assertion : our sailor and slopseller construction of a sixpence, is, we think, a may, in their simple selves, represent the ludicrous object; no less whimsical is our whole two parties of the human race sailor attempting to be shrewd. He has, the tricksters and the tricked. Three at this time, but one thought-security feet of the forecastle of the Bellona may against the Jew; and this thought runs, serve for the whole globe.

darkling and confused, within him, like a We beg our readers to keep before their half-smothered mouse in the body of the eyes the person of our sailor, and also elephant just noted. At every turn he narrowly to observe the movements of the becomes more bewildered ; and our slopIsraelite, now preparing to assail and at- seller, gaining strength as the sailor sinks tack the huge round tower before him. back again to his accustomed state, in the See, how the varlet makes towards the moment of triumph slips the article of tar! how he curls and bends himself up, purchase into the half-unresolved hand of as though he would absolutely make him- the man of the waters. And what has self into a ball, and roll into the confi- Jack purchased ? Of course a watch dence of the betrayed! Now this Pro

one that hath survived a three days' posteus of pinchbeck and stained glass alter. session by nearly half the scamen of his nately flutters and stoops, and his eye majesty's fleet. The first article a sailor burns with brightness—not with a com- purchases, and the last he parts with, is a mon brilliancy—it is not the ray of com- watch ; it is the Alpha and Omega of the mon satisfaction, but the gleam of a alphabet of prize-money ; and, even if it spear's point held to the heart of the de- does not survive the first winding-up, still voted. As yet, however, the contest has the outside looks creditable and land-like, been held at a distance ; the slopseller and, long ere Blue Peter is flying at the has only attacked with greetings, gentle fore, it is once again duly returned to the inquiries, and salutations; the pike is slopseller, with a loss of pounds not to be only hooked—the grand beauty of the art thought of in the middle-watch. As is yet to be displayed in playing with were the fatal seeds to Proserpine, so is him, and bringing him panting to the the silver monitor to our tar; having once shore. Jack himself throws a dash of tasted the fare of our slopseller, he is the ridiculous into the business ; he wholly and unreservedly condemned to checkers with individual whim thé else him. unrelieved baseness of the slopseller. As A fox comes into a farm-yard with a the Jew advances, the sailor (and we more bold and upright countenance than would be sworn he has never read Sterne) does a Jew slopseller enter a man-of-war ; seems“ pre determined not to give him a there is a vile slinking principle curling single sous.”. Jack straightway becomes about his lips—a fitful puckering-up of blunt and bristling ; he puts his memory his eyes a thrilling of chicane at the on hard duty, and summons to his aid a very tip of his noscpresenting, on the recollection of the grievous wrongs he has whole, a so abject and conternptible being, before endured from “ the tribe ;" he, that, were your dog to leap from your moreover, doubly arms himself with the side, and pin down the trader, we fear, legendary iniquities of every slopseller, instead of punishing the animal, your from Wapping to Spithead'; and thus momentary feeling would be to pat the strengthened, Jack receives, with deadly sides of the brute, and exclaim, « Well determination, the first advances of the done, honesty !” aquatic merchant. Vain man! weak in Our slopseller is not avaricious and your vanity---lost in your conceit! Bound grasping by accident; he is trained up. and delivered up to the enemy, even by deeply educated in the game. When the weapons which you were to use against scareely the height of his father's knee, him ; your strength avails you not with the watchful parent points out to his offhim. What are the deep-set grinders spring the bluff and sturdy defenders of and the rigid muscles of the bull-dog their country, and tells him that on such against the tortuous faculty of the worm? as they he must in due time thrive and The brute may startle wolves from their fatten. If any of our readers doubt the



fact, let them but glance at the young The Selector;
pigmies of gain, thriving in the Minories.
We confess, were we asked to instance a

LITERARY NOTICES OF startling contrast of the vastness and ma

NEW WORKS. jesty of nature, and the subserviency and meanness of man, we should incontinently name the wide and wonder-striking ocean, A VISIT TO A MOUNTAIN DEW

