The Encarta Book of Quotations

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Bill Swainson
Macmillan, 30. 9. 2000 - Počet stran: 1319
The Encarta Book of Quotations contains 25,000 quotes drawn from the history, politics, literature, religions, science, and popular culture of the world ranging from the earliest Chinese sages through Shakespeare to the present day. It even includes the first "quotable" sayings of the 21st century. Whether the statement of a political point of view or the vivid expression of a sensation or emotion, each quotation has been chosen for poignancy and precision. Included are quotations from cultures, religions and literature not represented in other quotation books. Its 1,200 pages are a treasure house of the world's sayings that have stood the test of time along with the best of those from the last 100 years. As the most international and contemporary collection of quotations it offers a compelling portrait of our common humanity.

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O autorovi (2000)

Bill Swainson is on the board of the London Festival of Literature and a Director of the Poetry Book Society. He lives in London.

Anne Soukhanov is the General Editor of theEncarta World English Dictionary and one of the world's preeminent lexicographers.

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