MANUFACTORY. bearing on its top the puny shallop of the Jew slopseller. *Certainly, there may be

WE rambled along the rocky strand of many such dealers imbued with every fair

Glen Veagh, admiring the stillness of its and benevolent feeling in practices of trade waters—the sublime solitariness of its with the ignorant and unthinking. We mountain shore—here a ravine, climbing may gather peaches from a holly.

up amongst the hills, its chasms and its Monthly Magazine.

dancing waterfalls, fringed with birch and stunted oak—there a white silicious peak, protruding itself on high, over which the

hawk cowered, as if priding itself on its THE SISTERS.

inaccessible nest—before us the sleeping

lake, extending itself, They grew together

Blue, dark, and deep, round many an isle," Like to a double cherry, seeming parted and these isles are set like precious gems, But yet an union ia partition ;

with just enough of trees for ornamentTwo lovely berries moulded on one stem :

the birch, the rowan ash, the service, the So with two seeming bodies, but oce heart."


holly--and high from the central, largest

and most distant island, arose a blue and I saw them when their bud of life

wreathed smoke, that bespoke the manu. Was slowly opening into flower,

facture of mountain dew---the smoke cer. Before a clond of care or strife

tainly added much to the picturesque Had burst above their natal bower Erc this world's blight had marred a grace

accompaniment of the scene, and we could That mantled o'er each sparkling face.

just discern a small cabin or sheeling in

the island, half concealed amidst the What were they then? Two twinkling stars,- copsewood in which it was enveloped. The youngest of an April sky,

I could not help expressing a wish to Far, far from earth, and earth-born jars

see the process whereby this admired li. 'together shining peacefully : Now borrowing, now dispepsing light,

quor was compounded, that in the esti. Radiant as hope, and calm as bright!

mation of every Irishman--aye, and high

born Englislıman too-is so superior in What were they then? Two limpid streams,

sweetness, salubrity, and gusto, to all that Through life's green vale in beauty gliding,

machinery, science, and capital can proMingling like half-forgotten dreams

duce in the legalized way, and which Now, 'neath the gloom of willows hiding;

verifies the observation of the wise man, Now, dancing o'er the turf away,

c that stolen waters are sweet.” Just as In playful waves and glittering spray.

we were conversing in this way, a man, I see them, as I saw them then,

turning the point of a rock, stood unexWith careless brows, and laughing eyes ;

pectedly within a few yards of us. He They flash upor my soul again,

was one of the largest men I have ever With all their infant witcleries

seen amongst the Irish commonalty. He Two gladsome spirits, sent on earth;

was tall, that is not unusual ; but he was As envoys from the Muse of mirth.

lusty, his bones and muscles were covered

with flesh; there was a trunk-like swell Such Fancy's dreams,—but never more

in his chest, and a massiveness in his May Fancy with such dreams be fed ; Those buds have witbered to their core,

body; a pillar-like formation of limbs, Before their leaves had time to spread !

bespeaking that he was a man moulded Those stars are fallen from on high,

to be a giant, and was fed up to the full Those twin bright streams for ever dry! exercise and capability of his frame. He

had a bull-like contour of head and neck, Whilst Spring was gladdening all the skies, short and crisp curls appeared from under

Mid blooming flowers and sunny weather, a small hat, which seemed unable to settle Death came to them, in geutlest guise, And smote them, iu his love, together :

itself over his ears, from the full developIn concert thus they lived and died,

ment of the organ of combativeness that And still lie slumbering side by side !

-protruded itselt in this region of his craLiterary Magnet.


The man stood before us with the as. sured look of one who was prepared

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them." gauger ?

saucily to say, what business have you great deal of determination, a constant here ; two greyhounds were at his heels, view of his own interest, and luckily he and a lurking grisly cur, half bull-dog, considers that interest best proinoted by half terrier, showed his white teeth and keeping the country in peace.

Those began to growl. “Oh, how are you, that fall out he beats into good humour, Teigue, cried my friend, (who, 1 believe, and when the weight of his argument knows every one in Donegal,)“ how are cannot prevail, the weight of his fist enyou, my gay fellow? I am glad to see forces compliance with his wishes. Then you, for you are just the man in all these he is the patron of illicit distillation ; he mountains that I wanted to see.” “Why, is co-partner in the venture, and is the then, your honour, I am entirely obliged watchful guardian over its process ; there to you, and in troth, when I just came is not a movement of a gauger that he upon you now, I did not know your ho- does not make himself acquainted with ; nour; for as I was just walking over the there is not a detachment leaves a village mountain, I saw some strange unco peo- or town that he has not under watch, and ple, and I only slipt down to see the cut before a policeman or a red coat comes of their countenances." " Ah, Teigue, I within three miles of these waters, all know rightly you do not like unco people, would be prepared for them ; still and for fear that a gauger might be among worm sunk, malt buried, barrels and cool.

Ah, then, now, is it I fear a ers disposed of, and the boat scuttled.

Teigue Õ’Gallagher fear a There is not man in Ireland lives better gauger! no, nor a commissioner from in his own way than Teigue; his chests Dublin Custom-House, barring he had are full of meal ; the roof of his kitchen army and guns at his back; not I, by my is festooned with bacon ;, his byre is full troth, for it's little I'd matter just taking of cows ; his sheep range on a hundred one of them by the waistband of the hills ; as a countryman said to me the breeches and filluping him, do you see, other day, “Teigue O'Gallagher is the into the middle of the lake, and there only inan of his sort in Donegal that eats leave him to keep company with the white bread, toasted, buttered, and washed trouts. No, no; but the likes of you, down with tea for his breakfast.” no offence, master—the likes of you, I In the mean time the boat came near, mean, not in the inside, but teeth out- and Teigue joined us; and after some wards, might come and give information, difficulty in getting aboard from the rocks, and put dacent people to trouble, and be and adjusting ourselves in proper trim in after bringing the army here to this quiet the most frail bark that perhaps was ever place, and put us out of our way and all launched on water, we rowed out into the that.”

lake. And here, really, the apparent “Well, Teigue, you know me, don't peril of our situation deprived me of the

“ I do, your honour, and am pleasure that might otherwise be enjoyed sartain sure that you are true and of the in the picturesque scenery around ; the right sort, and every inch about you ho- bottom of the boat was covered with wa

“Well, Teigue, I want to get ter, which oozed in through a sod of turf, this gentleman, who is a friend of mine, that served as a plug to a hole in its boton the lake; he desires to get into a boat tom, the size of my head ; and Teigue to see its beauties more conveniently; O'Gallagher, who sat at the head of the besides, he has a longing wish to see how boat surrounded by his dripping dogs, al. the hearty drop is made ; can you indulge most sunk it to the gunwale, and every him ?” " That I will, and a thousand now and then the dogs, uneasy at their welcomes." So away he went towards confinement, tumbled about and disturbed the point of the rock which jutted out our equilibrium ; if a gust of wind had into the water, and putting his finger to come, as it often does on a sudden from his mouth, he sent forth a whistle that the hills, we should have been in a perilsounded over the lake, and thus reverbe

As it was, the two young men rating, echoed from bay to bay, and mul. who rowed us, and who, it is to be suptiplied itself through the glens and gorges posed, could swim, enjoyed our nervous of the mountains ; at the same time he state, and, out of fun, told us stories of made some telegraphic signal, and in a sudden hurricanes, and of the dangers and minute we saw a boat push off from the deaths that have happened to navigators island of Smoke. While Teigue was on this lake ; we, therefore, declined a absent, I asked my friend who he was ? protracted expedition, and only desired Why, says he, that is one of the most to be landed on the island, where we arcomfortable and independent fellows in rived in a short time, and then had an opall this mountain district; he exerts a portunity of witnessing the arcana of illicit muscular and moral influence over the distillation. The island that at a dispeople ; he has a great deal of sense, a tance looked so pretty with its copsewood,



ous state.

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